Islamic headbanger declares himself “poison to French society”

Abdallah Won’t Assimilate!

by Baron Bodissey

Abdallah Zekri is the director of the Islamophobia Observatory (l’observatoire de l’islamophobie) for an organization called the Collective Against Islamophobia in France (Le Collectif contre l’islamophobie en France, CCIF). CCIF’s observatory is similar to that of the OIC — it monitors and records anything done by the kuffar that Muslims don’t like, and then makes loud complaints about it, taking legal action whenever possible.

He is a prominent public figure among Muslims in France, and reportedly has the ear of the new president, Emmanuel “Toy Boy” Macron.

In the interview below, you’ll hear Mr. Zekri discuss the integration or assimilation of Muslims into French culture, and how much he holds that concept in contempt.

Many thanks to Ava Lon for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

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Video transcript:

00:00 I’m saying it clearly [Arabic] they have no dignity
00:04 to defend their country, because it’s true that
00:08 I am French citizen…
00:12 …But I never forgot my origins. I said it to the French.
00:16 I am Algerian and I’m proud of it. I was born in a country
00:20 that has a history a civilization.
00:24 My parents, [Arabic] told me,
00:28 but as French citizen here, I do respect the values of the Republic,
00:32 I do respect the country which welcomed me, but
00:36 you cannot tell me today… when I talk to you in a political debate
00:40 … integration didn’t work, you’ll have to assimilate.
00:44 Integration, it’s not that it didn’t work. It can be done.
00:48 We didn’t want to integrate people. Because in to integrate someone you need to give him shelter.
00:52 So they can live decently, you need to give them work, so they can live, also
00:56 at that point they will integrate, but if you are going to [Arabic]
01:00 in the resume, and you don’t give him work and you exclude him; how do you want
01:04 him to integrate? After that we were told about assimilation. This assimilation was suggested
01:08 in 1974 by Valéry Giscard d’Estaing —For our audience, tell us the difference
01:12 for you, between integration and assimilation. —Well, integration
01:16 it’s to integrate in an area, in the country where you live, so you could
01:20 work and so on. —So this is social integration. — Social integration.
01:24 Voilà. So therefore it doesn’t cause problems. But it’s necessary that
01:28 the government give you a hand, to allow you that integration — allow that social integration.
01:32 They parked everybody in the same neighborhoods, they created ghettos
01:36 In fact they’re favoring communitarism [ghettoisation] —Voilà,
01:40 communitarism, they favored it. And assimilation, like I said, it was started in 1974
01:44 by Valéry Giscard d’Estaing. During that time I was already a young
01:49 militant who was fighting for that. Assimilation is a negation of oneself,
01:53 of one’s culture, one’s civilization, one’s origins,
01:57 meaning I become nothing: I’m put in the mold and I become French,
02:01 Abdullah, so it’s even a crime against humanity!
02:05 If you bring someone to a point where he denies. —Voilà, that’s assimilation!
02:09 Meaning you are nothing any longer. You can erase your past.
02:13 Impossible! I said it before, and I’m telling the politicians now:
02:17 I am not assimilable. I am a Muslim poison.
02:21 If you want assimilate me, whoever wants to assimilate me, if he eats me he dies.

2 thoughts on “Islamic headbanger declares himself “poison to French society””

  1. Islamic headbanger declares himself
    “poison to French society” !!!
    From the video …
    02:17 I am not assimilable. I am a Muslim poison.
    02:21 If you want assimilate me, whoever wants to assimilate me, if he eats me he dies.
    ” [sic]

    So for the islams to the French !!!!
    So for the islams Everywhere Anywhere Anytime !!!

    This is why …
    The Only islam Solution is …
    Incarcerate islam appeasers (“allah’s” slaves) … Globally !!!
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    (Return Australia … to be islamophile, islam and Criminal African tribals FREE)

    Australians …
    be very aware …
    the islams in Australia are exactly the same as the islams Everywhere Anywhere else on this earth …
    they all have the same qur’an …
    they all gather in mosques …
    they all have the same perpetual hissy fits !!!

    They riot and practise extreme civil disobedience in Europe !!!
    They have already (just a little bit) rioted in Australia … an extremely small taste of what is to come !!!

    1. A better Then …
      Then – before/simultaneously/after …
      (whichever works best)
      Purge islam (“allah’s” curse) … “Globally“ !!!

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