Justine Damond

Justine Damond

Sydney woman Justine Damond was killed in bewildering circumstances on Saturday in Minneapolis. Somehow this had led to traditional backlash fears within the Muslim community.

Jim Treacher investigates:

Whenever a police officer shoots a civilian under questionable circumstances, one question looms large: How can our moral, ethical, and intellectual betters frame the narrative to advance liberal agenda items? When a white cop shoots a black person, of course that’s racism. When a black cop shoots a black person, then that’s institutionalized racism. But what if it’s a black Muslim cop shooting a white person?

That’s what happened in Minnesota on Saturday night, when Minneapolis police officer Mohamed Noor shot an Australian woman named Justine Damond behind her home after she called 911 to report a possible assault nearby. A lot of things about the story don’t add up: Damond was in her pajamas and didn’t have a weapon, the police say there’s no footage from the patrol cruiser’s dashcam or the body cameras that Noor and his partner were wearing, and Noor has had several complaints filed against him since joining the force in 2015.

Minneapolis police officer Mohamed Noor

The cops haven’t been able to explain why this officer shot and killed an unarmed woman who had called 911 for his help.

When a Hispanic police officer named Jeronimo Yanez shot Minneapolis resident Philando Castile last year (which I found indefensible), it was easy to fold that into the ongoing Black Lives Matter narrative. Yanez isn’t white, but close enough. But this one is a bit more tricky. This one requires a bit more finesse.

Read on. Not showing much finesse is the Washington Post, which went straight to the backlash angle:

After Minneapolis officer in police shooting is named, Somali community braces for backlash

The backlash has been expected ever since September 11, 2001. The backlash never happens. Stop trying to make backlash a thing.


  1. In Europe, the US, Australia …
    In any Western Democracy !!!

    Anyone (whether an islamophile or worse … just a naive idiot … or clinically insane) who places or is even partially responsible for a muhammadan/Muslim(moslem)/islam in any position of authority (or who employs) will eventually be help accountable for their act(s) of TREASON !!!

    It is as if the “islamophile or just an idiot” had themselves – like the criminal islam …
    • pulled the trigger
    • thrown the acid
    • wielded the machete
    • pressed the button
    • engaged in sedition
    • engaged in subversion
    … and they will be treated accordingly !!!
    … as Traitors !!!

    islam is NOT a religion !!!
    islam is NOT peaceful !!!
    islams (everyone of them) are natural criminals !!!

    islamophiles … incarcerated (or better) … Globally !!!
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    mosques … pulverisedGlobally !!!
    islam … Mecca … Medina … vaporisedGlobally !!!

  2. Sounds like there is an appeasement cover up being undertaken.
    Cannot have the Somali poster boy being charged with the MURDER of a white woman, just think of the leftist meltdown along with the “Black Lives Matter” morons trying to bury it.

  3. Now they are trying to say that a “Loud Noise” spooked Noor and he shot the pyjama wearing woman across his partner who was talking to her. WTF? They are really going out of their way to muddy this blatant murder of an innocent white woman.
    Do they think we are all idiots?

  4. (but) We ARE all idiots …
    so long as we keep swallowing and allowingTOLERATING … the crap that our islamophile authorities keep feeding us about the islam political ideology (definetly NOT a religion) and its criminal islams !!!

    Cultural Differences do not create a criminal (especially an islam) being innocent !!!
    No islam is innocent … ever !!!

    No islams … anywhere … anytime … period … Be It Global !!!

    Get Rid Of the islams from Australia … and Globally !!!
    Get Rid Of the islams from Australia … and Globally !!!
    Get Rid Of the islams from Australia … and Globally !!!
    (and all islamophiles from Australia … and Globally !!!)

  5. The cops are lying, that’s a given. The city is lying, that’s a given. The media is lying, no comment. I can tell you exactly what happened and I live in the South. The cops responded to the call, the moslem tried to rape, grope, something her. She resisted and threatened to report him. He murdered her. Plain as day. The only loud sound the cops heard was of his gun going off. Hopefully, this will blow up into national proportions and the Trump DOJ will get involved and force the issue. We know it was murder, let’s see if due process works.

  6. The Washington Post is nothing but leftist degeneracy.
    However, I can tell you for certain that the backlash is coming.

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