Croatian Priest Explains: “Islam Is Worse Evil Than Nazism”

Dateline, 2015-2017, Zagreb, Croatia: In order to understand where Father Daniel Maljur (Malyoor) with his statements in the article below (which shocked the Left in Croatia) is coming from we need to understand the volatile situation such as it existed for centuries on the porous eastern borders of Croatia. History tells us there was no tactic of terror that the Muslims did not exploit.

“As the first glow of dawn were appearing on the horizon of this cold winter day, you could hear the loud crackle and sparkle of the burning fires consuming the homes of the villagers who used to live in this section of the wide and treacherous border between this brave little European kingdom of Medieval Croatia and the new Bosnian province of the Turkish Empire. All the houses were burning while the fleeing dogs barked wildly all around. The bearded horsemen who conducted this raid and caught the sleeping villagers by surprise at dawn were just evacuating the place after an orgy of plunder and slaughter, panting from excitement while on horseback with a saber and a spear in hand, wearing smelly cotton tunics covering their scrawny bodies. They just started escorting the oxen-hauled heavy wagon train moving the stolen property belonging to the villagers. Then, one of these monsters galloped over to the head of the convoy of massive ox carts hauling away stolen goods still smeared with the blood of their slaughtered Christian owners, and shouted: Master, what shall we do with them?!?! – and pointed at the nearby animal farm pen in which there shuddered these barefoot children shivering in torn clothes while their old grandmothers who took them there hoping to avoid the wrath of Muslims were hugging these boys and girls, their young gasping eyes wide open and rolling in terror at the commotion around them. SHIMDI HEPSINI OELDYR! (KILL THEM ALL NOW!) was the angry and coarse shouted response that everyone heard from the greasy snout of this big and hairy dude with a black turban on his square head sporting several special curved sabers dripping with blood (known as “scimitars” favored by the Turks who used to be the masters of quick hit-and-run steppe warfare). Right after screaming this order, as if to justify his sociopathic order, this swarthy and thick-set commander of the party of Muslim raiders murmured: “these are the Caour bastards anyway, what difference does it make to Allah?” (using a resonant ancient racial slur [Caour] employed by Muslims against the white people of the European races of Man). Then, as if to fulfill the order, the corral or pen in which the children of the liquidated village stood was overrun by horsemen of the raiding party. The order was done. The squadron of Albanian horsemen galloped in, jumped the little fence and grounded up the Christian children inside who squirmed and shrieked under the heavy horseshoes of their muscular horses, blood, mud, torn hair, and crushed bone all mixed in. “Now they will never grow up to fight us!” blathered some of the gleeful horsemen. Those of the stomped children that were half-killed and still screaming were left to die in agony after hours of pain as the fires of their burning village were dying down.” – this is a veritable illustration based on many eyewitness accounts gathered over the centuries of border warfare between the Muslim Empire and the hapless subjects of the European kingdoms.

This began after the fall of Serbia and the conquest of Constantinople, in the 15th century. The new Turkish tactic of border terrorism was introduced with the twofold aim of satisfying the local allies of the Muslim Empire who would be enriched and rewarded by the state-sanctioned and even by the religion of Islam-sanctioned border skirmish warfare involving plunder, mayhem and pure destruction of property and lives of the Medieval Europeans, and also – of terrorizing the Christian states of Europe in order to discourage them from opposition.

After the Battle of Kosovo in 1389 (which was the most important and the most fateful single battle against the Turkish Muslims before they took over the lower third of eastern Europe) which was a battle that meant more than just the destruction of the Serbian kingdom for it opened the floodgates of armed and lustful Muslims onto Europe, putting immediate pressure on the new border states of Croatia with Dalmatia, Hungary and Romania. The way that the new Muslim empire (emboldened by the capture of the Christian headquarters of the old city of Constantinople in 1453) chose to act vis-a-vis Europe was to keep chipping away at the borders of the exposed kingdoms, create volatile border regions, expand the no-man’s zone between the farthest Muslim outpost (in western Bosnia, southern Hungary and southern Romania) and the nearest free Christian settlements in these countries. The hope was that the constant headache of having Turks on the border would push these states into submitting to the Muslim Empire and becoming its new provinces or vassals. At the same time, Istanbul pursued a diplomatic policy of ‘divide and conquer’ with the idea of facing the Europeans one-by-one, taking down each European country one at a time, left alone and without any allies, just like the fallen Serbia in 1389. The Ottoman Turkish policy was to prevent alliances between the European kingdoms so that Muslims would never face a united front against them in Europe.

Meanwhile, out in the Balkans, there were plenty of volunteers for the dirty work of the novel Muslim sport of border-raiding (which would save the Turks the cost of having to deploy the regular army and its crack troops for such unseemly activity). In fact, there was a coterie of provincial allies of the Turkish overlord (Sultan) in Istanbul (formerly known as Constantinople) among whom were all kinds of opportunistic plunderers and born ambush predators such as the vicious Albanian shepherds, wild Wallachian/Romanian converts to Islam, Bosnian Bogumils (which was a kind of Muslim sect in the Balkans before the Muslim Turks ever arrived) eager to prove their loyalty to the new masters, and various scary dogs of war known as the “Bashibozouks” (masters of irregular warfare in the wilderness) all gathered from every race and every gang known to the late Medieval times, among whom were sometimes even the irredeemable Christian renegades from the conquered lands of Europe. Whenever they could help it, the Turks enjoyed seeing Christians kill Christians for the sake of the Muslim interest, so they would often look to bribe or offer promises to disaffected Christians in the borderlands in order to dupe them into siding with the Turks against their fellow Europeans. The Sultan could order the cessation of border raids in order to incentivize the country to do the Turkish bidding. And if not – then the internally displaced refugees caused by Turkish raids would put pressure on the Christian leadership to listen to the Sultan.

Typically, on any given year in the 15th, 16th, 17th, and 18th century, the Turks (among whom there were sometimes even Kurds, Berbers, Moors, and Arabs) and their local Balkan allies would undertake ten major border invasion/raids a year into Croatia, Austria, Hungary and Romania using these cost-free irregular fighters deploying the tactic of destroying the attacked border areas and even the adjacent interior areas as far as the lower Austria! After Hungary fell to the Turks, Czechia, Slovakia, and Poland became the new targets. Typically, the Turks brought fire and brimstone to the Europeans; they would burn all the buildings in a settlement, slaughter all the people who were not economically viable (sometimes, if they had the time and expertise, impaling at the stakes a few) including the old and the helpless, and would take everyone else as slave (many enslaved or kidnapped pretty white Christian European women and boys died from merciless rapes in the camps of the Muslims on the Turkish side of the border). After all, Islam is the culture of rape.

An old and famous Croatian poet, Ivan Mazuranic [Mazhooranich], who was himself a witness to Turkish raids into the Croatian hinterland, once recorded in his celebrated verse the cold and merciless ruling Turkish logic at work [the word “rayah” is another Turkish slur, this one used to condescendingly describe a mindless mob of poor tax-paying people, usually Christian]:

“And what for the rayah? 

For them only the dry bread

Which they can moist with their tears.”


The Vicar of St Nicholas Parish in Croatian city of Kostajnica, Franciscan monk Danijel Maljur, caused great sensation because in a short Youtube film named “Islam”  he explained why this religion of Islam is the greatest evil that mankind has ever suffered!

Maljur talks about Nazism, the Holocaust, Hitler, the atomic bomb in Japan, abortion. But, according to his interpretation, all this is nothing compared to Islam.

“Islam, who is entering our doorsteps through the back door, is without any doubt surpassing all the tragedies of mankind,” says Fr. Maljur, explaining further that the holy book of Islam, the Qur’an, as not an authentic work, and certainly not God’s revelation or the Word of God.

He also published his explanation on his public profile on Facebook [h[]�He put in a link leading to the article which he calls ‘Islam in Statistics’ in which the author claims that Islam is a violent religion that destroys the world. This publication, Brother Maljur, accompanied with the text: “One of our bishops said yesterday that we all believe in the same God. Nope, not gonna happen … ‘.

On the same profile on September 18th, he stated that he was in Tovarnik in 2015 among the Muslim refugees. He claims that there are almost no old men, women and children among them, but there are so many prevailing young men in their prime of life averaging about 35 years of age.

“If you expect to see freedom-loving rebels [f[from Syria]you will have to pluck some journalistic footage because there is no such thing in reality. These are the faces of the kings or future rulers over us who have stormed into the European lands of their future slaves where they can lie in wait after having to suffer some temporary settlement hassles. Perhaps among them, there are also real refugees seeking only security in the first free country they can find, but I have not seen such a thing,” he continues.

The video that Danijel Maljur put on youtube is now marked as private and can not be opened, but on the Facebook page of the Defense of Faith  and the web portal you can read about the religious convictions of this young Franciscan friar.

Islam without any doubt surpasses all the above-mentioned tragedies of humanity,” says Brother Daniel after he listed all the major tragedies that history had experienced in mankind – from Genghis Khan’s conquests to Nazism. Furthermore, Fr. Daniel believes that Judaism and Christianity derive from the common roots of Abraham, while “the only thing that pulls Islam is dried weeds,” adding that Judaism and Christianity have nothing in common with either Allah or the Quran. According to him, Islam defies the true God, spites all the people, and opposes common sense. For Fr. Daniel, the Quran is an unbelievable book because it was created a long time after Muhammad’s death.

“Not only is the Quran the word of God not revealed, but its devilish inspiration is clear,” Brother Daniel denotes his arguments on the Qur’an. For him, Muhammad is the embodiment of everything bad. “It is alarming that Muhammad is still a model for all Muslims today,”

Furthermore, he believes that Islam is not a peaceful religion. “All those Muslims who are called radical are nothing but normal Muslims, such as they are according to Islamic standards and should be”. “According to some estimates, in the Islamic conquests since its founding 270 million people have been killed,” he expounds.

“There can be no dialogue with Islam,” Daniel says, adding that this is because the nature of Islam is against dialogue.

“We must know that human rights violations are at the core of this ideology,” says the Franciscan.

Thus, in an article entitled “Islam in Statistics,” he says “there are some statistics that show Islam as a violent religion that destroys the whole world.”

On the pages of the Croatian Franciscan Parish of Saints Cyril and Methodius, Fr. Danijel Maljur is described as a Franciscan with an unusual sense of humor, determined in the defense of the faith and ready for the challenges of modern society. Through his YouTube channel, he has been speaking to the general public for some time, and the reason, as he said in an interview on the above-mentioned page, is the fact that the Church has never been attacked in the past as it is being attacked today.

The Turkish Empire At The Height of Its Power and Spread
The Turkish Empire At The Height of Its Power and Spread

A painting depicting the Turkish raid on a Croatian country parson's home
A painting depicting the Turkish raid on a Croatian country parson’s home

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