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Homo “marriage” fixer Christopher Pyne lectures Australians on “othering” Mohammedans. If you had any doubts about what a useless tosspot this is, here he confirms that he is a complete and utter dolt.

According to this muppet, we are to blame for Islamic terrorism. Turncoat’s sock puppet is totally off his meds. Did Pyne ever read the Koran?  It appears he is totally clueless about Islam. 

“The fear of the other that we don’t know about is what breeds the kind of violence that we’re seeing around the world. Senator Hanson needs to work with communities, not divide communities.”-Christopher Pyne

Too late:

“The fear of the other that we don’t know about is what breeds the kind of violence that we’re seeing around the world. Senator Hanson needs to work with communities, not divide communities.”

Do you agree with Christopher Pyne‘s comments on Pauline Hanson’s burqa stunt?

An emotional Attorney-General George Brandis has been given a standing ovation in Parliament for slamming One Nation leader Pauline Hanson’s decision to wear a burka into the Senate. Read more here:

Muslims fear anti-Islam backlash in Spain after terror attacks


… Since the twin attacks in Barcelona and the nearby seaside resort of Cambrils claimed by Daesh, the Muslim community in central Barcelona’s neighbourhood of Raval fears an anti-Islam backlash.

“People are very scared,” said Miah, 23, as he sat in a small room at the mosque in Raval as a small group of children in an adjoining room studied the Koran. …… “They are not Muslims, they are terrorists” and “Islam is peace,” they shouted. …… “In the end Muslims are the main victims, for the deaths as well as for the social pressure,” said Xantal Genovart, vice president of the Association of Catalan Muslim women. …More fake news about the fake god’s fake religion at Daily Sabah

Stop Islam, Mr Turnbull. Enough is enough.

ALA President Debbie Robinson calls on PM Turnbull and AG Brandis to take practical measures to stop Islam. ALA has published 12 reasonable and practical policies that can be implemented today – if our parliament finds the political will to protect our nation.

Stop Islam, Mr Turnbull. Enough is enough.

6 thoughts on “Muppet Watch”

  1. Wow, I didn’t know the Australian Parliament is that overwhelmingly leftist. To cheer the burqa, stunning.

  2. Go to the top of the class Chritopher Pyne, seems you have read snippets of Edward Said’s “Orientalism”.
    But surely even pampered, overpaid lawyers/politicians like Pyne, Brandis and Bishop can see the vacuity of this worn out clichè. Yes, Muslims are often viewed as the “other” due to their barbarism and their hatred of the kuffir “other.” And we can see this every day in every country where this evil idealogy has taken a foothold.
    Even the deductive reasoning of a ten year old would stimulate more in depth analysis of the situation than what has been offered by Pyne. He and our other fearless leaders obviously haven’t read Islam’s history and it’s revered texts.
    Take a tip from the Singapore and Japanese governments: have undercover agents infiltrate every mosque, bookshop and prayer rooms and you will discover exactly what these piously dressed beduins have planned for their “other”.

  3. George Brandis should just concentrate on the crap that’s going on within his own portfolio. Pauline Hanson is out of his league. She’s got more common sense & love for the country in a trimmed toenail than he’d ever have…

  4. Australia’s “Parliamentarians” …
    are mostly islamophiles !!!

    An islamophile is by definition a Traitor to Australia and Australians !!!
    What are these Traitors still doing walking freely around our Great Land !!!

    • These “Authority” Criminal’s MASTERS have to be got rid of very quickly and permanently !!!
    • These “Authority” Criminal have to be got rid of very quickly and permanently !!!
    • These “Authority” Criminals focus … ISLAMS … also have to be got rid of very very quickly and permanently !!!

  5. Muppet islamophile George Brandis …
    (who somehow fills the Federal Attorney-General position albeit illegally …)
    clearly is practising that technique used by islams – lying through his teeth … for the benefit of islam !!!

    Imam Brandis clearly and dishonestly states …
    The Australian Government is not considering and will not consider the introduction of any part of sharia law into the Australian legal system.
    The muslim islam community and its leaders in Australia are important partners in addressing violent extremism, and are active in their public condemnation of violent acts. The actions of a perverted and extreme few should not dictate how we judge the law-abiding majority.

    Oh islamophile George Henry Brandis QC (born 22 June 1957)
    (you are a traitor – you are a QC) …
    (and that explains who one of Your Masters is)

    reality displays a situation quiet different to your description …
    islamophile FOOL !!!

    (irrespective you and your cronies will be “incarcerated” for islamophilia and treason !!!)

  6. Just saw the news and the terrorist’s father said he blamed the imam at local mosque (who accidentally blew himself up while making a bomb).
    Not the internet, not marginalistion, not social deprivation and not from being viewed as the “other”. It was the imam Pyne.
    If Pyne and Brandis truly believe what they are saying, they are not fit to hold office.

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