“Our” ABC: just don’t mention Islam or Muslims!


Andrew Bolt, Herald Sun
What else won’t the ABC report? In four nights of TV news reports on the Islamic terror attacks in Spain, the ABC does not once mention “Muslim” or “Islam”. It only once mentions the “Islamic State”. Watch.

See 3:03 for the ABC’s one and only reference to Islam in four nights of lengthy coverage – and even that was only a reference to Islamic State. One suspects, with good reason, that if it weren’t for IS, there would have been no mention of Islam at all in the ABC’s coverage.

Here’s where this is leading:

Arab Muslims rule once great Britain:

Social media hate crime to be treated same as offline offenses

Rebecca Spong

… Alongside the release of these guidelines, the CPS has launched a social media campaign — #HateCrimeMatters — as part of an effort to encourage people to report hate crime incidents.
A hate crime is defined as an offense motivated by hostility, or that shows hostility, toward the victim’s disability, race, religion, sexual orientation or gender identity.

More stifling free speech by rebadging it as ‘hate speech’ at Arab News

The CPS’s decision to crack down on online mockery is a recipe for tyranny

By Brendan O’Neill

YESTERDAY, this country crossed over to the dark side.

We went from being a free-ish nation proud of its democratic traditions to one where officials talk openly about suppressing certain “views” and “opinions”. …

More on the state suppression of thought and speech at The Sun

The dance of the clueless dhimmies:

Barcelona attack: Catalans gather to reject Islamophobia following latest Isis terror atrocity

James McAuley

Young and old, men and women, many of whom were veiled, the demonstrators chanted in unison: “I am Muslim! Not a terrorist!” Non-Muslims lined the sidewalks, clapping and crying. …

More on the terror-casting soldiers of Allah rejecting fear of its evil ideology instead of the terror intended to trigger the fear  – and the hyphenated bystanders – at Independent

‘Islam is Peace’: Barcelona Muslims march against terrorism following latest deadly attack

By Josh Robbins

“We are also victims because we are hurt by what happened, but secondly, we are also hurt because people are generalising, they are looking negatively at us, are insulting us in the streets,” Aziz Cetuani Farcho, a Moroccan woman living in Catalonia told Euro News. …

More on the victims of the fake god’s evil, terror-casting religion at International Business Times

We still don’t understand the meaning of “jihad”

Lake County mosque opens doors to non-Muslims: ‘There are so many things in common between us’

Lee V. Gaines

Shaykh Azfar Uddin, the imam at the Islamic Foundation North Mosque, said when the prime minister of Spain called the recent deadly terror attack in Barcelona an example of “jihadi terrorism,” he did not know the true meaning of the word jihad. Chicago Tribune

The same routine, no matter how many are murdered & maimed:

After Spain Attacks, Four Suspects Appear In Court

Today’s hearing took place behind closed doors. But numerous Spanish and international news outlets say multiple suspects testified that a former imam was the mastermind of a failed plot to use explosives in a large-scale attack.

See other examples of this omission here: https://youtu.be/CijgqUmytMk
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And here: https://youtu.be/NKF2s2SJYaE
And here: https://youtu.be/EFakvBGSYMo
And here: https://youtu.be/tel99hcQftU

One thought on ““Our” ABC: just don’t mention Islam or Muslims!”

  1. Pretending that the global crime-gang called islam is a “race” of poor swarthy animal-people, oppressed by the mentally superior whites, in order to slander everyone who notices it’s a crime-gang as a hatefully bigoted “racist” – is to deliberately enable that crime-gang’s crimes by hiding and destroying the evidence of same, and thus to be a willing accessory to those crimes. Since islam is a murder-gang, and the penalty for committing and enabling the commission of murder is DEATH, anyone and everyone who calls an opponent of muslims, islam, and their global jihad, a “racist!” should be lawfully put to death.

    Everyone who defends islam and muslims endorses crime.
    Endorsing crime IS a crime, so those doing it are criminals.

    Right in the Qur’an is: the permission to murder Jews and Christians (Surah 9:29), to terrorize all non-Muslims (8:12), to rape young girls (65:4), to enslave people for sex (4:3), to lie about one’s true goals (3:54), and the command to make war on all the infidels (9:123) and subjugate the entire world to Allah (9:33).

    Are death-threats legal? NO.
    Is extortion legal? NO.
    Is slavery legal? NO.
    Is murder legal? NO.
    Is rape legal? NO.


    Rape, slavery, robbery, extortion and murder are never OK!

    Everything muslims pretend to see as “holy” is already a crime!

    So nobody has a legal right to practice islam anywhere on earth!

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