Popish Stupidity

Pope: Rights of Muslim migrants override national security concerns

The Pope has said: “We can speak today of an Arab invasion” of Europe. But here he is actively encouraging and abetting this invasion. Does he think the Muslim migrants will include none who wish to destroy the existing society by means of jihad and impose Sharia? Well, he has said that “authentic Islam and the proper reading of the Koran are opposed to every form of violence,” and so he may indeed think that the Muslim migrants to Europe are just coming in order to enfold the natives in a loving embrace.

“Leave them; they are blind guides. And if a blind man leads a blind man, both will fall into a pit.” (Matthew 15:14)

“Pope: Rights of migrants trump national security concerns,” by Nicole Winfield, Associated Press, August 21, 2017 (thanks to Ken):

VATICAN CITY (AP) — Pope Francis on Monday urged countries to greatly improve their welcome to migrants and stop collective expulsions, saying migrants’ dignity and right to protection trumps national security concerns.

Francis’ politically pointed message was made in view of the Catholic Church’s 2018 world refugee day, celebrated Jan. 14. It comes amid mounting anti-immigrant sentiment in Europe and beyond following waves of migrant arrivals and Islamic extremist attacks.

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Pope Francis: Rights of Migrants Trump National Security Concerns

Pope Shock: Francis Says Rights of Migrants Trump National Security Concerns After Weekend of Terror…

Franklin Graham: ‘Politicians Should Stop Saying Islam Is a Religion of Peace’

Franklin Graham: ‘Politicians Should Stop Saying Islam Is a Religion of Peace’

6 thoughts on “Popish Stupidity”

  1. Good on Franklin Graham. Someone with the courage to tell it like is is rare for a man with his public profile. It’s a shame the Pope is either utterly deceived or in league with the move to Islamify the world. I would not be surprised if Islam and Catholicism merge to form a new religion. It’s already happening in some isolated places.

    1. Isn’t the Pope supposed to have some divine communication with God? Apparently God hanged up on him a long time ago. The Poop Pope has gotta go.

  2. It’s time we stop deceiving ourselves about these civilization enders like the pope. They’re not stupid or ill-informed or any of the other graces we bestow on them in our continuous denial of reality to make ourselves feel better. They are evil and they are murdering us and destroying Western Civilization. They have to be removed from their positions of power and or destroyed. If we don’t destroy them, they’ll destroy us, one lie, one attack at a time.

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