Are Brits learning to live with acid attacks?

Six people have been injured in an acid attack at a London station 

Police were called just before 8pm on Saturday to Stratford station in London.

A spokesperson for Scotland Yard said: “We were called to the area around Westfield Stratford Shopping Centre to reports of a group of males spraying what is believed to be a noxious substance.

“A number of people have been reported injured at different locations – believed to be six people. We await further details. ”

London Ambulance Service and London Fire Brigade have attended.

Police have arrested one man on suspicion of grievous bodily harm.

A cordon has been put up and officers remain at the scene.

‘There will be more incidents but you WON’T change’ Sadiq Khan grilled over terror threat
SADIQ KHAN was grilled over his handling of the terror threat in London a week after a bomb was planted on a busy commuter Tube.

In other news:

‘if a kafir does not see you as a threat to his safety then you know you have something wrong with the way you practise the Deen [religion].’

(Oxford) 21 year old Hussein Yusef,  arrived in Britain from Afghanistan at the age of 14, applied for asylum, and was brought up by foster parents in Oxford. He spoke little English but made ‘remarkable progress’ at school . All in all a rags to riches story with a happy ending. Err No,  It appears that Hussein actively embraced the ideology  he claimed he ran away from Afghanistan in fear of his life in which to find sanctuary in the UK,

He set up five Facebook accounts to fight an ‘ISIS propaganda war’, ranting against homosexuality, Shia Muslims, The United States and ‘Kuffar’. It also emerged that Yusef appeared to be the administrator of a Facebook page called Khilafah News, which described itself as an “Islamic State bulletin”. Described as “unadulterated IS propaganda, plain and simple” by prosecutors, the page gave advice to individuals seeking to join the terrorists in the Middle East.

In December 2015 he wrote ‘if a kafir does not see you as a threat to his safety then you know you have something wrong with the way you practise the Deen [religion].’ In March 2016 he changed his Facebook cover photo to a quote ‘The Islamic State: a state for all Muslims, so let’s participate together to build and protect it’. One of the videos he posted was titled ‘Ramadan Under the Shades of the Khalifah’, showing IS fighters attacking the Syrian Army. After the Paris and Brussels attacks he called on other Muslims to study the Quran to ‘learn why those attacks were 100% right’. He also boasted on encrypted social media app, Telegram, that he had attended a protest outside the Israeli embassy with a homemade poster saying ‘Hitler you were right.’ As this is the UK, anybody is free to say what they want unless you are white Non-Muslim then you have no rights whatsoever. However The UK authorities were forced to act when poor little asylum features decided to upload on his facebook account the personal details of more than 56 US military personnel The details included email addresses, home addresses and names of their bases in the US and were attached to the hashtag “US Army pigs completely hacked”. He wrote: “All praise to Allah alone”

For all of the above, Dicksplash was jailed for 6 and a half years. However in the UK, you only carry out half your sentence and  so this Jihadist will be out and about free to continue to spread the word of ISIS by 2020.

Anybody else noticed that these stories are appearing on an almost daily basis now and still the liberals tell me Islam can only be a religion of peace.

4 thoughts on “Are Brits learning to live with acid attacks?”

  1. So …
    when are the islams of islam going to be exterminated
    from anywhere and every where !!!

    Just before …
    Just after …
    or @ the same time …
    the islamophiles suddenly become incarcerated or better yet also exterminated !!!

  2. Vote “No” …
    Even if the “Yes” Voters have your messaging address !
    Especially if the “Yes” Voters have your messaging address !
    (They are islamophiles … lovers of islams)

    1. If you received this on your Mobile …
      The Marriage Equality Survey forms have arrived !
      Help make history and vote YES for a fairer Australia !

      Sending this message is a Criminal Act by islamophiles … (Lovers of islams)

      And Requires Rectification …
      By These Three steps …
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      2. Make sure you
      incarcerate islamophiles !
      (guilty politicians bureaucrats academics and other cultural marxists being lovers of islam and its islams )
      3. Make sure you Free Australia from the curse of islam and its criminal islams !!

      Earth … as it should would and will be !!!

  3. Re: ” ‘if a kafir does not see you as a threat to his safety then you know you have something wrong with the way you practise the Deen [religion].’”

    In The Hedaya (the main Hanifi maddhab fiqh kitab, or book which the British Raj adopted to rule over Bengal and India, and which mirrors the sharia legal code used by the Ottoman Empire to rule over ALL the muslim nations) it is clearly stated that ALL muslims – even muslim toddlers – must be regarded as ‘OBJECTS OF FEAR’ by ALL non-muslim infidels!

    Thus clearly the most official goal of islam itself is to spread “islamophobia!”


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