Bangladesh PM says Myanmar must take back Rohingya

The intro is an excerpt from Fjordman:

Muslim-dominated Islamic Bangladesh is estimated to house around 172 million people. That number keeps growing by a couple of million annually. In a poor and already densely populated country, such a rapid population growth is unsustainable.

In the year 2000, Bangladeshi Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina was asked by the Los Angeles Times how the country was going to feed, house and employ the expected doubling of its population by 2050. She replied: “We’ll send them to America. Globalisation will take that problem away, as you free up all factors of production, also labour. There’ll be free movement, country to country. Globalisation in its purest form should not have any boundaries, so small countries with big populations should be able to send population to countries with big boundaries and small populations.”[2]

Hasina is essentially arguing that her nation needs more Lebensraum, and that other countries should meekly accept this. Several Muslim nations seem to attempt a similar policy of population dumping through mass migration.

Bangladesh’s Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina has issued a new call for Myanmar to take back the some 420,000 Rohingya Muslims who have fled violence in the Buddhist-dominated country.


Ms Hasina, speaking to Bangladeshi activists in New York where she is attending the UN General Assembly, also called for greater international pressure on Myanmar over the new crisis which has unfolded in the past three weeks, media reports said.

“We have told Myanmar, they are your citizens, you must take them back, keep them safe, give them shelter, there should not be any oppression and torture,” she told a meeting late Tuesday in New York.

The prime minister said Bangladesh was making diplomatic efforts to persuade Myanmar to take back the refugees.

“But the Myanmar government is not responding to the calls. Rather, Myanmar is laying landmines along the border to stop the return of Rohingyas to their homeland,” she said.

Myanmar’s de-facto leader Aung San Suu Kyi said in a speech hours earlier that the country would take back verified refugees. Myanmar considers the Rohingya illegal migrants from Bangladesh and refuses them citizenship, even though many have lived there for decades.

At a meeting of Islamic nations on the sidelines of the UN assembly, Hasina said Yangon was spearheading a state-sponsored propaganda campaign to call the Rohingya ‘Bengalis’, adding that they must be given Myanmar citizenship.

Hasina sought “urgent humanitarian assistance” from Muslim nations to cope with the influx of Rohingya who have fled what she called “ethnic cleansing”, the state BSS news agency reported.

“It is an unbearable human catastrophe. I have visited them and listened to the stories of their grave sufferings, particularly of women and children,” she said.

“I would like you all to come to Bangladesh and hear from them about the atrocities in Myanmar,” she said.

The majority of of the refugees are women and children.

While Bangladesh has earned international praise for opening its doors to the Rohingyas, aid agencies have warning of a growing humanitarian crisis as authorities struggle to provide even basic facilities for the new arrivals.

The 420,000 now in makeshift shelters around the border town of Cox’s Bazar have added to about 300,000 Rohingya who moved into camps in the region following earlier waves of violence in Myanmar.

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  1. No. Bangladesh is very fertile and well-watered and *ought* to be able to sustain its people on the resources that it has, with the expenditure of a modicum of effort and intelligence. That it can’t is due largely to the suspicion, aggression and all-round general corruption and chaos that Islam produces at every level from micro to macro, from the family to the nation.

    Saudi Arabia and other oil-wealthy Islamic entities should be told it’s *their* job to assist their mohammedan bruvvas and sistas in Bangladesh to take care of the Muslims who have been kicked out of, or have hightailed it out of, majority-Buddhist Bangladesh which they have made too hot for themselves by their own vile behaviour.

    A population exchange might perhaps be in order. All the remaining Christians, Hindus and Buddhists currently eking out a wretched existence in Bangladesh – especially the terribly-persecuted, abused and dispossessed indigenes of the Chittagong Hill Tracts – could go to Burma and India; whilst all Muslims from Burma… *and* all the illegal Bengali Mohammedans who have *poured* into India over the past 3 or 4 decades – could go to Bangladesh and settle in Chittagong.

    Then India and Burma close and massively fortify and patrol their borders and tell Bangladesh point blank that if Islam is so wonderful they should be able to look after their own. If they can’t then that shows that Islam is sh*t.

  2. Correction to the above. For “majority-Buddhist Bangladesh” read ‘majority-Buddhist MYANMAR”. I’ must be getting old.

    1. I suggest we use Burma, not Myanmar, a word concocted by the military junta, which the Burmese including Aung Sang Suu Kye reject.

    2. DDA, the ‘Old’ are the repository of much accumulated wisdom. Keep giving us all the benefit of yours.

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