Soldiers of Allah Responsible for “Rohingya” Refugee Crisis

Islamists Responsible for Rohingya Refugee Crisis

by Mohshin Habib

  • The current crisis is being depicted — wrongly — as the “ethnic cleansing” of an innocent Muslim minority by Burma’s security forces, and the “apathy” to the plight of the Rohingyas by Aung San Suu Kyi, Burma’s foreign minister and its de facto head of state.
  • “Their [the Rohingyas’] tactics are terrorism. There’s no question about it. [Kyi is] not calling the entire Rohingya population terrorists, she is referring to a group of people who are going around with guns, machetes, and IEDs and killing their own people in addition to Buddhists, Hindus, and others that get in their way. They have killed a lot of security forces, and they are wreaking havoc in the region. The people who are running and fleeing out to Bangladesh… are fleeing their own radical groups…. [T]he international community has to sort out the facts before making accusations.” — Patricia Clapp, Chief of the U.S. Mission to Myanmar from 1999 to 2002.
  • The origins of the Bengali Muslim jihad in Western Myanmar in the late 19th century through the World War II era, illustrates that it is “rooted in Islam’s same timeless institution of expansionist jihad which eliminated Buddhist civilization in northern India.” — Dr. Andrew Bostom, author and scholar of Islam.

Rohingya refugees from Burma arrive in Bangladesh, on September 17, 2017. The current crisis is being depicted — wrongly — as the “ethnic cleansing” of an innocent Muslim minority, but the true culprits are radical Islamists among the Rohingyas themselves, who with guns, machetes and bombs are killing their own people, in addition to Buddhists, Hindus, and others that get in their way. (Photo by Allison Joyce/Getty Images)

A surge in clashes between Islamist terrorists and the government of Burma (Myanmar) is at the root of a refugee crisis in Southeast Asia that has caused the United Nations and international media to focus attention on the Rohingyas in the northern Rakhine, an isolated province in the west of the Buddhist-majority country.

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The Myanmar army says mass graves are evidence of a massacre by Rohingya muslims.

One thought on “Soldiers of Allah Responsible for “Rohingya” Refugee Crisis”

  1. Leftopaths want to pity everyone as an equal victim, both the predatory criminal aggressors and their innocent victims alike, while calling those who get angry with criminals and their crimes, in an attempt to solve problems and prevent crimes, “hateful” for daring to accuse the criminals of their crimes.

    This happens on the individual, familial, clan, tribal, national and international levels, in private industry, in the education and judicial systems, in government, among nations and in global finance.

    So why is useless static fear-focused PITY always being endorsed, while useful and hope-focused dynamic anger (aka “HATE!”) being derided as the worst of all sins everywhere all the time?! Both are emotions, which means idolatries – removed from and pre-empting rational fact-based logical thinking of the individual causes and effect involved in each separate set of situational circumstances; as such, they are by definition pre-judicially biased bigotry and psycho-pathic exercises in thought-killing.

    Well, for individuals, showing pity (aka compassion and tolerance) goes along with our innocent-until-proven-guilty memes, and more importantly is allows people to virtue signal while simultaneously avoiding the risk of endangering them selves personally by daring to accuse potentially dangerous and violent criminals of their crimes.

    In short, it’s an obvious exercise in hypocrisy.

    But why is such dangerously retarded behaviour allowed on a global scale, one might ask?


    Banksters always support both sides in every given conflict, because then the losers will still owe them and the winners, the winners will still owe them, and both will want to borrow even more money for the reconstruction efforts to repair all the destruction they mutually caused.

    And while law-abiding conservatives want nothing more than to be left alone to literally mind their own businesses, supporting the predatory criminally aggressive libertine “liberal” criminals is a much more lucrative venture for the banks, simply because there’s no money in solutions!


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