The fake debate about fake marriage

By Moses Apostaticus @ XYZ

The fake marriage debate is not about the rights of homosexuals. It’s about the destruction of Western civilisation by a class of people programmed to hate it. Moreover, it’s happened before.

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‘Let’s just burn it down to make it better!’ – Every Marxist ever.

When the Chinese Cultural Revolution began at Peking University in 1966, it seemed just a localised event. Once the iconoclastic frenzy got official support from Mao, however, the wave of destruction spread to educational institutions across the country. From there it touched every facet of Chinese society.

By the time the revolutionary spasm of destruction had worn itself out five years later two million were dead, the heritage of the country had been all but destroyed and the social order of the nation had been entirely upended. Chinese culture has never recovered.

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The ideology must be obeyed.

The same type of cultural revolution has now begun in the nations of the West. We are seeing statues defaced, place names being changed, marriage itself corrupted and little children sexualised by radical teachers determined to destroy what remains of Christian civilisation in this nation.

And just as with China’s Cultural Revolution, ground zero for ours is our educational institutions.

If you think this won’t lead to corpses one way or another you’re kidding yourself. That’s where Marxist revolutions always end up before the carnage is over.

The tactics that the postmodern left are using in their campaign for fake marriage reveal clearly what their true agenda is. While using rhetoric about love and the vicitimisation of homosexuals, they shut down dissenting views and hysterically silence even moderate voices.

Like all Marxists, the advocates for fake marriage plead victim while committing political violence. They cry out while they strike you.


The media’s recent acknowledgement of Antifa violence when discussing this current cultural revolutionary outbreak in the West is a sign the establishment is panicking, in my view. Like all regimes in history who fear overthrow, our rulers have resorted to fomenting a religious upheaval to distract the mob. I suspect the flames they fanned have scared even them.

This is because Antifa are just the attack dogs, albeit mangy and decrepit, of an ideological movement which has taken control of education, the arts, media, government bureaucracies and the political class in Australia. Antifa think they are revolutionaries. They are fools. They are deranged thugs defending the status quo against a populist uprising the neo-Marxist elite are growing increasingly frightened of.

At the top of this fifth column inside Western societies are oligarchs like George Soros, using their ill-gotten financial gains to foment and destabilise societies around the world. Soros himself is a Marxist, and seeks a new world order in which white, Christian cultures are relegated to the fringes and the mass of humanity is reduced to a beige underclass of fungible economic units serving a godlike elite.

Marxist rhetoric about protecting the poor and vulnerable has always been a smokescreen for a cult of power which benefits a tiny, oligarchic elite. In this sense, Soros uses crony capitalism and neoliberal globalism in the way Trotsky and Lenin used communist rhetoric about a global workers’ paradise. They are but means to power.

The communist vs. capitalism dialectic of the Cold War is a false one. Crony capitalism goes hand-in-silk glove with the Marxist, globalist agenda.

Puppet politicians like Bill Shorten care about gays about as much as Richard Di Natale cares about trees. Their concern is feigned. They care only about power, and the destruction of traditional, Western civilisation in order to achieve it.

Among those of us throwing our weight behind the No campaign for this plebiscite there is little hatred for gays. Our concerns lie mainly with the perversion of children and the enabling of trans-whatever mental illness in society.

Traditionalists like me just wish they’d stayed in the closet, for their sake and for the sake of society. No-one was ripping them out of their sequin-studded wardrobes and throwing them off roofs. Not yet, anyway. The argument that they were the victims of systemic oppression is laughable. They’d never had it so good.

But the fake marriage agenda is not coming from the queers. They’re being used. This cultural revolution is coming from a ruling elite who understand how to deploy the Marxist agenda to gain power.

This elite is using a millennial generation utterly indoctrinated with cultural Marxist ideology to create a revolutionary vanguard who believe they are birthing a paradise of diversity and equality.

They aren’t, of course. These people are nuts. And just like those rabid radicals in China in the late 60’s, they will stop at nothing to bring about their utopian vision.

Stop thinking they won’t kill you or that this is just a debate between opposing and equally valid worldviews. Such naivety from the conservative right over the last 50 years has led us to this current revolutionary outbreak. The right has been underestimating the Marxist left for over a century now, only realising what Marxists are capable of once the goons arrive in the dead of night to drag them away.

When the kulaks were driven off their land and the middle class sent to prison camps in Bolshevik Russia, people thought there must have been a mistake. How could those harmless intellectuals who preached about fairness and justice do something so utterly wicked? How could they be so cruel? All they’d wanted was greater equality, right?

Our Marxists today are no different from the Bolsheviks. If you’re the type of evil white cisgender Deplorable who reads XYZ, they want you dead. Unlike pre-Soviet Russia, however, the Marxists here today are already in control. They’ve had the kids to themselves in the privacy of the classroom for 50 years, and now the children of hate are ready to bring about the anti-Western Götterdämmerung so desired by fanatics like Soros.

This revolution has been long in the making and has only just begun. Unlike in Russia though, it isn’t coming from the lower classes. This is a top-down revolution aimed at the middle class. At people like you.

In other news:

Yet more bullying by gay-marriage bigots. An Coalition for Marriage meeting in Melbourne was last night stormed by gay-marriage protesters yelling “crucify the Christians” and waving a banner declaring: “Burn churches, not queers”. Meanwhile, a Mormon church is vandalised with vote-yes grafitti.

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  1. It used to be the “love that dare not speak its name”. Now you can’t get it to shut up. It is the ultimate rebellion against God. He created us male and female. God’s command to Adam and Eve, before they fell, was to have children to fill the earth. Same sex marriage is an oxymoron. A law may be passed but it will not be marriage, no matter what the anti-Christ forces declare it to be. I can call my cat a goldfish, that will not change its nature. Tragically, Christians have done little to arrest the tide of anti-Christ sentiment that is on the rise. There is a deadly serious war going on but Christians are too busy fighting each other to notice. A handful of us are “blowing the trumpet” but not enough, and few are listening. We need a “2 Chronicles 7:14 experience instead of congratulating ourselves on how spiritual we are.

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