‘We’re here, here to stay…Kaffir, get used to it!’

by Baron Bodissey, Gates of Vienna

Years ago, before the European “refugee” crisis really exploded, the phrase “deliberate population replacement” seemed a bit over the top. Yes, population replacement is indeed what’s happening — but how do we know it’s deliberate?

Well, that was then, and this is now.

It’s become clear that the “asylum” racket is a complete scam. Now that Chancellor Merkel and her eternal coalition are secure in their seat of permanent power, they’ve given up trying to keep the “refugee” scrim in place in front of what they’re doing. Everybody’s coming in, and no one will be leaving — Europeans just may as well get used to it.

Egri Nök has translated two articles about new migration developments in Europe. Both were originally published at Vlad Tepes in a slightly different form.

The first article concerns the recent announcement that — surprise! — rejected asylum seekers in Germany won’t really have to leave. They’ll get benefits and work permits, just like the actual “refugees”. It makes one wonder why they bother with the charade of an asylum application process — it would save a lot of time and administrative resources just to let them all in and immediately hand them their goodies.

Oh well, now that they are here and we can’t or won’t send them away, we might as well give them work permits and federal funds

An original translation from German daily newspaper Hamburger Abendblatt:

Merkel and Scholz: Integrate Rejected Asylum Seekers

by Christoph Heinemann and Christian Unger
August 25, 2017

Olaf Scholz, mayor of Hamburg, and Angela Merkel

Abendblatt exclusive: Access to language courses and Federal Funds
Merkel formed task team in response to Scholz’ Motion

Hamburg/Berlin — The lost ones meet every Friday evening in a cafe in the Schanze. Seven young Afghans without the prospect of staying — as their asylum application has either been in process for more than one year, or has been decided upon negatively, they aren’t allowed to work or to attend a proper language course[1].

Several thousand of such people, often merely “tolerated” for years, live in Hamburg.

Mayor Olaf Scholz (SPD, Social Democrats) apparently wants to grant these people extensive assistance measures. As Abendblatt learnt exclusively, back in June a task force was formed upon the decision of chancellor Angela Merkel (CDU, Christian Democrats), which is to develop suggestions. Members of this task force are representatives of the Senate, the Chief of the Federal Agency for Work, Detlef Scheele (SPD), as well as leaders of Saarland, which is led by the CDU. In November the group is expected to present their findings at a meeting of the Federal Presidents.

Scholz wants to give rejected asylum seekers a perspective

Olaf Scholz (SPD) had put the topic on the agenda at a meeting of the minister presidents, according to sources in the Senate. The plan is to assist all those asylum seekers more, who do not have a reliable prospect of staying, but who de facto will be in Germany for a longer period of time. “You need to face reality and give these people a chance, too,” a source close to Scholz said. The chief of the Agency for Work and former Senator for Social issues, Detlef Scheele, allegedly is also among the advocates for better assistance of the affected people.

Possible reforms are politically sensitive

A source close to the mayor says that several concrete steps are possible: the admission of people from countries such as Afghanistan into integration courses of the Federal Agency for Migration and Refugees (BAMF) and better care by the Federal Agency for Work, and faster issuance of work permits.

According to the source, in the future, foreigners who are merely tolerated[2]might also be able to profit from assistance programmes, for example the Federal Agency for Work might pay for part of their wage, to encourage giving work to refugees. The focus of the efforts is intended to be on people who have already been living in Hamburg and in other federal states for a few years with an insecure prospect of staying.

Speaker of the Senate Jörg Schmoll did not want to comment on the task force and the suggestions upon request. A spokesman for the Federal Agency for Work merely confirmed that Detlef Scheele would deliver a presentation at the next meeting of the minister presidents. The making available of funds for (rejected) asylum seekers is politically sensitive. Normally, a “tolerance” (suspension of deportation) is only issued when a deportation cannot be carried out for concrete reasons, for example illness. But in fact, deportations to Afghanistan are extremely rare, due to the situation in that country. In Hamburg, Afghans make up the largest group of asylum seekers and refugees, even ahead of the Syrians.

Translator’s notes:

1. aren’t allowed to work or to visit a proper language course“ — Every foreigner in Germany, legal or illegal, may sign up for the many language courses available on the free market. So what is meant by “proper language course” must be public-funded language courses with no tuition fee.
2. tolerated“, “geduldet”, is a legal term for people who are in Germany illegally, but who are not deported for a variety of reasons.
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The second translation draws attention to the larger implications of this “no one must be sent home” policy — the millions of additional immigrants who will be admitted under the family reunification program:

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