Bill Warner, PhD: Cairo Declaration of Human Rights

You and me, the kuffar, have no rights whatsoever under the sharia. All rights belong to the Muslims, and a kuffar is worth less than a slave.
We can learn a lot about the Islamic world view by knowing what Islam thinks human rights are. Warning: it is not a good world for the Kafir.

2 thoughts on “Bill Warner, PhD: Cairo Declaration of Human Rights”

  1. Islam and sharia are pure hypocrisy – subjective, might-makes-right and us-vs-them double standards – and as such will never make any objectively universal rational logical factual sense.


    … via forced Sales:

    When anyone has the right to sell your house out from under you, even if they then pay you a good price, by their having control over your property, they have always in effect owned it and you have not, and since others can then nullify whatever else you buy with your money, your money is ultimately worthless, too. The convenience of the collective tribe, and even that of other individuals within it, takes precedence over all private property.

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