Is the Quebec anti-burqa law unenforceable?

Canada: New Quebec pro-face law

Via: Vlad Tepes: “Observe the sanctimony attack the professor has on camera. Ask yourselves if 10 people in his class wore Donald Trump masks, or Nazi Armbands (not that I am equating the two but I would wage odds he does) if he would be so willing to defend everyone’s rights to wear what meant something to them.”

Quebec’s face veil ban ‘will be overturned’

Useful idiots & their cunning Mohammedan handlers will make sure that the law will not be enforced.

“I think it’s a wicked law and it shouldn’t be applied.”


Trudeau  gov’t supports Muslim insurgents in Burma

The federal government announced this week it will provide an additional $12 million in humanitarian assistance, bringing the total of Canada’s financial commitment to $25 million so far.

Burma is deporting the Rohingya to avert a Muslim insurgency. They’ve figured out the math: Less Muslims equals less terrorism.

Aided by foreign terrorist networks in Pakistan and support from Rohingya exiles in ArabGulf States, Burma’s Mohammedans and their foreign backers ultimately may want to establish a sharia state in Rakhine. Read on… (BCF)

Trudeau gov’t pays $31.3M settlement to 3 Muslims “unjustly” imprisoned in Syria

The federal government has paid a total of $31.3 million in settlements to three men wrongfully accused of links to terrorism and tortured in a Syrian prison, CTV News has learned.

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  1. Hm at an average payout of $10 Million per “offended” terrorist, Justin Turdeau will be able to bankrupt Canada in only a few short years – exactly as planned!

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