Refugee jihadis learn their hate in Australia, says ASIO boss

We have to get rid of these embedded blowboys who don’t understand the first thing about Islam and have no intention to ever read the Koran to understand the ideology. This is no way to wage war, and make no mistake: Islam is at war with us for 1400 years!

Refugee jihadis learn their hate in Australia, says ASIO boss 


Islamic State-inspired jihadis who arrive in Australia as refugees and commit acts of terror in their new home are more the product of Australian culture than their home country’s, ASIO boss Duncan Lewis said last night.

This sounds like ASIO boss Duncan Lewis hasn’t got his faculties intact.

Returning to a controversy that saw him roundly criticised in some quarters, Mr Lewis said last night that seven of the 56 people targeted in terror operations over the past three years were refugees.

It is totally irrelevant whether they ‘radicalise’ here or overseas. The only thing that matters is the ideology, Islam.

But Mr Lewis said all had come to Australia at an early age and had little first-hand exposure to their home countries.

They go to the mosque. That’s where they all learn the same jihad.

In May, Mr Lewis drew criticism following an exchange with One Nation senator Pauline Hanson in which the ASIO boss appeared to sidestep potential links between migration and terrorism.

“I have absolutely no evidence to suggest there’s a connection between refugees and terrorism,” Mr Lewis said in May.

That’s as dumb as clueless Clapper saying ‘the MuBro’s are largely secular’….

The context of Mr Lewis’s answer was in response to a question from Senator Hanson as to whether the terror threat was being “brought in’’ to Australia, suggesting ISIL might have been exporting its operatives to Australia to plan and conduct attacks.

The ideology is embedded in the mental baggage of every Muslim, imported or raised here.

But it subsequently emerged that several of the terror suspects arrested in recent years were refugees, or — far more commonly — second-generation migrants, engulfing Mr Lewis in controversy.

That’s not “controversy”, that means our chief spook is clueless.

Yesterday, Mr Lewis said it remained crucially important not to stereotype the overwhelming majority of Muslim Australians who were of no security interest to ASIO.

Important for whom? For Lewis? For the government that has deceived us, the Australian people?

“There were 56 individuals who were primary targets of these 13 disruption operations and they were either arrested, charged or the subject or search warrants. Only seven of the 56 individuals came to Australia as refugees and six of those seven migrated to Australia with their parents as young children aged 11 or younger,’’ Mr Lewis said. “The trend since 2014 is consistent with longer-term trends dating back to 2002. Where an individual is involved in attack planning and arrived as a refugee they generally arrived as a child and have spent more time in Australia than they have elsewhere.’’

Totally irrelevant.

Mr Lewis, along with AFP Commissioner Andrew Colvin, has long been vocal about the need to maintain good relations with the Muslim community, a message he reiterated to a Senate committee last night.

May as well knock out your own front teeth.

“Stereotyping any group as a source of threat is not helpful. It is behaviour, not background, which ASIO is investigating. Our focus is identification and prevention of terrorist attacks and to achieve this we have to be vigilant regarding the course of threat,” he said.

It is the ideology, and the doctrine is disseminated in the mosques. Every Mohammedan is by the law of allah obliged to “strike terror in the hearts of disbelievers’, and those who don’t participate are considered heretics and must be killed.

The ASIO boss also welcomed the defeat of ISIL in Raqqa, Syria, and Mosul, Iraq, saying it would make it more difficult for the group to plan attacks abroad. “But, and this is the big but, ISIL propaganda remains a powerful force for radicalisation and incitement and the threat from ISIL-inspired lone actors and local groups will endure.”

Its not “ISIL propaganda”, you dolt. Its Islam. Just Islam.

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  1. Is this guy for real? How come Buddhists, Hindus, Sikhs, Taoists, or Confucians turn do not turn violent when they get to Australia? The common denominator for violence is Islam. It has nothing to do with where the Muslim happens to live.

  2. Heaven help us with clueless clowns like this in charge. “Isil propaganda remains a powerful force for radicalisation” Mr Lewis informs us. Is that so? Well, why has this “radicalisation” been happening for 1400 years? It is not radicalisation, it is called devotion and Isis is just the devout re-enacting Muhammed’s deeds and action as Islam’s “perfect man”.


    Andrew Bolt, Herald Sun, October 26, 2017
    ASIO boss Duncan Lewis has again misled us about the links between Muslim refugees and terrorism.

    Last May our top spy falsely told a Senate committee: “I have abso­lutely no evidence to suggest there is a connection between refugees and terrorism.”

    Lewis soon had to back down. In fact, our last four terrorist attacks here were all by refugees. Yet this week Lewis was back before a Senate committee, again playing down links between Islam, refugees and terrorism.

    He noted ASIO had arrested, charged or searched 56 people in disrupting 13 suspected terrorist plots in three years.

    “Only seven of the 56 individuals came to Australia as refugees and six of those seven migrated to Australia with their parents as young children,’’ he said.

    They were essentially influenced by Australia, having “spent more time in Australia than they have elsewhere”. So don’t blame Islam.

    (Read full column here.)

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