Sweden: Multiple people shot at several locations, gunman opened fire in busy market

“Right-wing extremists”? “Islamophobes”? It may not be jihadis, but it certainly is, once again, one of the ways they operate.

Thanks to Robert Spencer

“Multiple people shot at ‘several locations’ in Swedish town of Trelleborg as police declare major incident,” by Jamie Bullen, Mirror, October 12, 2017:

Multiple people have been shot after a gunman opened fire at several locations in a Swedish town.

Armed police have cordoned off Trelleborg town centre where several people were found with suspected gunshot injuries.

The shooting is believed to have carried out in the old part of the town in an area surrounded by homes and shops.

Early reports state gunfire broke out at a busy market in the town and that police had launched a hunt for the shooter.

Swedish police said at least four people had been taken to hospital but did not declare the severity of the injuries.

In a statement, police said: “We received several calls about a suspected shooting in central Trelleborg. There are several people who have encountered injuries.

“The police are working to secure different places for ambulances to reach the injured. A major policing initiative has begun.

“There are four people who have been hospitalised in Malmö and Lund….