Resistance in France

Street prayers are in-your-face demonstrations of Islamic supremacy. It is to show infidels that the soldiers of allah rule the streets. It is high time that something is done about it. Since the authorities fail, it is up to citizens to lead the resistance:

French mayor leads protest to stop Muslim worshippers praying in street
 A French mayor and dozens of other MPs and elected councillors from around the Paris region sang the Marseillaise on Friday as they marched towards around 200 Muslim worshippers in a bid to stop them praying in the street. (More below the fold)
General Piquemal: “Shariah Law is Being Installed Everywhere”

Christian Piquemal is a French patriot, a retired four-star general, and the former commander of the Foreign Legion. He has been active in the resistance to Islamization, and was arrested for taking part in the anti-immigration demonstration in Calais back in 2016. (See the follow-up post from early this year).

Gen. Piquemal gave a talk last month at an anti-Islamization rally in France. Below is the first part of his speech (part 2 is coming later).

Many thanks to Ava Lon for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

 Transcript below the fold.
In other news:
France has still not grasped that a war had been declared against her in the name of an Islam bent on conquest.  Contrary to what Macron says, it is not social crises or climate change that motivate the terrorists, but hatred of France and the West.

Pierre Cassen Whatever it takes to save our civilization (Vlad Tepes video)

The stand off which was caught in several video clips (see link) took place in the Paris suburb of Clichy on Friday afternoon.

The local right wing mayor Remi Muzeau led the march after growing infuriated by the presence of hundreds of Muslim worshippers praying on the town’s market square every Friday for the past nine months.

Images relayed from the scene near Clichy Town Hall shows around 60 elected officials, including MPs and the president of the greater Paris region of Île-de-France, Valerie Pecresse marching with their tricolore sashes as they sing the Marseillaise. Video here.

They head towards around 200 Muslim worshippers who are observing their Friday prayer outside in protest against the town’s decision to close a prayer hall.

A line of riot police separate the two groups and at one one point tensions appear ready to boil over. Mayor Muzeau was happy with the protest: “We did what the police should have done a long time ago.”

Muslim worshippers had been using the square to pray in a protest against a recent decision by the mayor to close their usual prayer hall nearby, which had welcomed up to 5,000 Muslim worshippers each day.

Authorities opened a new mosque for the community, but it was 1.5km away and worshippers said it was hard to reach. Their Friday protests have been aimed at pressuring the local council to agree to open a prayer hall in the centre of Clichy.

But those protests have infuriated local officials, who have called on the government to intervene, pointing out that praying in the street is illegal in France.

“The public space cannot be taken over illegally,” said President of Île-de-France Valerie Pecresse. “We are in a country where we do not pray in the street, the rules of law are being flouted.”

Can you imagine the Mayor, MP and local councillors of Newcastle joining officials of the University in their official regalia, taking Union Jack flags or the Cross of St George and drowning out the pests blocking free access outside the King George building with their prayer every Friday? No, I can’t either.  



Video transcript:

00:00 …militants, I salute you with friendship, consideration,
00:04 and respect. I congratulate you
00:08 for being here today and for having answered
00:12 with motivation and enthusiasm the call
00:16 of Alain Barniner, the organizer of this day, who
00:20 worked for quite a while, with enthusiasm
00:25 and total engagement, in order for this meeting
00:29 to be an excellent success; also I would like to salute him and thank him
00:33 for inviting me and
00:37 for the quality of the speakers before and after me.
00:41 I thank them for being present. So today
00:45 I address you in an difficult context,
00:49 in a declining France, and with the year 2017
00:53 marked by crucial events for France,
00:57 which, as you know, are the presidential and legislative elections.
01:02 The ensuing results, as you know, are
01:06 far cry from being the answer for the hopes of patriots.
01:10 They will critically impact the sovereignty of the people,
01:14 the identity of France and the future of our country
01:18 for five years to come. It is as
01:22 a simple citizen, the president of the Circle of Patriotic Citizens
01:26 that I am talking to you. I love
01:31 France, our homeland, the land of our ancestors,
01:35 the one where most of us were born.
01:39 You know, the “patrie” [homeland] is the land of our fathers,
01:43 the land which saw millions of French of all eras,
01:47 all generations, suffer, shed their blood,
01:51 their tears, and, for some, die heroically
01:55 to win and keep the freedom
02:00 and identity of France. Also this patriotism
02:04 a visceral one, must lead us to feel
02:08 love and pride for France, and to do everything
02:12 possible to keep her free and independent. For me,
02:16 I am an apolitical patriot. And
02:20 I am not member of any political party. My only party is France.
02:24 This beloved France that we cherish so much!
02:28 The France of Clovis, of Charlemagne, of Roland Le Preux, [from the Song of Roland] as mentioned before,
02:32 of Saint Louis, of Joan of Arc, [unintelligible]
02:36 of Chevalier Bayard, Descartes, of Pascal, of Napoleon,
02:41 of Pasteur, of Pierre and Marie Curie,
02:45 of the Poilus of 1914-18 [French WW1 infantrymen], of Marshal Foch, of Clemenceau,
02:49 to mention only the most famous.
02:53 At the beginning of this year a friend asked me
02:57 “How do you see the future of France?” He was worried
03:01 to see her collapse and decline in an ineluctable way,
03:05 and to note that she was already disappearing little by little
03:09 before falling, perhaps,
03:14 In the confrontation and conflict. Is it about
03:18 a splinter of decadence? A splinter, you know, is temporary.
03:22 The decadence is permanent. It’s up to us
03:26 to do everything possible to stop it. Also
03:30 like many of you, at our modest level , we have been
03:34 waging with the Circle for almost two years
03:39 a fight against the degeneration of our country,
03:43 against the increasing insecurity, against the migratory flood
03:47 and the lost of our identity.
03:51 On several occasions the Circle played
03:55 the role of whistleblower: In Calais, as you know,
03:59 in February 2016 during the rally and also during the movement
04:03 of angry police officers in October and November 2016.
04:08 Also during the presidential electoral campaign
04:12 2017, with an open letter on scandalous comments
04:16 By Emmanuel Macron in Algiers, and also
04:20 a complaint about anomalies and election fraud.
04:24 Our finding is simple:
04:28 for decades France hasn’t been doing well.
04:32 In fact, she is getting worse and worse.
04:36 By dint of accepting everything, of tolerating everything,
04:40 of admitting everything in the name of the holiest of the holy Human Rights, of secularism,
04:44 of repentance, of coexistence,
04:49 France let her guard down. She tolerated
04:53 lawless zones on her soil. She allowed uncontrolled
04:57 Immigration — because it is uncontrollable, you know it — with
05:01 Schengen, which is a sieve. Today
05:05 they carry out killings in France in the name of Allah.
05:09 The odious assassination of Laura and Morane in Marseille
05:13 is the most direct testimony of that.
05:18 What was their crime? Not being Muslim.
05:22 In addition to that, the assassin was an illegal Maghreban
05:26 arrested eight times since 2005 and never deported.
05:30 Not a single government official came to the funeral!
05:34 Our lives don’t matter. We are pariahs…
05:38 The lazy, the envious, the criminals:
05:43 those who represent France. Representatives
05:47 of Big Finance, Rothschildian stooges,
05:51 thinking they are important other people’s money and our miseries,
05:55 the powerful in their anti-French ferocity.
05:59 The little Nero under their tutelage is playing the big boss.
06:03 But we, the sovereign people, have
06:08 only a single ruler: it’s our beloved France.
06:12 The Republic became this obscene schemer
06:16 that is prostituting our lives; we are pariahs,
06:20 whatever Macron-Nero thinks about it.
06:24 Despite our never-ending humiliations, and our growing poverty,
06:28 Those who are nothing,
06:33 even [unintelligible] money, swimming in luxury and immorality
06:37 constitute this sinful oligarchy.
06:41 Let’s not therefore invert the roles! You know,
06:45 as a Frenchman and the president of the Circle of Patriotic Citizens,
06:49 I became loyally attached
06:53 to the role of — as I told you —whistleblower.
06:57 The case of Calais put a spotlight
07:02 on the injustice of French democracy.
07:06 The unacceptable and scandalous rejection of my appeal
07:10 before the State Council on September 23rd proved
07:14 the despicable porosity of the godless and lawless power
07:18 of justice that follows the politicians’ orders.
07:22 Today, because of the lack of political courage,
07:26 because of submission and of renouncing power [by the surrender of the government],
07:30 delinquency and terrorism are prospering everywhere.
07:35 The opening of the borders to populations who refuse to integrate,
07:39 and to a third world ideology, is destroying step by step
07:43 our thousand year-old nation. For the last three years in France,
07:47 in the world, it has primarily been Islam that is striking.
07:51 Nobody is killing in the name of the Holy Spirit,
07:55 of Christ, of Yahweh, of Buddha. The killings are being conducted
08:00 in the name of Allah, while yelling “Allahu Akhbar”, and virtually only him.
08:04 So we need to draw our conclusions.
08:08 Shariah Law is being installed everywhere, and little by little in our country
08:12 it takes the place of the Republic.
08:16 In 1990 it was already old news. Completely aware
08:20 of the danger, the conservative opposition
08:24 declared to Parliament that “Islam
08:28 doesn’t seem to conform to our social foundations, and seems
08:33 incompatible with French law.”
08:37 It concluded, hear, hear, that it was “urgent and necessary
08:41 to apply zero-immigration”. Additionally
08:45 they [the conservative opposition]refused all attempts at multiculturalism and asked
08:49 for strict assimilation to the French Republic.
08:53 It concluded: “It is the job of Islam, and
08:58 of Islam alone, to adapt in order to be compatible
09:02 with our rules.”

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  1. Street prayers are in-your-face demonstrations of Islamic supremacy.
    • It is to show infidels that the soldiers of allah rule the streets.
    • It is high time that something is done about it.
    • Since the authorities fail, it is up to citizens to lead the resistance:
    ” [sic]

    Yep !!!
    The BEST idea would be to …
    • incarcerate (ie. remove) the islamophile cultural marxist Politicians Bureaucrats and (W)academics …
    They are importing and aiding and abetting the establishment of islam in “The West” !!!
    (guilty of every crime an islam commits in “The West” !!!
    • STOP islams immigration into “The West” !!!
    • ENFORCE islams emmigration (ie. the purge of islam) from “The West” !!!

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