Australia Enriched By African Immigrants

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Australia Enriched By African Immigrants

Comment: In Sydney, Australia I’m starting to see a lot more Africans. It’s really shocking how so many of them have appeared all of a sudden. And as anyone would predict, we’re now starting to see flash mobs and machete brawls. | Luke Ford

Andrew Bolt

The Turnbull Government never asked if we wanted lots more immigrants.

The reason is simple: there is no way Australians would have asked for this:

Australia has experienced its ­largest increase in net migration in several years…

The last time net migration eclipsed 246,000 entrants was in the 12 months to December in 2009…

The 245,400 net arrivals in the 12 months to July is an increase of 27 per cent from the previous year.

Why this incredible jump?

Was it to make the economy seem like it’s growing and get more tax to cut the massive deficit?

The trouble is that this growth comes at a cost that is rarely acknowedged but very much felt.

First, mass immigration doesn’t actually make us individually richer. The economic benefits are spread over many more people.

Second, those 245,400 people all need homes, mainly in NSW and Victoria, adding to house prices. They also need roads, schools, dams, trains, hospitals – and how many more of them do you see getting built?

Third, they also need space. Aren’t our main cities crowded enough?

Fourth, we must build a community. Are we doing such a great job with cultural cohesion already that we can assimiliate 245,400 more people every year?

Fifth, why import so many people when unemployment is still way too high?

So let’s ask again: why did the Turnbull Government suddenly ramp up immigration so much when most voters think the country is full?


3 thoughts on “Australia Enriched By African Immigrants”

  1. Enriched? Try telling that to the police and the victims of African thuggery. Our roads are clogged, housing overpriced, public transport lousy and not enough school and universities. Increasing GDP by increasing population is a con job on the rest of us. We have a wonderful lifestyle in most of Australia. Mass immigration threatens that, especially of people who have no intention of fitting in with the Australian way of life.

  2. Increasing GDP by increasing population is a con job on the rest of us.

    Oldest con job in the books. Since govs. pay for the welfare and consumption of poor migrants (low educ. low skills, etc), that gov. expenditure adds to the GDP but also adds to the gov debt! Con job!

  3. As an African living in Africa, am amazed at the Foolishness of Western governments.
    On the one hand they want these people to come to their countries, and on the other hand, these governments deny themselves the right to DEPORT undesirables. Foolish, stupid, silly, foolhardy, lacking wisdom….
    Besides that, some nationalities are just No, No. Somalis, Eritreans and other semites are lazy and Muslim too.
    They have destroyed their own countries and now will grow GDP in a foreign land?? Ha!
    Well, I guess am islamophobic

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