Australia: with diversity bollards & a dozen shrinks against Islamic mental patients

Qur’an 68:2 You are not, [O Muhammad], by the favor of your Lord, a madman.

Authorities & media outlets are covering up Islamic terror attacks by dismissing the terrorists as being “mentally ill”.

“Mentally ill” jihadists  (we are told there are 300 of them) will now be treated by (at least) one dozen shrinks, who are, needless to mention, clueless about the  jihad ideology. To be hired at taxpayers expense.

The public are being lied to so governments don’t have to address the fact they’re importing a violent & incompatible ideology.


The Afghani refugee vehicle jihadist from the Melbourne Flinders Street attack has just been charged with attempted murder –but seems to have evaded any terror related charges, despite ranting about Allah & admitting he was motivated by a perceived mistreatment of Muslims in a police interview.

Instead of attempting to ring-fence every potential target – ie, everything and everyone – with Diversity Bollards, we could try installing bollards where they matter – around the civilized world, writes


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  1. How to stop and reverse the sedition and treason of “our” authorities (aka islamophiles) in their aiding and abetting of the islam invasion of Australia !!!

    Perhaps …
    • Islamophiles suddenly finding themselves the targets of islams – which they are always going to end up being anyway.
    • Islamophiles suddenly finding themselves the Legitimate Military Targets of the ADF – who then go on to purge the invading islams – and then decimate the islams in Indonesia Malaysia and Singapore etc (very easily done).
    • Islamophiles suddenly finding themselves the Legitimate Military Targets of the Unbelievers of islam’s civil war force – who then also go on to purge the invading islams – and then decimate the islams in Indonesia Malaysia and Singapore etc (again – very easily done as in the Philippines recently – but the West [again stupidly] stopped to soon).
    • Islamophiles sedition and treason to their own culture for islam
    … suddenly being the trigger that finally caused the total collapse and decimation of the islam world
    … this decimation extending into every islam’s mind soul and spirit – beyond restoration … Yipee !!!

    • so keep up the good work islamophiles !!!
    • we know what you are doing
    … exactly the same as your European counterparts are doing
    … with exactly the same end results befalling yourselves !!!

    … so the cowardly islams expanded by terror and the sword
    … ’til the sword broke and fell ‘pon islam in a sea of terror !

    Australia: with diversity bollards & a dozen shrinks against Islamic terrorists” … [sic]
    Dickhead authorities – what are you going to try next …
    • Purge islamophiles (yourselves) !!!
    • Purge islams … Here There Everywhere – in all ways !!!
    • Purge islam … Here There Everywhere – in all ways !!!
    • Burn qur’ans – (all islam’s “(un)sacred” texts) … Here There Everywhere – in all ways !!!
    • Pulverise mosques … Here There Everywhere – in all ways !!!

    … Please – start the ball rolling by terminating yourselves!!!

    1. John Daniel,

      Never ever did I think that the Ozzies and the Americans would fold to the Islamification of their countries.

      Sad days.

  2. (From the Australian Liberty Alliance)
    Dear Friends,
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  3. The public are being lied to so governments don’t have to address the fact they’re importing a violent & incompatible ideology.” … [sic] [sick]

    This is called Sedition & Treason – and creates you being just as guilty as the islams and the criminal African Tribals are of their crimes (including murder)
    (hunt them down, round them up, shut them down)
    Now for the islams and the criminal African Tribals …

  4. We live in a bollard world. Have you noticed that every major building or new govt. financed arena/park are just full of bollards? They are everywhere. They try to pretty them up, but I hate them.

      1. Some of those sunnahs are just insane.

        Just make them up, they make as much sense

        Mohammed squatted by the road behind a comquat tree . We turned away and did not look. Allah knoweth not.

      1. hardy har har! yeah, that proves it; the perverted psychopath muhammed’s made-up god said he’s not insane, so that proves he’s not! are U serious, or am i just missing the sarcasm?

        if U’re serious, Yeah Rite, then U forget, that we’re not muslims here, and quoting that pile of hatred and s**t called the quran is, in that case, circular reasoning. U have to appeal to logic to convince us, and that’s not going to happen, since most of us have already read large swaths of the quran and the sunnah. even the most vile nazi and communist documents are not as hateful and monstrous as islamic scripture. muhammed was a psychopath (but *definitely* not stupid) who used murder, rape, and pillage as inducements to fellow criminals to join him. islam has always spread by violence and mass murder, not by conversion, and the only reason that it’s the world’s fastest-growing religion is that its women have the highest birthrate. research has shown that the ideas to which very young children are exposed tend to stay with them throughout adulthood; children brought up under islam have their minds poisoned by this filthy criminal cult, and they never escape, because even were they to begin to question the ideology, they risk death, which keeps them muslim in order to stay alive.

        the best solution for the islam problem is for western and westernized nations to occupy muslim lands for a few centuries, making islam illegal. it would be faster to also remove all children below the age of 6 or 7 from their parents, as i have seen blogged by one person, since they could be raised in loving homes by hindus, christians, jains, buddhists, atheists, etc., because that would reduce the length of the occupation to just a generation or so.

        unfortunately, speculating about either solution is pointless, because neither will ever happen. instead, there will most likely be civil wars (and aggressive wars by islam-poisoned countries like turkey an iran) in most westernized nations. i *hope* (and pray, as a born-again christian) that some free people will succeed is driving out the muslims, but i fear that this vile pirate cult is with us for a long time to come; rationality will only prevail after hundreds of millions of deaths.

        and the blood is on the hands of the left, who enabled the destruction of civilization.

  5. The question is, how can we get together with other like-minded people and stage a freakin coup so we can take over and start removing muslims and their supporting political elite to islamic countries? Guess it hasn’t become bad enough yet for people to band together and do that… you know, like Europe did when they evicted muslims in the middle ages. But we shouldn’t stop there, we should take back and punish for genocides, Turkey, Syria, Lebanon, India, Egypt, Pakistan, Bangladesh…oh what the heck, lets just make islam illegal and destroy it behind any tree we find it!

    1. Cameron Tremblay, we don’t need to stage a coup; the left will be doing that soon enough.

      think about it. ignoring the danger and invoking a police state to shut down discussion is *not* the response of stupid people; rather, it is the response of totalitarians. the majority of leftists are only nominally so, and that only because they were not taught critical thinking, and had leftist platitudes taught to them in its place. most people – so far – have not been deeply touched by islam (as in, had friends or family members murdered by a jihadist); they just know that they have to be careful in public when discussing islam. again, they have not been taught critical thinking, so for them, it’s not really their fault. every human being has a worldview, and interprets incoming evidence in terms of that worldview. people don’t have time to go back to first principles every time they hear a story, so they use what they already know to interpret the stories. this is a strength of civilization, or any organized human activity. this can also be an attack vector, if the enemy controls education of the young, which produces a common worldview in a nation.

      leftists at the top – often government leaders (but not always), and virtually always university leaders, and leftist thought leaders – are a different story. they know *exactly* what they are doing. there is no way that stupid people, or at least people who don’t know how to manipulate other people (politicians), get to the top by not knowing how to manipulate people. if a relative boob like myself can read islamic scripture and discover the evil therein, why can’t they do that? if they really cared about the poor put-upon muslims, why don’t they sponsor official studies of islam proving its peacefulness, and taking into account things like the doctrine of abrogation? once a non-muslim reads islamic scripture, it becomes obvious that they *cannot* do so; the question then becomes, “why aren’t they propagating the bad news?”

      in the last century, the left usually took power during severe economic downturns, or in the aftermath of wars. society was usually in chaos, and most often, many thousands, if not millions, of people had recently been ruthlessly murdered. the left told its lies, and people often believed them, because they sound good; “from each according to his abilities, and to each according to his needs” sounds noble, but only works in practice if all involved volunteer to live that way, as in israeli kibbutzim. when coerced, there will always be one who works less hard than he could, and eventually, people get fed up doing more work than him, yet getting the same. they soon work no harder than he does, and he can work even less. as the totalitarian state punishes unevenly and unequally, there is even less incentive to work. in the end, leftist collectives are doomed to fail, because they don’t take human nature into account.

      in any case, when leftists try to win elections, they lose big-time (bigly 😀 ) when they espouse hard-left solutions. thus, the “socialists” came about, pushing much the same solutions, but not as ruthlessly, and without the hard-left admission of totalitarianism. the left learned the technique of the Big Lie early on, and has applied it very successfully in practice in western republics. leftists took over education, because they are more willing to work for low wages in support of The Cause than those who are just looking out for number one, and once education was controlled by the left, the hard left easily took over from nominal leftists. they have controlled education in most western republics for at least 2 (and in eurabia, for 3, 4, or even 5) generations. they don’t teach critical thinking, replacing it with memorization of bulls**t leftist platitudes, so most people are nominally leftist when they leave their schooling behind. this has made it very easy for hard-left thought leaders to take over universities, and to move up in the mass media (which were once classical liberals); the ranks of government bureaucrats are also replenished from the ranks of the nominally left. thus, most governments are leftist, regardless of the party appellations of the rulers. had islam not been around, they would have had to continue in this vein, slowly encumbering society with more and more rules, in the end becoming autocratic and dictatorial, since that will be the only way to successfully enforce the rules.

      islam *is* around, however, and doing much better nowadays, so it appears to me that some person or group of persons on the left noticed the fierce dedication of pious muslims, willing to die – in fact, *desirous* of death – in support of islam. it occurred to them that were these muslims to be imported into western nations, as a sort of proxy army, the glacially-slow process of socializing government could be greatly sped up. if they protected this proxy army, society may even collapse, which would lead the government (leftist – remember?) to declare martial law. if a hard-core leftist happened to be in charge, the coup would be complete; if not, an assassination or 50 would do the trick.

      of course, i believe that the hard left has vastly underestimated the ferocity of pious muslims. muslims are usually “peaceful,” not jihadi, but they congregate in banlieues, and with saudi-bought imams, get progressively more pious. the congregation is convenient for the hard left, who no doubt will resort to that old-time tool of mass murder to wipe out a banlieue or two, but pious muslims are also in the government, so the word about the slaughters of muslims will get out, and all the “peaceful” muslims will suddenly turn pious.

      so, Cameron, i believe that leftist coups are coming in every western nation. they have slower going in the u.s. due to the first amendment to the constitution, but even i censor myself in public, as i cannot afford to lose my job. i obey the law scrupulously, but that also includes purchasing firearms and ammunition. should the second amendment be repealed, i only then begin to disobey the law. i *won’t* have to fire the first shot, though, because the traitors at the top are sure to do that. arm yourself if U can!

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