Don’t do this, or Muslims will kill people.”

“Palestinians will inherently trigger violence over decisions they don’t like, so if you make decisions they don’t like, the resulting violence is your fault.”

If any Israelis or Palestinians are killed after the announcement today regarding Jerusalem there is one person to blame: Donald J Trump

DeanObeidallah, Islamo-propagandist

Saudi King: Moving embassy to Jerusalem “a flagrant provocation of Muslims, all over the world”

And “Palestinian” top dog Mahmoud Abbas “warned of the dangerous consequences such a decision would have to the peace process and to the peace, security and stability of the region and of the world.”

They’re saying, “Don’t do this, or Muslims will kill people.” It’s just the kind of violent intimidation that neither Trump nor any free person should give in to, for doing so will only encourage more of it.

“Trump’s Jerusalem calls spark warnings from Arab leaders,” BBC, via Jihad Watch

In other news:

Muslim Students at Catholic University Complain Christmas Gets Too Much Attention

In a sane world there wouldn’t be any Muslims in Western institutions of higher learning.


Tonight outside the US embassy in London; “Khaybar Khaybar, ya yahud, Jaish Muhammad, sa yahud” or “Jews, remember Khaybar the army of Muhammad is returning”.

Jerusalem: One dead as Muslims screaming “We need stones and Kalashnikovs” attack Israeli police
It’s a religion of peace and tolerance, and you’re a greasy Islamophobe if you think otherwise.

Gaza: Two dead in Israeli attack amid Jerusalem unrest


Israel bombs northern Gaza killing two Palestinians

Israel carries out air raids after rockets allegedly shot from Gaza were intercepted by the Iron Dome defence system.

Man sentenced to 15 YEARS after leaving bacon in front of mosque
Michael Wolfe was sentenced to 15 years in prison…

The last Bacon Man was murdered in jail:

Kevin Crehan, the mosque + bacon man, died in Bristol jail a year ago and we still have no idea what happened.

England is gone.

?AMAZING!!! We can’t get a conviction on the Libyan who killed 4 Americans at Benghazi. But Florida sentences a man to 15 years for leaving a pound of bacon in a Mosque.

Putin: Syria has been liberated – time for refugees to return
Russian President Vladimir Putin says that Syria has been liberated from terrorists and that Syrian refugees now should return to help restore the…    SPEISA.COM

Russia recognizes Jerusalem as Israel’s capital

“[W]e must state that … we view West Jerusalem as the capital of Israel.”–THE HILL
“If you are a Jew and you walk into East Jerusalem, your life is in danger. If you’re an Arab and you walk into West Jerusalem, there’s no problem at all, which signifies exactly why Jerusalem should be under Jewish control and not under Muslim control.”– Ben Shapiro

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  1. … islam crime is NOT our (the unbelievers of islam) fault !!!
    … you continue to act like criminals – like islams !!!

    … if you continue to act like islam criminals !!
    … you WILL be treated like the islam criminals you are !!
    (after all – enough is – enough – is enough !)

    Purge islamophiles Anywhere !
    Purge islams Anywhere !
    Burn qur’ans Everywhere !
    Pulverise mosques Everywhere !

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