Lesbos: “warlike” clashes between Arab, Afghan and Iraqi refugees

Violence erupts at Greek refugee camp in Lesbos

Mohammedan violence doesn’t just “erupt”- it is usually well planned and incited by their prayer leaders, otherwise known as imams. No Muslim is a refugee, all Muslims are undesirable soldiers of allah.
Violence erupts at Greek refugee camp in Lesbos
Unknown number of injured transported to hospital

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Violence reportedly broke out late Tuesday at the Moria refugee camp on the Greek island of Lesbos.

According to the Athens-Macedonian News Agency (AMNA), serious clashes erupted between Arab, Afghan and Iraqi refugees.

An unknown number of injured have been transferred to a hospital, while numerous reports said ambulances and fire trucks were rushing to the scene.

Riot police in charge of security issues at the camp have reportedly used teargas to quell the clashes, with major media outlets in Greece calling it a “warzone situation”.

In other news:

France: Mayors of seven major cities say they’re “backed up against a wall” by unending Muslim migrant influx

The mayors of seven major French cities say they have been “backed up against a wall” by an unending influx of refugees. Paris must address the strain on the areas, which are struggling to accommodate new arrivals, they wrote.

It isn’t just France. Last week, Geert Wilders sounded the alarm once again, saying that the suicidal immigration policies must end now if Europe is to be saved. He was responding to a dramatic Pew Research study that showed the demise of Europe’s culture by mid-century due to Muslim migration; it will be replaced by escalating crime, jihad attacks, and barbaric sharia norms.

Clashes between refugees are not rare at the camp, but the latest bout of violence has reportedly been much more intense.

The situation at Moria refugee camp has been deteriorating by the day. Around 5,500 people are currently living there under extremely harsh conditions. In a report published Monday by U.S. media outlet BuzzFeed News, Moria was characterized as “one of Europe’s worst refugee camps”.

“On Lesbos, more than 5,400 people live in overfilled tents and containers with limited access to appropriate housing, food, water, sanitation, healthcare or protection. Dozens of people, among them very young children, are crowded into tents,” Amnesty International, along with other organizations, said in a letter addressed to Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras in October this year.

“Those conditions will have devastating consequences for the well-being of the people trapped there,” the letter concluded.


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