Melbournistan: African Savages Bash & Rob Tourists On St Kilda Beach

Wild brawl at St Kilda Beach and McDonald’s

Hundreds of youth fighting, stealing, trashing property for hours in St Kilda & Vic Police fail to make any arrests.

David Hurley and Ed Gardiner, Herald Sun

Why would the Herald Sun call these African savages “youths?”

FOOTAGE has emerged of wild scenes at St Kilda Beach as hundreds of youths brawled, allegedly bashing and robbing tourists at one of Melbourne’s most popular drawcards.

“Allegedly?” Did they or did they not?

Police struggled to contain the situation as young people of African appearance fought each other and assaulted bystanders early yesterday morning.

Shocking video emerged last night showing young men and woman kicking, punching and slapping each other as dozens of onlookers shouted abuse.

Wild scenes on St Kilda Beach. Footage: Channel 7
The brawl broke out between groups on the foreshore. Footage: Channel 7
Police are investigating after a wild brawl broke out St Kilda’s foreshore. Footage: Channel 7
Fists fly as two women attack each other. Footage: Channel 7

Police were called to The Esplanade at 2.55am after 60 youths trashed a McDonald’s restaurant, throwing chairs and smashing a window.

It followed a series of assaults and robberies along the Esplanade earlier in the evening that police described as “unacceptable”.

Police are probing the violence. Footage: Channel 7
Two women face off. Footage: Channel 7

Inspector Jason Kelly said police were investigating.

“Unfortunately last night we had a large number of youth attend, of African appearance, who have engaged in anti-social behaviour.

“They’ve committed crimes, they’ve been involved in a number of assaults on the foreshore of St Kilda.

“Their behaviour was just totally unacceptable and I’d call on them to come forward and hand themselves in before we track them down.”



Andrew Bolt, Herald Sun

First the Muslim Lebanese, now the Sudanese and Somalian.

Two refugee programs prove the limits of integration when the intake is of poorly educated people from a tribal and warlike culture:

Hundreds of youths have allegedly bashed and robbed tourists amid a series of wild brawls on St Kilda’s foreshore this morning.

Police struggled to contain the situation as young people of African appearance fought each other and assaulted bystanders early Thursday morning.

Before that was the Moomba riot as well as mass brawls at several Sudanese beauty pageants.

Then there’s the extraordinary crime rate:

Police statistics show the Sudanese-born are 128 times more likely than other Victorians to commit violent robberies, and 68 times more likely to commit home invasions.

Ten more recent attacks in and around Melbourne over the past month:

1-3: Three attacks around Springvale Station, one leaving the victim with a broken jaw

4: Violent Noble Park mugging

5: CBD mugging

6 & 7: Two ‘similar’ violent CBD attacks

8 & 9: Attacks at Southbank

10: An alleged murder

This is a refugee program that has gone seriously wrong.

Anyone with any information or footage is urged to contact Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000 or submit a confidential crime report at

Melbournistan: Antifa Riots Expected

Trump’s Jerusalem ruling sparks local showdown

RIOT police are gearing up for a showdown on the streets of Melbourne as factional groups prepare to do battle over US President Donald Trump’s decision to recognise Jerusalem as the capital of Israel.


RIOT police are gearing up for a showdown on the streets of Melbourne as factional groups prepare to do battle over US President Donald J. Trump’s decision to recognise Jerusalem as the capital of Israel.

Far Left group Antifa is expected to be among hundreds of pro-Palestinian supporters ready to march in protest against Mr Trump’s decision about the holy city.

Australian Conservative candidate Avi Yemini has called for a counter rally, which could cause tensions to boil over in Swanston St on Wednesday night.

It comes just a week after a mob tried to stop ticketholders listening to right-wing commentator Milo Yiannopoulos at Kensington.

Mr Yemini said Mr Trump’s decision was a “recognition of reality” but had proved an excuse for groups to push an aggressive agenda.

“Antifa are aligning themselves with the Islamic cause and will use it to incite violence against Jews in Australia,” he said. “They are using Trump’s decision as an opportunity.

“As a prominent Jewish figure when people are out on the street chanting for the murder of Jews, it is my responsibility to stand up and say ‘Never again’.”

Violent protests in the Middle East extended around the world at the weekend as Palestinians and their supporters railed against President Trump’s decisision to move the US embassy from Tel Aviv.

In an online post, Campaign Against Racism and Fascism said Mr Yemini “misrepresents groups against whom he is protesting’’.

“There is a real danger that he and his fascist mates will be the source of violence against the Palestinians protesting Trump’s outrageous decision …’’

Projection. It is ALWAYS the feral left that causes the violence.

But Mr Yemini said he planned a peaceful counter rally but doubted the left could promise the same.

“Who are Victoria Police going to send the bill to this time? I would suggest the Grand Mufti,’’ he said.

Protesters threw rocks, sticks and bottles during last week’s violence outside the Melbourne Pavillion.

Scores of culprits were spotted wearing masks despite new legislation that outlaws face coverings.

Authorities later sent a $50,000 bill to the event organisers.

Victoria Police on Monday said it was aware of the planned rally.

“The safety of the Victorian community is the highest priority for Victoria Police and there will be a strong police presence at the rally in order to maintain public safety,’’ spokesman Luke Zammit said.

“Victoria Police respects people’s right to protest peacefully, but will not tolerate those who break the law.’’

Antifa Australia did not respond to requests for comment from the Herald Sun.


Daryl McCann Spectator Australia 16 December 2017

The sin of provocation, Turkish President Erdogan helpfully explained in January 2015, was when mischief-makers fomented ‘hatred and enmity’ in the world.

President Trump, according to Erdogan’s spokesman, has now assumed the post of Provocateur-in-Chief: ‘Declaring Jerusalem a capital is disregarding history and the truths in the region, it is a big injustice/cruelty, short-sightedness, foolishness/madness, it is plunging the world into a fire with no end in sight.’

Islamic firebrands like Recep Tayyip Erdogan, who is busy refashioning Atatürk’s republic as an Islamic republic, always get the best lines.

In the original Islamic Republic itself, Iranian President Rouhani evoked the Big Satan-Little Satan metaphor: ‘The declaration of Jerusalem as the capital of the Zionist entity is a new conspiracy facing the Islamic world these days. We have to be aware and ready in the face of the US, the Zionist entity, and their tails.’

Nice one. Ismail Haniyah, a leading Hamas official in Gaza, was no less apoplectic: ‘I hereby call for terrorism and armed struggle… We want the uprising to last and continue to let Trump and the occupation regret this decision.’

Western politicians, diplomats, academics, journalists and religious leaders have been mostly clueless about the nature of Islamic revivalism, which has its genesis in the defeat and dissolution of the last Caliphate (the Ottoman Empire) in 1922 and the founding of the Muslim Brotherhood movement in Egypt eight years later.

The Muslim Brotherhood, which is known in the USA as the Council for American-Islamic Relations and in Gaza as Hamas, has made the ‘liberation’ of Jerusalem a top priority. This has nothing to do with establishing Jerusalem (or a part thereof) as the capital of a mini-Palestinian state in the West Bank and Gaza, and everything to do with wiping the Jewish state off the map.

In the eschatology of apocalyptical Islam, which defines the character of the Muslim Brotherhood and its terrorist spawn, Al Qaeda, the Islamic State, Ansar Bait al-Maqdis et al, Jerusalem will be the epicentre of a chiliastic Global Caliphate.

From the perspective of Islamic revivalism, the proprietorship of the territory previously known as Mandatory Palestine – that is, Gaza, Israel proper and the so-called West Bank – is not negotiable.

Ismail Haniyah said as much in his response to Trump’s decision to recognise Jerusalem instead of Tel Aviv as the capital of Israel: ‘Our position remains as it is, Palestine from the sea to the Jordan river. We will not agree to two states and not to the division of Jerusalem.’ It is, as always, Jerusalem that is at the heart of Islamic millennialism. The sticking point, to be specific, is not the modern-day city of Jerusalem, with its population of some 880,000 people, but the Old City, no more than 0.9 square kilometres in area. Old Jerusalem, consisting of less than a twentieth of the population of new Jerusalem, is divided into four different quarters – Armenian, Muslim, Jewish and Christian.

Here is where the Jewish people built Solomon’s Temple almost three thousand years ago, only to see it destroyed by the Babylonians in 587 BC. The Second Temple was completed in 516 BC before being destroyed by the Romans in 70 AD. Old Jerusalem, moreover, is the site of the crucifixion (and resurrection) of Jesus Christ. Here, at Temple Mount, is where the Islamic prophet Muhammed flew from Mecca on his winged horse Barack before ascending to the Seventh Heaven. The actual conquest of Jerusalem, however, had to await some thirty years after the demise of Muhammed when the armed forces of Caliph Omar defeated the local legions of the Byzantium Empire.

The Palestinian Authority’s Mahmoud Abbas, in a similar vein to President Erdogan, insists that only Islamic sovereignty can guarantee people ‘of all religions perform their religious rituals with comfort in Jerusalem, our eternal capital’. This happens to be nonsense on a number of fronts. Firstly, to misappropriate the idiom of Zionism and speak of Jerusalem as the ‘eternal capital’ of the State of Palestine is risible. There has never been a state called Palestine. Furthermore, during the time of the Ottoman Empire Jerusalem was a small, southern town in the province of Syria. The last time the Old City experienced Islamic governance, between 1949 and 1967, all but one of the Jewish Quarter’s 35 synagogues were demolished while ancient Jewish cemeteries were emptied of their dead.

Muslim Brotherhood-inspired Islam informs not only the ideology of Hamas and Erdogan’s Justice and Development Party but also the supposedly ‘secular’ Palestinian Authority. Their Islam, unlike the Islam of the Ottoman Empire, is infected with a strain of annihilationist anti-Semitism. In the year 2000, for instance, even President Clinton must have guessed the Camp David Summit negotiations were doomed when Chairman Yasser Arafat coolly informed him that Solomon’s Temple was not in Jerusalem but in Nabulus. To gift the Old City to fantasists in the grip of a millennialist psychosis, as President Obama did last Christmas with UN Resolution 2334, was an act of folly dressed up as statesmanship.

By contrast, President Trump’s pledge to relocate the US embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem could well be an act of statesmanship arrayed by the mainstream media, and everyone from Angela Merkel to Pope Francis, as folly: the sin of provocation, if you will. But there is an obverse side to provocation, and that takes the form of cowardice and civilisational suicide. After all, the case of provocation Erdogan referred to in January 2015 was the Charlie Hebdo massacre – not, I should clarify, the belligerence of the radical Islamic terrorists but the incitement of the slaughtered cartoonists.

As long ago as 1995, the US Congress in its wisdom passed the Jerusalem Embassy Act, which declared that Jerusalem should remain an undivided city, that Jerusalem should be recognised as the capital of Israel, and that the US Embassy should be moved to Jerusalem.

Every president since then, Bill Clinton, George W. Bush and Barack Obama, has promised to implement the law but choked when the moment of decision arrived. Time will tell if Donald Trump’s announcement turns out to be ‘foolishness/madness’ and plunges ‘the world into a fire with no end in sight.’

More likely, I would think, a world on fire with no end in sight is our destiny if US presidents were to continue committing the sin of appeasement.

Illustration: David Follet. Concept Sarah Dudley

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  2. Absolutely unacceptable, these people should be rounded up and taken back to their country, they are aggressive and uncivilised.What garbage asking them to give themselves up, living in fairy land! This disgusts me, get the army involved, teach these people a lesson. Where is their appreciation? The government and police are way too soft, its only going to get worse, PIGS!!!

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