Tell me again: how did Islam enrich our society?

UK: No-go zone Bradford headed for “disaster,” non-Muslims “scared” 

Muslim men shouldn’t allow women to get an education if it leads them to have sex outside of marriage 

News that went under the radar:

A police officer questioning a teen shoplifter has been surrounded by a gang of  African youths thugs and assaulted at a Melbourne shopping centre.

Brutal police basher gets slap on wrist

And guess what, the perp is a moslem?
With mental health issues.

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WARNING: Graphic images

THIS is the Australia the socialists & traitors within the government have brought to us!

Semi-trailers blocking streets surrounding Sydney’s Pitt Street Mall

Semi-trailers and concrete bollards are blocking streets in Sydney’s CBD to ensure the protection of those looking to snag a bargain at Boxing Day sales.

The large trucks are being used to prevent vehicle access in the streets surrounding Pitt Street Mall and the Queen Victoria building.

The security measure has effectively meant George, Market and Elizabeth Streets are shut down to anything but foot traffic.

Image may contain: one or more people and outdoor
Sydney CBD, Pitt Street Mall and surrounding streets huge police presence. Semi trailers and prime movers, concrete barricades and cranes blocking city streets from an Islamic terror attack. This is Australia the most multi cultural country on the planet and only one culture is buggering it up and that culture is Islam. Thanks to our spineless and gutless politicians.
This is what world’s greatest multicultural success now looks like thanks to  Australia’s imbecile politicians.

One thought on “Tell me again: how did Islam enrich our society?”

  1. “… and only one culture is buggering it up and that culture is Islam. Thanks to our spineless and gutless [SEDITIOUSTREASONOUSSUBVERSIVE] politicians” (who should be incarcerated and entombed)

    Australians need to STOP these criminal politicians bureaucrats (w)academics and the PC’d dolts TREASONOUS activities
    … these islamophiles are guilty of every crime the islams and criminal African Tribals have committed in Australia.
    … and so are we – because we have let them do it !!!
    … so stop them now !!!

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