Look over there! A Nazi! Isn’t he horrid!

Shut up and keep paying taxes!

The Melbourne media, academic and political elites have recently had a little bit of a problem crop up in relation to the ongoing vibrant diversification and enrichment of that once fine city.

The problem being that no matter how hard they try to cover it up, make excuses and even commission whole fictional television series to distract from it, the fact remains that young men of South Sudanese background are victimising the native population at a distressing rate.

Naturally of course these are just teething problems in the journey towards the greater vision of a multicultural utopia without so many of those unfashionable white working class Bogans cluttering up the place. But sadly the mouth breathing denizens of the outer suburbs have been agitated by a nefarious conspiracy no doubt orchestrated by Rupert Murdoch (as he swirls his cognac in an oversize glass seated on a throne of skulls stroking a chained hyena) and by other disreputable gutter diving reporters who rudely insist on going around telling the dirty-handed proles things they don’t need to know.

Not proper journalism at all, clearly.

The last few weeks have been a frenzy amongst the better educated, better bred, better informed and all around better class of Melbourne citizens to prove to the easily swayed imbeciles who live beyond Northcote that there are no African gangs, that there is no problem with African crime and that the Police are working with African community leaders to help solve this problem of African crime that isn’t real so you shouldn’t worry about it.

Now shut up and keep paying taxes.

Strangely enough some citizens have become sceptical of this official response. Personally, I can’t imagine why.

One such group held a meeting in the South eastern suburbs this past week. Surprisingly, considering the impeccable reputation for fairness and impartiality possessed by the Australian fourth estate, media access was strictly limited with only a brief interview being granted by two of the organisers to Channel 7.

Any frequent reader of XYZ (and is there any other kind?) will have read this publication’s excellent write up of what happened next. In short about half the prominent leftists in Australia both in print, on social media and online held a gigantic hissy fit.

For you see, one of the organisers of the meeting interviewed was none other than the larger than life Blair Cottrell. The foaming at the mouth and furious-finger-pointed denunciations were quite something to see. Leftists across the internet were enraged that Channel 7 had not disclosed Mr. Cottrell’s previous associations and had reported on him as if he were simply a community spokesman!

Imagine that. Journalists in Australia not doing research into the extremist links of the people they cover. Wonders indeed will never cease. If these same outraged Journalists would care to get in touch with XYZ next time they print the several hundredth article referring to violent extremist Ian Rintoul as a “Refugee advocate” I’m sure we’d be happy to help provide some background.

Or just as a general rule of thumb, next time there’s any political violence at all in Australia, how about doing a simple Google search of the person you’re quoting with “Socialist” next to their name to find out which group of violent totalitarian nutbags you’re helping to cover up for this week?

That’d be great, thanks.

While Mr. Cottrell is certainly guilty of saying silly things on Facebook four or five years ago and is open about the fact that in his youth he was incarcerated, the man has disavowedNeo-Nazism publicly, has worked extensively alongside the Sri Lankan born Danny Nalliah and was attending a meeting organised by True Blue Crew, a group that openly states that it accepts members from all ethnic backgrounds.

Bald old man photo
Jeff Sparrow. Photo by Rod Waddington

Meanwhile Jeff Sparrow, the increasingly bald founder of Socialist Alternative (the largest most violent and radical far-left extremist group in Australia today) teaches at Victoria University, is a host on 3RRR and has an opinion column for the Guardian Australia. Jeff has never renounced the totalitarian Marxist views of the organisation of violent thugs he helped create, and judging from his encouragement of the mob that attacked attendees and police outside the Milo event in Melbourne he holds them to this day.

The double standards are bleak.

Speaking of the Guardian, it was they who first issued a news report (rather than an opinion piece) denouncing Channel 7 for not exposing the horrific truth behind Blair Cottrell. In this piece by Melissa Davey there is only one source quoted attacking the coverage. That source was Tamar Hopkins. Ms Hopkins was referred to only as “The lead author of the Monitoring Racial Profiling report from the Australian National University”.

XYZ readers would know that this is the same Tamar Hopkins [on the left in above video] who not only has spent her entire professional career filing racism lawsuits against Victoria Police to make it almost impossible for them to properly enforce the law in African communities, but has a swag of extremist connections of her own.

Ian Rintoul photo
Ian Rintoul. Photo by David Jackmanson

In 2012 at Melbourne Trades Hall at a meeting of the previously mentioned Socialist Alternative group, Ms Hopkins gave a speech so extreme and anti-police that the Police Association was forced to cut all ties with the Trades Hall council.

In June 2013 Ms Hopkins gave another speech to Ian Rintoul’s Marxist extremist “Solidarity” group at Melbourne University. That’s the same Ian Rintoul who has boasted about being arrested over 60 times for his often violent and thuggish activism in the service of various radical extremist groups over the course of four decades. The same Ian Rintoul who has been mentioned hundreds of times by journalists of all persuasions without any of them ever mentioning anything about his extremism.

In 2015 Ms Hopkins gave a glowing eulogy at the wake of Ray Jackson, a man whom in his time was an activist for the Communist Party of Australia, the Association of Communist Unity and the Freedom Socialist Party. The FSP of course being the group founded and led by the ultra-extremist Debbie Brennan (otherwise known as Skeletor) who is not only the figurehead of the CARF group that started the riots outside the Melbourne Milo event but is so insanely out-there that she travelled as part of a Communist working group to Cuba in the 1980s and came away convinced that the island Stalinist regime simply wasn’t extreme enough.


In other words, while Melissa Davey was writing an entire article reproving Channel 7 for not mentioning that a person they were interviewing had a background of extremism, she failed to mention that the only quoted source in her article had a background of extremism.

But it’s left wing extremism, so that’s okay I guess.

The truth is that this current explosion has almost nothing to do with Blair Cottrell at all. The left in Victoria and in Australia as a whole has increasingly been in furious denial about African crime. I strongly suspect that in part this is because if there is a problem with our newly acquired African diaspora then the people who invited them here as well as the people who made it impossible to criticise them coming here are to blame.

So of course there is not a problem. There can’t be a problem. Because if there was a problem then the left would be to blame. And since the left is always right there can’t be any problem then can there?

Look over there! A Nazi! Isn’t he horrid!

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  1. Text of my email reply to The Hon. Mr Scott’s view of Islam:

    “I am aware of Islam’s contribution to Australian culture. We now need to keep a watchful eye out for potential terror attacks, invariably by Muslims. People are not safe going about their business in the city. We have to put eyesore concrete bollards to prevent vehicular attacks. Publicly expressing your distaste for a religion founded by a murdering paedophile will get you a court visit. That religion can insult Jews, Christians, and anyone not of that religion with impunity. They spout lies and deceptions with impunity. Anyone who dares to object is labelled racist (that religion is NOT a race) or right wing extremist. Such “extremists” are people who love this country and want to protect us from the insidious destruction of our social fabric that religious bigotry brings about. I know of no right wing “extremist” who has beheaded innocent people in the name of extremism or run them over. 90,000 Christians slaughtered in 2016 alone? What does the body count have to get to before the western world does something about the “religion of peace”? Oh I wish for a platform where I could put my views. The truth will out eventually. By then it may be too late. Did you know that a man is facing court in the UK for quoting Sir Winston Churchill? That’s how low the UK has sunk. I was born there but I could not live there now.

    What kind of religion has to kill its adherents in order to prevent a mass exodus from its ranks? If a person turns away from that religion, it is a sentence of death. What kind of religion mandates rape for women of other religions and marrying off children at the age of 9? Oh, we have laws to prevent that. Rubbish. Those of that religious persuasion simply send their girls overseas where underage marriage is legal. Unless that religion is seen for what it is, utterly incompatible with Western democracy, we are doomed to come under its control. I think it was Voltaire who said that if you want to know who is control, look to see who you are not able to criticise. On that basis we are already subservient to Islam. We had a Royal commission into child abuse. Not one Muslim organisation was investigated. Yet child abuse is mandated by the Quran.

    I do not expect an intelligent reply to this email. I do expect to end up on police files as a potential troublemaker and fascist.”

    1. Good one. You might want to sent it to each & every polit-clown in the land to see what kind of response you get.

  2. It appears that the leftists in Australia are making the same grave error as those in Europe and America. Their ‘alliance’ with Islamofascists is a suicide mission. Once the Muslim hordes the left helped create reach critical mass, the leftists will be shocked at how rapidly their former allies will enslave them along with everyone else.

  3. WOFTAM … (addressing the treasonous islamophile cultural marxist “authorities”)

    Section 3.20 Page 841

    3.20 PCCTS, Knights Templar – Organisational overview

    Official name: Pauperes commilitones Christi Templique Solomonici (PCCTS), (the Poor Fellow-Soldiers of Christ and of the Temple of Solomon)

    Nick name: Knights Templar

    Type: European Christian military order/tribunal

    Role: Defender of Europe, defender of European Christendom, destroyer of Marxism, reconquista

    Allegiance: The free indigenous peoples of Europe and the European Catholic, Protestant and Orthodox C[h]urch

    Size: N/A, estimate varies from 15-80 Justiciar Knights in Western Europe (2008 estimate), unknown how many civilian members

    Patron and protector: Bernard of Clairvaux and Jacques de Molay

    Guardian saint: Saint George of Lydda

    Banner: Cross of the martyrs (a variation of the cross of St. George, red cross on white background)

    Military badge 1: 2 knights riding one horse

    Military badge 2: skull with symbols of the three primary hate-ideologies (Islam, Communism/multiculturalism and National Socialism) impaled by the cross of the martyrs.

    Motto: Martyrdom before dhimmitude

    Organisational characteristics: brotherly love, devoted obedience, embracement of martyrdom, voluntary poverty

    Org. type: Military order/tribunal (Military/criminal tribunal), one of several patriotic and armed European Resistance Movements/Indigenous Rights Movements/European Crusader Movement

    Re-founded: London, UK, April 2002

    Org. goal: organisational goals are two fold as we are both an Indigenous Rights Movement and a pan-European Crusader Movement.
    20-70 year plan: Seize political and military power in all Western European countries. Destroy and ban political Marxism/cultural Marxism (multiculturalism) as political concepts in Europe and drive out Islam for a third time.

    Through military coups, overthrow all multiculturalist (cultural Marxist) regimes in Western Europe within the year 2100 and replace them with governments supervised by a “patriotic guardian tribunal” consisting of cultural conservatives/nationalists. The doctrines of multiculturalism (cultural Marxism) and Islam will be banned as a hate-ideology. The traditional Western European model for constitutional democracy (mass-democracy) will be reformed. Areas related to “security and culture” (immigration, security, cultural identity, traditions+) will be supervised by the guardian tribunal which has the right to veto.

    The rights of media companies, independent journalists and globalist companies to influence and shape politics will be considerably restricted. All media companies must reform and accept policies of affirmative action in order to ensure that at least 50% of journalists/editors – staff are cultural patriotic minded in order to create ideological balance (up from current day: 1%).

    – Phase 1 (1999-2030): Cell based shock attacks, sabotage attacks etc.
    – Phase 2 (2030-2070): Same as above but bigger cells/networks, armed militias
    – Phase 3 (2070-2100): Contribution with the effectuation of the coup and responsibilities in relation to security and executions of category A and B traitors.

    Operational goals: P1: shock attacks, Execution of category A, B and C traitors (multiculturalists/cultural Marxists/suicidal humanists, capitalist globalists). Create favourable conditions for recruitment.

    Foreign policy plan/territorial claims:
    See compendium – 2083

    Societal goal: the Japanese, South Korean model (a monocultural but highly developed and progressive society), the model they once adopted from Europe.

    Long term political goals – after the expulsion of Islam: create the “European Federation” (a decentralised EU with strong emphasis on national sovereignty, a new cultural conservative/nationalist (anti-Marxist) hegemony consisting of Russia, a liberated Europe and a liberated US, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and South Africa.

    Org. structure/leadership: de-centralised leadership structure – open source network, instead of a typical hierarchical structure. Leadership and responsibility is distributed through an open source network of self governing cells based on pre-defined principles. Each cell is organised by a self appointed voluntary cell commander (Justiciar Knight Commander) who commands up to 2 Justiciar Knight Operatives. Each cell is independent and autonomous and is not allowed to have direct contact with the founding members or other cell commanders/cell operatives.

    Org. marketing/recruitment: org. recruitment strategy: non-military “supporters/sympathisers” will distribute/develop the compendium: 2083 – A European Declaration of Independence or equivalent or use alternative methods. Censored or non-censored versions may be distributed.

    Org. ranks: There were 9 founding members from 8 different countries, names are kept confidential. Operative ranks:
    – Justiciar Knight Commander: commander of a cell network
    – Justiciar Knight Operative: operative of the cell under the authority of the commander
    – Overseer: civilian rank

    Future ranks:
    – Overseer (Master for national leader, Grand Master for pan-European leader) – future civilian leader(s) in phase 1/2/3
    – National Grand Master Knight Commander: future non-military leader in phase 2/3
    – Pan-European Grand Master Knight Commander: future pan-European military leader in phase 2/3

    Requirements: must be a Christian, Christian agnostic or a Christian atheist. Even though the PCCTS, Knights Templar are an Indigenous Rights Organisation we do not have any racial requirements in order for an individual to become a Justiciar Knight.

    Org. presence: Primarily Western Europe, limited presence in the US and Eastern Europe. This may change in the future but will be limited to European territories/countries (US, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa included).

  4. “That’s the same Ian Rintoul who has boasted about being arrested over 60 times for his often violent and thuggish activism in the service of various radical extremist groups over the course of four decades.”

    This is something I’ve never heard of.
    These facts should be widely broadcast – because to shows what a shallow buffoon he really is. Was he smart enough to drop socialism/communism – or is he secretly hanging on to that as well?

    Mr Rimtool is often on the TV acting as a pious Mother Teresa stand-in for illegal economic invaders. He’s probably secretly hoping for an Australia Day honours nomination. Of course he won’t personally divert his any of his money to supporting any of them in a realistic way . His tactic is to badger everyone to get then to spend theirs on his current cause.

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