Islamo prop is all around us….

Lessons from the East for the West and for Australia.

There can be no half-hearted approach to stop Islamisation. Bland slogans and motherhood statements only distract from real, working solutions. Australia’s Liberty Alliance remains the only party with the practical policies and the leadership determined to stop Islamisation. Share. Join. Support.

GEERT WILDERS: Lessons from the East for the West

Self-loathing politicians and academics in the West can learn from the confident, patriotic societies of Central Europe, writes Geert Wilders.
Possible next PM of Italy wants to close mosques and says Islam is incompatible with Italian values

Leader of Italy’s eurosceptic party Lega, Matteo Salvini, heavily criticised Islam in an interview.

Salvini said that Islam sees women as inferior and is a law instead of a religion. As a law it is incompatible with Italian values, he said. Asked about mosques, Salvini said he could shut down illegal mosques.

Salvini could become Italy’s next Prime Minister as he takes part in a popular centre-right bloc in Italy’s elections. In several regions he already leads the polls and his support is growing.

Belgians are angry after their government sent $23 million to UNRWA after Trump cut $65 million, putting freeloading Arab Muslims before its own people. Trump decided to withhold some of the millions the U.S. has been throwing away on this corrupt UN Agency every year, in an attempt to force them to stop teaching Jew-hatred to children […]
Do you want to be “educated?”
Understanding Islam Series aims to educate non-Muslims

…  perpetuated by certain figures, Islamaphobes  (sic) that keep spewing anti-Muslim anti-Islamic messages,” Qazi said. …

UK frowns over Churchillophobia outbreak

There  will never be a market for Islamic fashion.  The hideous Mohammedan shrouds are not fashion items.

“I hope that Macy’s sees an influx in its bottom line, and that it encourages other retailers to start paying attention to this demographic.”