Like Hitler “stole the show” at the Berlin Olympics?

Lucifer’s aunt is making waves at New York fashion week

There is something truly bewildering and sick about the western media’s need to give positive coverage to the North Korean slave state. It’s awful.

Only @ CNN:

Kim Jong Un’s sister is stealing the show at the Winter Olympics

The last time North Korea tried to upstage the South over an Olympics, it bankrupted itself. This time, Kim Jong-un’s done it virtually for free, and it’s being called ‘masterful’ 

As West Fears the Rise of Autocrats, Hungary Shows What’s Possible

Not sure what the West fears, but it isn’t “the rise of autocrats”. As usual, the NYT mixes lots of manure with real news until it becomes unrecognizable. But judge for yourself.

Despite failing over 100 times in the last 100 years on every major continent Marxism is still being taught as a good idea in our colleges It is being taught by people who never had to flee gunfire or wait weeks to eat in actual socialist countries.


Most of the media refuses to see or report mounting evidence that the FBI has been hopelessly biased and deceitful –  possibly criminal – in first clearing Hillary Clinton and then framing Donald Trump on bogus allegations of colluding with Russia.

This time-table is devastating.

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  1. There is something perverse about the human race. It seems that humans have an ability to ignore facts and truth to try and make something real. Anyone with any sense knows that North Korea has not changed one whit. This whole exercise is intended to take the heat off the leadership and allow them to continue unhindered in their nuclear ambitions. We saw the same folly from Europe prior to WW2. We see the same folly in attitudes to Islam. Now the “wishful thinking” syndrome has surfaced over North Korea. “History teaches us that we learn nothing from history” has never been more evident.

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