Why is SBS using taxpayers’ money to spread racial hatred and fake news about refugees and terrorism?  How is Andrew P Street’s article in the public interest and why is it spread with our cash? Check it out.

Take this fake news;

It doesn’t help that we have talkback radio hosts firing people up about immigrants who have it too good, and politicians like Pauline Hanson and Tony Abbott blaming refugees for terrorism – a claim which ASIO chief Duncan Lewis flatly denied existed last year, thereby drawing sustained criticism of the spy agency from Andrew Bolt and Ray Hadley.

Fake twice over. Lewis actually corrected his claim:

Mr Lewis has conceded that three fatal terrorist attacks in Australia in recent years have involved either refugees or the children of refugees.

In fact, contrary to Street’s implication, refugees carried out the last four terrorist attacks in Australia.

Did Street wilfully mislead or is he simply astonishingly ill-informed? Either way, why is SBS publishing him – with our cash?

Likewise this stoking of dangerous race grievances:

…unlike young African migrants, angry white men are an actual and growing terrorist threat.

False again. The last deadly terrorist attack in Victoria was carried out by an African migrant – from Somalia. Other Africans – from Algeria and Somalia – were jailed over plots to bomb the MCG or attacks the Holsworthy army base. Not a single terrorist attack in Australia has been carried out by the far more numerous white men of Australia.