Something has changed in Sweden

J.F. Beck

A local reacts to yet another apparent gang-related gun murder on the streets of Malmo, Sweden:

I don’t know what’s happening in Sweden today,” one woman told the newspaper. “When I moved here in 1988 it was so calm, peaceful  and delightful. Now you just want to get away — but where should one go?”

A lack of police resources is popularly thought to account for the upsurge in crime but experts are unconvinced and also stumped.

“One possible reason is the problems facing the Swedish police at the moment. They feel like they lack the resources to do their job properly, and they struggle to investigate homicides and shootings, so there’s even less time to spend on things like burglaries and other more common crimes,” explained Gerell.

“So that’s one plausible explanation, but this can’t explain the whole change. There’s likely something else but I wouldn’t know what that is.”

This could be one of those “can’t see the forest for the trees” situations.

Sweden refugees

Swedes realise they’ve made a huge mistake in welcoming such numbers.

Sweden poll

Correlation is not causation but Swedes are unwilling to publicly acknowledge they’ve certainly fucked up; to do so would be to admit their utopian delusions are just that.

It’s an obvious example of Ostrich Parasitic Syndrome:

More on Sweden and how its changing below the fold:

Sweden: Muslim head of National Heritage Board downplays Swedish history, plays up historical role of Muslims

Qaisar Mahmood, a Muslim born in Pakistan, is the head of the Swedish National Heritage Board. He readily admits that he has not read anything about Sweden’s cultural heritage. He is using his position to downplay Sweden’s cultural heritage and history, and to create a false narrative that will help compel Swedes to accept mass Muslim migration.

Remember the fake news story about the Viking burial cloth bearing the word “Allah”? That was one manifestation of what Qaisar Mahmood and others like him are doing. There is no Muslim history in Sweden, but Qaisar Mahmood is working to change the very idea of cultural heritage and fabricate fictions about a historical Muslim presence in Sweden in order to advance his political and sociological agenda.

Qaisar Mahmood as a Pakistani is, of course, not an Arab, but this video is otherwise excellent and makes extraordinarily important points. This is how Sweden is obliterating itself and committing cultural and national suicide. After all, Swedes appointed Qaisar Mahmood to this position. It is Swedish leaders who want to destroy Swedish cultural and national identity.

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  1. Something has changed in Sweden
    … the Swedish police … they lack the resources to do their job properly …” [sic]

    So that’s one plausible explanation, but this can’t explain the whole change. There’s likely something else but I wouldn’t know what that is.” [sic] … a local said !!!

    the something else” – cause … is
    • your authorities who are islamophile cultural marxist/multiculturalist aiders and abetters of the invader islam and the diversifier criminal African tribal savages
    • their aided and abetted immigrants who are invader islams and the diversifier (kill whitey) criminal African tribal savages

    Still can’t see the forest for the trees !
    You need your mind to be de-PC’d !

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