Greens Degenerate Di Natale Calls Mohammedan Headchoppers “Good People”‘

‘Good people make shocking decisions’: Greens leader Richard Di Natale says ‘brainwashed’ ISIS terrorists should be ALLOWED back into Australia

Mohammedan savages are “good people” for this dolt?

Greens leader Richard Di Natale wants ISIS fighters let in Australia

  • Greens leader Richard Di Natale wants ISIS fighters allowed back in Australia
  • Victorian senator argued it was better to have them tried in an Australian court 
  • He also suggested foreign fighters were ‘good people’ who were brainwashed 

Greens leader Richard Di Natale wants ISIS fighters to be allowed back into Australia and described terrorists who had travelled to the Middle East as ‘good people’ who had been brainwashed.

The Victorian senator is opposed to Home Affairs Minister Peter Dutton’s push to strip dual nationals of their Australian citizenship if they had engaged in terrorist atrocities overseas.

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UN lambastes Australia for anti-migrant policies during first week on human rights council

It is unsurprising that Australia would get beaten up about its sensible immigration policy by the UN, which has been hijacked by the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC).

Australia doesn’t have a “sensible immigration policy”. We import way too many illiterate, unassimilable third world savages. That needs to stop.


Senator Di Natale argued it was better to allow foreign fighters back into Australia so they could face trial in an Australian court and be locked up.

‘Ultimately, I’d rather that person be prosecuted here and be incarcerated,’ he told the ABC’s Q&A program on Monday night.

‘Perhaps we learn a little more about how we prevent those activities happening rather than giving somebody licence to continue perpetrating those activities overseas and putting other people at risk.’

The former doctor described citizenship as a fundamental right and argued Muslim Australians who had joined ISIS had been manipulated by the Islamist group’s effective propaganda.

‘I’m a bit of a leftie, but I fear folk that would go off to fight a jihadist war and then seek to return. How are we ever supposed to trust them again?,’ one man said.

Labor’s deputy leader Tanya Plibersek questioned how a foreign fighter could be effectively prosecuted in Australia for terrorist acts committed in the Middle East.

‘Hang on a minute. How are we gathering evidence in war zones?,’ she said.

‘How do we prove that people have committed the crimes that they’ve been accused of.

‘It’s a very difficult thing to expect our police and our intelligence services to be able to prove that.

‘So there is a natural caution about anybody who has travelled overseas  – they say they weren’t there to fight. How do we know that?

‘I frankly wouldn’t shed a tear for any Australian who went to fight and lost their life.’

Khaled Sharrouf, an ISIS fighter from western Sydney, was reportedly killed in an airstrike last year.

The jihadist had travelled to Syria in 2013 with his five sons and his Australian wife Tara Nettleton.

In August 2014, his seven-year old son was pictured holding a severed head of a Syrian soldier.

In another case, a three-year-old child and his mother returned to Australia last year after the child’s terrorist father was killed fighting in the Middle East.

They had travelled there in 2015 with a man described by counter-terrorism police as a ‘hard-core fighter’.

Last month, Home Affairs Minister Peter Dutton flagged strengthening 2015 laws which allowed the Australian government to strip dual nationals of their citizenship if they had been caught lying on their application.

‘I’m concerned that legislation to strip Australian citizenship of dual nationals engaged in terrorism is not working as it should,’ he told the National Press Club in Canberra.

Play “Kill Climate Deniers” Staged in Australia

As ever-fluctuating temperatures conspicuously fail to keep pace with carbon emissions, moonbats may not have the weather on their side, but they still have the arts:

Written by Australian playwright David Finnigan, “Kill Climate Deniers” kicked off Thursday the 2018 season of the Griffin Theatre in Sydney after a week of previews, with the final show scheduled for April 7.

The plot? “As a classic rock band take the stage in Parliament House’s main hall, 96 armed eco-terrorists storm the building and take the entire government hostage, threatening to execute everyone unless Australia ends global warming. Tonight,” said the play’s website.

The play was commissioned by the Australian government with a $19,000 grant.


8 thoughts on “Greens Degenerate Di Natale Calls Mohammedan Headchoppers “Good People”‘”

  1. The only problem in having them tried in an Australian court is that they would be let off and properly given compensation by our pathetic appeasing PC judiciary. Is there a actual magistrate or judge in Australia that would do the right thing and sentence them all to a six foot drop with a hemp rope around their necks. As for Richard Di Natale, well words fail me, he must have a cyclone blowing inside his head.

    1. “… cyclone blowing inside his head?”

      “Islam is like a tsunami”, said the imam, who brought me up on charges of “hate speech”. It could be an imam blowing in his ear…

  2. If you are an unbeliever of islam and you are
    … a “Leftoid” (“green’s+” are treason)
    … a political marxist
    … a cultural marxist/multiculturalist
    • You are an islamophile (islam slave)
    • You are a diversifier (whose intention is to have white Australians killed by criminal African tribal savages)

    Specifically if you are an
    … islamophile/diversifier Australian authority
    … islamophile/diversifier Australian politician
    … islamophile/diversifier Australian bureaucrat
    … islamophile/diversifier (w)academic
    … islamophile/diversifier PC’d mind controlled dolt
    (There is a complete list of islamophile/diversifier Traitors)
    • You ARE (TO BE) permanently incarcerated !!!
    • Your material possessions forfeited to Australians as part compensation for your many criminal acts of TREASON !!!

    • Now the process of STOPPING islams and African tribals immigration is instigated!
    • Then the process of EXPELLING/REMOVING every islam and African tribal immigrant is completed !

  3. Di Natale is trying to convince as many people from the considerable sized Muslim community that reside in the suburbs of Preston and Reservoir to vote for the Greens. Because both suburbs are in the division of Batman. Also there is a significant Muslim presence in the rest of Batman as well.

  4. I actually think the demographics of Batman unfortunately this makes a Greens win and making a possible anti-Semite Alex Bhathal into a federal mp more likely (right now I estimate it is 50-50) at the by-election.

    The electorate is full of Muslims and useful idiots for Muslims like Di Natale. Batman is among the most “progressive” electorates in the most “progressive” state in the country Victoria.

  5. Di Natale (like all Greens – cultural marxist/multiculturalist etc) is straight out a TRAITOR !!!

    Why are they allowed to remain in authoritive positions and unincarcerated.

    1. In the good old days they hung or shot Traitors, now they live in parliament house, get paid a fortune, are impervious to litigation and looked upon as hero’s. How the world has gone down the shitter.

  6. From the article – “Last month, Home Affairs Minister Peter Dutton flagged strengthening 2015 laws which allowed the Australian government to strip dual nationals of their citizenship if they had been caught lying on their application.”

    Sounds like every Islamoaware Aussie needs to contact Mr Dutton as fast as possible and, clearly and briefly and politely, express support for this concept. Indeed: one should push for *more*; one should push for a cessation of all immigration from majority-Islamic OIC countries (excepting ONLY persons who, on careful investigation, can be shown to belong to threatened-by-Muslim-genocide indigenous non-Islamic minorities, e.g. Christian Copts from Egypt), and instant deportation of all non-citizen Muslims (especially those who are known to have committed crimes of any kind and/ or uttered threats – such as holding up signs demanding death for critics of Islam, etc), and internment of all Muslims who currently possess citizenship but are on ASIO’s / the AFP’s ‘watch’ list. Got Muslims? Got Jihad. If we want less jihad, we *have* to start working out how to have fewer Muslims inside the gates, starting by a halt to importation.

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