How the Left Became its Own Worst Enemy – Part II

by Denis MacEoin  •  March 2, 2018 / Gatestone Institute

  • This willingness to indulge even the most anti-liberal beliefs and behaviour finds many of its roots in the general disdain many left-wingers and liberals seem to feel for Western democracy, human rights and individualism. But that does not explain why so many people, often decent people, are drawn to defend Islam, Islamic patriarchy, Islamic discrimination against women, violence and more, even when such defence is obviously anti-liberal in the extreme.
  • I have never known a liberal to say a bad word about a more prevalent and arguably more damaging imperialism: Islamic imperialism. There have been many more imperialist Muslim empires than European ones.
  • One might have thought that historical facts such as these would provoke human-rights activists to put the Muslim empires into the same category as the later European ones. Not a word of it. Nor do liberals mention another issue that should be close to their hearts: the Islamic slave trade.
Edward Moran’s 1897 painting, depicting the burning USS Philadelphia at the Battle of Tripoli Harbor, during the First Barbary War in 1804. (Image source: U.S. Naval Academy Museum Collection/Wikimedia Commons)

Feminists are far from the only so-called left-wing or liberal group to betray their own basic principles out of a bizarre admiration for Islam, whether its history, its values, or its self-proclaimed victimization. Real liberals believe in human rights, women’s rights, racial equality, free speech, and more, rejecting extremism on both the right and left. However, the left in the UK and elsewhere seems to have abandoned those principles and betrayed the very people they had previously supported.[1]

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Part One is here:

  • Although genuine feminists have made strides for women’s rights in Western countries, they have helped set back the rights of young Muslim women to break free from the oppressive codes of an Islam defined and controlled by Muslim men.
Somali-born ex-Muslim author Ayaan Hirsi Ali “asks why do we loudly defend a woman’s right to wear the hijab but when it comes to supporting Muslim girls who refuse to wear it, feminism is strangely quiet?” (Image source: Gage Skidmore)

It is one of the ironies of modern politics that the same word can be susceptible to more than one meaning, creating confusion for everyone.

One of the reasons for the confusion is that liberal values are generally shared by moderates on both the left and right of politics. Not by the far left — Marxists, Leninists, Trotskyites, and Stalinists or Britain’s Labour Party under the leadership of Jeremy Corbyn – or by the far right – Germany’s Alternativ für Deutschland, Hungary’s Jobbik, Austria’s Freiheitliche Partei Österreichs, or Greece’s Golden Dawn.

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3 thoughts on “How the Left Became its Own Worst Enemy – Part II”

  1. Stupid virtue-signalling racists want to trumpet their “multi-culturalism” indulgence by conflating one’s indoctrinating “culture” or social education as an inherent racial or ethnic rights – as if all people of a certain racial origin must behave and believe in the exact same things! And, being submissive masochists, the leftopaths also want to virtue-signal their pity (aka tolerance, compassion and mercy) for all crimes and the criminals who commit them, in stead of their (much more personally risky) righteous anger at their predatory choices – as usual, leftards want to excuse everyone’s choices with an unknown and unknowable, mysterious yet also somehow always “inevitable” force alibi to excuse their own crimes; i.e:

    “Who Are We To Say Our Civilized Laws Are Better Than Your Criminal Savagery?”

    But of course in reality, (something criminals of all persuasions try to avoid)

    “Multiculturalism” IS treason.

    (It’s also “racism” to conflate ‘culture’ – *nurture* or software – with a *natural* racial right to remain irresponsibly, criminally wrong, or genetic hardware).

    See, there’s only two real indoctrinating “cultures” in biological nature: that of the civilized, helpful, collaborative symbiotes, and that of the predatory parasites (aka criminals).

    To pretend the two are diversely opposite equals, is treason to rationality, civilization, and humanity.

    Oh, and endorsing criminals and their crimes, is also a crime in itself.

  2. Unk requested that I repost this comment here:

    Dajjal • Mar 2, 2018 at 17:50

    Moe was a master con man. As such, he styled his new war crime gang as a religion, attributing it to “God”. Dressing his Mafia in clerical garb immunized it against criticism & questioning from those who refuse to scratch below the surface and see the demon under the cassock.

    Being false, malignant and malicious, Islam can not withstand questioning & criticism. It only survives because too many people fail to look behind a veil of false assumptions and premises.

    Liberals: Edmund Burke, Friedrich Hayek, Adam Smith, & Frédéric Bastiat. The current class of “Liberals” are really Marxists, totalitarians falsely styling themselves Liberals. To them, Islam is an ally in their war against classical Liberalism.

    Ayn Rand said it best: “check your premises”!
    Denis MacEoin pretty well nailed it down. The commentators have added plenty of wisdom. I urge everyone to read and share the full article.

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