Large Numbers of African Pimps & Whores In Italy

Nigerian teenagers and young women selling sex is a common sight for motorists in Italy.

Working along roadsides and secondary highways in cities big and small, they are a haunting reminder that while Italy has been successful in curbing immigration from Libya, it has largely failed to help a fraction of the migrants trafficked as sex slaves. (ABC News)

Spare me the bleeding hearts BS. Italy has not failed. Italy has no obligation to help  Africans. Period. These people are not victims, they are all perpetrators. African prostitutes are all over Europe and Asia these days. If they were back in Africa they would do exactly the same.

 African Savages Terrorise the People of Florence:

Tommy Robinson Attacked by African Savages in Italy, Fights Back:


Anti-Fascists Bomb Far-Right Party Headquarters as Tensions Rise After Italy Election

Refugees Muslim Women in the Netherlands Don’t Want to Return To Islamistan  Because They Are “Too Westernised”

Three female refugees want to avoid deportation by telling the Dutch court they are “too westernised” to return. The women from Afghanistan and Somalia think their lives are in danger because they no longer live in accordance with the standards for women in their home countries.

Today the women will appear before the highest Dutch administrative court where they will try to avoid deportation to their home countries. They claim their lives could be in danger because they accepted the ‘unacceptable’ Western standards for women.

4 thoughts on “Large Numbers of African Pimps & Whores In Italy”

  1. Stop saying “African Savages”, though it is true and these people are savages, but don’t calk them that.
    Somewhere along the line you will find yourself at the head of a movement to roll back Islam and leftism, this website will not always be largely unknown, one day it will have more hits than all those “refugees”.
    And to win this, you will need a strong African Coalition, but if you are calling ALL Africans savages, then you have lost the war before it begun.
    The tide is turning Sheik, get ready for greatness.
    With all due respect Sir.

    1. They Are Savage Barbarians That Have No Place In Western society. DEPORT All Of Them!

    2. I know you say you are black, but if so you must realize that there is indeed a “racial” aspect to your breed’s global problems.

      Delinquent libertine “liberal” criminals deny racial differences exist, but ignoring problems is no way to solve them. I greatly prefer polite intellectual racism to that of violent black racists or the white racists who defend them in denial of their own shortcomings.

      Blacks are relatively lazy, impulsive, and promiscuous compared to whites for a reason: they evolved in Africa, where they could be lazy because they didn’t have to plan or think ahead for their next meals; had to be impulsive to avoid being eaten by panthers and snakes, and had to be promiscuous to make lots of kids in order to keep their numbers stable because most of them would be eaten by panthers and snakes anyway. Whites had to learn to plan ahead and work to store up food, so they couldn’t be lazy; had to not be impulsive, so they wouldn’t freeze, and couldn’t be promiscuous because food was limited and their free time was taken up with all the survival planning.

      “Racism” (being truthful about our observations) might actually solve the problem of black laziness, impulsiveness, and promiscuity! Admitting a problem exists is the first step in solving that problem!

      Since melanin is not only a skin dye but also a neuro-transmitter, it would probably be easy to develop a simple beta-blocker to free blacks from their history of being unable to create stable societies or invent stuff if liberals let us.


      “Neuromelanin Magnetic Resonance Imaging Reveals Increased Dopaminergic Neuron Activity in the Substantia Nigra of Patients with Schizophrenia: Neuromelanin has a T1-shortening effect, which was a similar characteristic of the cutaneous melanin.”


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