Getting there: the wannabe caliph of Turkey is no longer pretending:

Turkish Foreign Minister demands that European states criminalize “Islamophobia” in their constitutions

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Quote of the Day:

Most Australians don’t care about the topics that our politicians are talking about, and when we do talk about something important, our politicians hide.-– Avi Yemeni

Anti-Racist Feminism Forever

Generation Identity England are hosting an international conference today. Unfortunately Martin Sellner of Austria was refused entry at Luton airport last night again and Bodi Abdel was also refused entry from Hungary. His speech was read by a British activist. I don’t know much yet about how the conference …Read More…
Portugal’s pres. calls for combating “Islamophobia”, avoiding conflicts

The stupid spreads to Portugal:

CAIRO, April 12 (KUNA) — Portuguese President Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa on Thursday demanded necessarily combating “Islamophobia” and all barriers impeding interfaith dialogue. …

Islamic Jihad in Gaza Accidentally Blows Up Four of Their Own 

Virgins! Fun for the whole family!

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  1. Posted on behalf of Dajjal:

    Here’s to Turdogan and his foreign minister: ?? !!
    And the same to their accursed war cult.

    Outlaw Islam! ICERD, ICCPR & CPPCG are international human rights covenants, enforceable against signatories. Their provisions outlaw denial of human rights, warmongering and genocide. Islam violates all of them!!! it must be criminalized!!!
    Details in this pdf:

    Is it legal to be a Mafiosi? So why is it legal to be a ‘slime? !

    Take the first step: designate Islam as a foreign terrorist organization!!!

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