Like clockwork, the usual suspects decry Israel’s “disproportionate use of force”

EU criticizes Israel’s “disproportionate use of force”

Seriously Mogherini? Not a word on Hamas? On intentional violent provocation? On Hamas intent to destroy Israel? Use of children? On  the fact that most dead were terrorists? You have zero creditibility. You are morally empty.

Gaza’s terrorist rulers make no secret of their agenda. They are out to destroy Israel. Suicide bombers, rockets, and tunnels have failed. So now it’s mass marches on the border

EU criticizes Israel's disproportionate use of force
Federica Mogherini says freedom of expression and freedom of assembly are fundamental rights

If force is needed, Israel has the responsibility to use it proportionately, the EU’s foreign policy chief said on Saturday.

Federica Mogherini’s statement came after 15 Palestinians were martyred by the Israeli army on Friday during peaceful protests.

“The EU mourns the loss of life,” said Mogherini.

Who is the human shield for whom? Pallywood strikes again

Forming a human shield, young Palestinian protesters protect young girl against Israeli snipers targeting peaceful protesters in besieged Gaza. 
Here’s an example where the caption is Pallywood.
Given that every fatality during the violent riots at the Gaza border was a military-age male, the idea that these men are protecting the woman is quite far fetched. On the contrary – if anything, they are using the woman to shield themselves!
The other photos in the series show that there is no danger anyway, as the group passes by other people having what appears to be a picnic who have no fear of Israeli snipers whatsoever.

Arab League to hold meeting about “Palestine”

Arab League to hold meeting about Palestine

Representative-level meeting to discuss Israeli deadly attacks, development in the occupied territory  

The Arab League will hold an emergency meeting Tuesday on Israeli deadly attacks against Palestinians in the Gaza Strip, league official said Monday.

Saeed Abu Ali, assistant secretary-general for Palestine and the occupied Arab territories of the League States, said Saudi Arabia would chair the representative-level meeting that would be held at the request of the Palestinian Authority.

Tunisia condemns Israeli attack on “Palestinians” in Gaza
Tunisia condemns Israeli attack on Palestinians in Gaza

The country demands “international community” put an end to Israeli violations  

Not a word that 30.000 Arab lunatics attacked Israel….

World Bulletin / News Desk

Tunisia has condemned Israel’s deadly attacks on defenseless Palestiniancivilians Arab Muslims in the Gaza Strip, the foreign ministry said Sunday.

 “Tunisia strongly condemns Israel’s brutal attacks on peaceful Palestinian people who organized a demonstration in the Gaza Strip on the occasion of the 42nd anniversary of the Land Day as part of the Great Return March events.”

Canadian churches vandalized on Easter Sunday

Canadian churches vandalized on Easter Sunday

Graffiti contained obscenities about Jesus Christ

Two Catholic churches were defaced with obscenities of Jesus on the holiest day in the Christian religion.
In other news:

UK gives $28,300,000 to “Palestinian” schools glorifying jihad and Islamic martyrdom

“More than £20m of British aid money has been spent on Palestinian schools in the past year,…

This is so perverse…..