What Really Happened in Syria?

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The following video features a recent Russian military briefing about the situation in Eastern Ghouta, a suburb of Damascus, and particularly in Douma, where the alleged chemical attack took place a few weeks ago.

Before you dismiss this clip as nothing but Russian propaganda — which it most assuredly is, especially the PR sections at the beginning and end — watch the middle section, which talks about what happened at the hospital in Douma. As Paul Weston remarked a few days ago, the footage of the puir wee bairns in the hospital has all the signs of being a typical Pallywood disinformation production.

Many thanks to Six45 for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

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Chemical Weapons of Mass Destruction in Syria – Prove Assad did it!

Matty’s Modern Life has nailed it on the motives of the globalist elite regarding the Syrian conflict and the alleged chemical weapons attack:

“We have no reason to believe the lies and propaganda the horrendously immoral ruler class shove down our throats. They don’t care about the world’s safety… they care about globalism and forcing the West to accept people from the third world, Ironically because we bomb them.”

And this:

“They care about creating a perpetual enemy for the government to protect us from, but not until they let the same enemy through the gates, because compassion or something.”

Stop bombing them, but importantly, don’t let them in. Simple.

Once again we are sold the lie of Weapons of Mass destruction, this time it’s Assad’s chemical weapons (WMD’s) in Syria being sold by the establishment. Until I see evidence Bashar Al-Assad used them on civilians I will not believe it. It’s just another excuse to go to war in order for a few people to profit. Whether it’s oil, gas or bombs, it’s always about some crony corporatist using government power to make money. Donald Trump should really be ashamed of himself in this instance, he’s done plenty of good things but this is not one of those.

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  1. What really happened in Syria is what really happened in Iraq – 2003. The Government tells the lies they have to tell for the (((Deep State)))
    Interview with former SAS Colin Maclachlan

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