Peak Diversity


Australian Jewish Association – AJA

We have been given a list of 35 countries which have accepted invitations to be represented and attend the historic and significant event of the official opening of the US Embassy in Jerusalem.


We have had confirmed from 3 sources, including parliamentary offices, that Australia will have no official representation.

We are shocked. Disappointing to put it mildly.


Katie goes to Molenbeek:

Katie Hopkins visited the Islamic colony of Molenbeek, Belgium. To get the full experience, she dressed like a local:

Feminists don’t noticeably have a problem with the Islamization of Europe, but conservative women aren’t likely to stand for it. (Moonbattery)

Does this video from a central Belgium market show 1) RT -beautiful multiculturalism or 2) LIKE – a take-over by an anti-integration monoculture?

One Moonbat gets the message:

Austrian Who Welcomed Refugees Begins to Repent

Multiculturalism… the privilege of being bashed senseless by foreigners in your own homeland

Today Sadiq Khan went to war on junk food by banning ads on transport services. Is this his jihad to tackle obesity, or could it be that he just doesn’t have any other priorities?

In other news:

Paris: Muslim “Allahu akbar” knifeman is migrant from Chechnya, was on watch list 

“The Islamic State group claimed the attacker as one of its “soldiers.”

The French called it a “terrorist attack”-President Emmanuel Macron vowed that France would not bow to extremists….

At least the French call it what it is. Aussie “authorities” pretend its mental illness…

BEWARE – BBC Euphemism for Islamic terrorist: ‘From Russia’s Chechnya’. There is nothing Russian about the people of Chechnya. They are Mohammedans.

UK: Islamic school library carries book saying husbands can hit their wives and demand sex anytime

“Al-Hijrah” stands for migration/invasion, with the intention to replace the natives with a Mohammedan proletariat.

The school library also allegedly contained a book which said husbands can hit their wives and demand sex at any time”.

(This is basic Islam 101.  It will be hard to get the utterly complicit & dhimmified police to investigate, despite the fact that inciting violence and marital rape are both a criminal offence.

France condemns Trump on Iran, says ‘you are not world’s policeman’

 These EUro weenies are a bunch of worthless shitz….
P E A K   D I V E R S I T Y

Believe it or not, this is a school in England. Your eyes are not deceiving you, there’s NO White children on that sign.

Family of IS-inspired suicide bombers attack Indonesian churches, at least 13 dead 

Pope Calls for World Wide Gun Confiscation Except for the UN

If there was any doubt as to who the Pope is loyal to, this should erase any doubts. The Pope has said that nobody should have guns. Yes, he is calling for world-wide gun confiscation, except for the UN.

3 thoughts on “Peak Diversity”

  1. Good for Australia not going to the opening of ZOG.usa new embassy in Jerusalem. Aussie , Aussie , Aussie oy oy oy – from American patriots worldwide.

    Meanwhile back at the invasion of U.K. Tommy confronts the Dahwah team of Moderate Muslims on the streets. Enjoy.

  2. Australia should have followed the USA’s lead in moving the embassy to Jerusalem. That move would have allowed the Liberals to win heavily Jewish Melbourne Ports. Because the electorates where Muslims are most dominant are safe for Labor anyway.

    However Muslims outnumber Jews in this country 6:1 and our politicians are generally more than happy to prostitute themselves for votes.

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