“Netherlands is Turkey, We are the Boss Here…”

“Integration experts” are worried about the increasingly anti-Dutch attitudes of Turks living in the country, newspaper De Telegraaf reports.

“Integration experts?” What kind of animals are those?

“Wait for it”, says a young Turk in Amsterdam. “We are already the boss here now. Look around you, this is Turkey, we keep on growing in the Netherlands.

Of the Turks allowed to vote in the Netherlands, around 70% voted for Erdogan.

Islamic Terror Cost Europe €200 Billion Since 2004…

Spain: Socialist ruling party wants to give migrants the right to vote

Replacing the natives with a Mohammedan/African proletariat:

The ruling party PSOE aims to facilitate the right to vote for immigrants in future municipal elections by eliminating the requirement of reciprocity and making the procedures to be a resident far more affordable and quick.

The goal of the – unelected – socialists is to clearly increase the number of immigrants who can vote in the municipal elections, so they have included a series of far more relaxed measures in their migratory policy project to enable the immigrant vote.

 Birmingham HAS FALLEN: White people are now a ‘Minority’ in UK’s second city

Birmingham is known for its segregation, ghettos and was described by TV DOCUMENTARY-MAKER ROSS KEMP as “more shocking than Afghanistan” earlier this year!

“The children, the children…”

“Homegrown” is an idiot word to misdirect understanding of the jihad threat.  Its totally irrelevant whether an Islamic terrorist was indoctrinated in a Pakistani madrassa or in a mosque in Europe.

Officials have warned that the threat from home-grown jihadis who are prevented from joining Isis in Syria and Iraq is increasing, with the group inciting global terror attacks to maintain momentum.

Western leaders have failed in their duty to identify the root cause of jihad terror; anyone who tries to educate the public about this is labelled “Islamophobic.” Organized, systematic witch hunts are increasingly directed against truth-tellers and concerned citizens, even by authorities who should be monitoring the spread of the jihad ideology, which is now deeply embedded in Western nations, via the internet and Islamic hate preachers.


2 thoughts on ““Netherlands is Turkey, We are the Boss Here…””

  1. The current Socialist islamophile TREASONOUS Western leaders
    • soon to be Removed and Permanently “incarcerated … better hung
    • have intentionally aided and assisted the root cause of jihad
    KNOWINGLY AND INTENTIONALLY failed in their duty to publicly identify the root cause of jihad terror AND REMOVE THE PROBLEM THAT IS islam;

    • anyone who is actually islam-aware and educates the public about the islam sickness is FALSELY labelled “islamophobic” by the enplagued !

    Only an islam (a muhammadan) can experience islamophobia
    … everyone else experiences islam revulsion
    (islamophobia – actually not a phobia but a very real fear by muhammadans [emulators of muhammad … the paedophile – aka “allah” … the deceiver] of what the islam controllers will have done to them if they do not comply to demands made under islam)

  2. “Integration experts?” What kind of animals are those? [sic]

    The same as the anti-terror experts
    The same as the counter-terrorism experts

    ALWAYS a muhammadan
    (an emulator of muhammad the paedophile
    … aka “allah” the deceiver

    [aka … a muslim moslem islam criminal non-human something-evil … with EXTREME Vile Putrid Malevolent Deceitful Vicious attributes]

    and always appointed by a socialist islamophile Treasonous “authority” !!!

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