Lübeck: 14 People Stabbed by “Muslim Migrant Knifeman”

A police spokesman said the motive was unknown, but did not state an accurate number of casualties. An arrest has been made.

Germany bus attack: Muslim migrant “knifeman” injures 14 victims ‘after dropping smoking backpack’

Germany bus attack: Muslim migrant knifeman injures 14 victims ‘after dropping smoking backpack’: Police were at the scene within minutes of the first emergency calls being made and claim the man is of Iranian and in his 30s.

Look out for the usual BS from the fake news networks:

“Mentally ill” “Lone wolf” “Known to authorities” “Kept himself to himself at the mosque” “Family didn’t suspect a thing” “Drank alcohol – not a real Muslim” Yada yada yada. Resist the narrative!

Mohammedans have invaded germany and are destroying the country from within, by tearing down its traditions and identity. Merkel’s socialist gov’t is complicit.

Meanwhile, Downunder:

The advance of the jihad in the West today is due more to non-Muslims than to Muslims

Activist Lauren Southern on multiculturalism: The Western world is collapsing … As soon as Western people become the minority, no longer will Western rules apply.

Lauren Southern: Multiculturalism is when people come to your country, and they make their own country within your country.

“The word ‘racism’ is like ketchup. It can be put on practically anything — and demanding evidence makes you a ‘racist.’”-Thomas Sowell

Cartoon of the Week:

One thought on “Lübeck: 14 People Stabbed by “Muslim Migrant Knifeman””

  1. Laura Southern is right. Once the ‘Political Elite’ accomplishes the demographic displacement of the White nation whether in its native Europe or living as part of a successful Western state/economy – which its ancestors founded, created, built and maintained – no more Western values like civil rights etc.’

    Civil rights is just fine for aggrieved minorities being used as the spearhead of the Communist/Globalist Revolution against White nations – but once that is achieved, what more use do the Political Elites have for Civil Rights?

    For those who have been following the situation in South Africa, what stands revealed is the utter tripe and hypocrisy of the government’s humanitarian refugee program. This is not about saving vulnerable populations from genocide and war. Otherwise the Boer of South Africa would have qualified. This is about invasion and displacement of White Australia.

    Russia has now begun the processing of the White South Africans whose ancestors built a First World state and economy in Africa – now in ruins. The Black Communist government does not have what it takes to even feed the population. They can’t even maintain the structures they inherited much less build it again. So what are they going to do-eh?


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