From cricket playboy who married a Jewish heiress to Paki thug in chief with freedom sack-wearing, ‘progressive’ Paki tilt.

‘I feel so sorry for my kids’: ISIS bride named Islam begs for Australian citizenship after two of her terrorist husbands were killed fighting in Syria

Mohammedan. Moroccan. Jihad groupie.  No connection to Australia whatsoever. Where does this audacity to be accommodated by Australian taxpayers come from?

  • Single mother begging for Australian citizenship after she was tricked into Syria
  • Islam Mitat met her husband online, who ended up being a radicalised Muslim
  • Days after finding out she was pregnant, her husband was brutally killed at war
  • She married an unknown Australian jihadi man and had a daughter with him
  • He was killed, she was alone in a war zone, before she risked her life to escape
  • She is now begging for Australian citizenship, due to her daughter’s heritage

Check this out:

You gotta be a mental patient to convert to Islam.

The disease is progressive: next thing you know and he’ll tell you slavery is just beautiful when Mohammedans do it. White people just didn’t do it right.

6 thoughts on “Progressive?”

  1. Too much hair showing above her eyes.

    This “first lady” needs to cover her eyebrows.

    Now how is anyone going to converse with the first lady?

    Progressive Pakistan?

    Corruption, Radicalization they have it all.

  2. # Jacob Williams

    I doubt very much that the 1 to 1.5 Million enslaved Europeans captured by the Barbary Pirates between the 16 to 19 Century thought it was “so mild” !
    A good read by Robert C Davis
    Christian Slaves, Muslim Masters: White Slavery in the Mediterranean, the Barbary Coast and Italy, 1500-1800.

    Methinks you need to read some history sir, instead of
    The Arabian Nights!

  3. Life is full of turncoats in “maturity” for better or for worse! Surprised are not ended here for sure. We’ll see plenty more as the Providence will turn upside-down all underpants under test.

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