Nigel Farage grows flustered, stalks out of interview when questioned about the jihad threat

Western values are not based on violence depicted in the old testament.  Farage’s arguments are ridiculous.

No, Mr. Farage. If your strategy is to get the “vast majority of  Muslims” on our side against the bad guys, as you say, then we are certain to lose.

Australian human rights activist Avi Yemini interviews Nigel Farage and reveals his abject ignorance of Islam and the jihad threat. Note Farage’s absurd moral equivalence in claiming that the Old Testament is incompatible with Western values in the same way that the Qur’an is. The difference is that the Old Testament has been part of Western culture since there has been a Western culture. Interpretative traditions are mainstream in Judaism and Christianity that mitigate its violent passages and other aspects that are not in accord with modern understandings of human rights. There is no such tradition in Islam. Farage insists that the vast majority of Muslims are assimilating and accepting Western values; he doesn’t have, however, any coherent idea of how to deal with those who aren’t. Farage makes the familiar conflation of Islam and Muslims, arguing that if one finds any problem with Islamic texts and teachings, one is condemning all Muslims. There is no reason why that should be so, and if he would foreclose upon any discussion of the motivating ideology behind jihad terror and Sharia oppression, how can he confront them?

Farage insists that we must not think that we are at war with the entire religion. But what, Mr. Farage, are we to think about the Muslims who consider themselves and their religion to be at war with us?

Nigel Farage has become just another mainstream hack politician.

Video thanks to the Geller Report.

Nigel Farage in Australia: Protestors CLASH with police at Melbourne event – shock video

Regardless, Melbournistans rabid leftoids hate anything mildly “right wing” and  go on a rampage, as usual.

CLASHES broke out between Nigel Farage protesters and police in Melbourne where the former Ukip leader was hosting his last show of his Australia and New Zealand tour.

 has been on a tour of Australia and New Zealand for the past week delivering speeches.

But more than 200 demonstrators gathered in Melbourne on Friday to protest against the former Ukip leader.

In the shocking footage, the protesters appear to clash with police, with some chanting “Nazi scum”.

The demonstration was organised by the Coalition Against Racism and Fascism (CARF).

According to local police, multiple clashes erupted between anti-racism protesters and Farage supporters. Police were forced to intervene several times.

One protester, known as Victor, said: “You [Nigel Farage] are not welcome. Your message is filth and hate.

“It’s disgusting. And you are despicable.”

Five people were reportedly arrested at the event, two for unrelated matters, two for riotous behaviour and criminal damage, and one for assaulting police.

Police also had to form a human barrier around guests who were blocked from entering the event.

Protesters had mostly cleared from the area by 9:30pm local time.

The former Ukip leader is finishing his week-long tour of New Zealand and Australia which opened on September 2.

Earlier this week the former Ukip leader was forced to defend himself on Australian TV against protesters who accused him of violating the rights of Australian aboriginal people outside Perth Townhall.

The former Ukip leader was in Perth Town Hall on the first leg of his Australian tour on Saturday and was heckled by protesters outside the venue after his speech.

Nigel Farage protesters clashed with police outside his event 

He said: “I’ve had to live nearly 25 years – particularly when I was absolutely at the frontline of national elections and the Brexit campaign – I’ve had to live with security around me the whole time.

“At times it was 24/7 security. They’ve even started attacking the houses of Conservative figures. At some point in time, surely, law and enforcement has got to say this is ridiculous. I did see a specimen last night of your Australian protesters outside the meeting in Perth Town Hall.

“And just to show you how rational and logical these people are, one of their big protest complaints was the way aboriginal rights had Nazi with. (sic) (what kind of reporting is this?)

“As if somehow I’m now guilty for what’s happened to the aborigines when I’ve got clearly nothing to do with it. It’s rent-a-mob, it’s anarchistic, it’s anti-democratic. People have a right to protest, but people do not have a right to stop other people speaking in a free society.”

6 thoughts on “Nigel Farage grows flustered, stalks out of interview when questioned about the jihad threat”

  1. Without Muslims, Islam is a pile of shit that can’t attract flies, all it can do is stink.

    With Muslims, Islam is a polished, lubricated war machine that conquered half the known world in the seventh century.

    Hypocrites, whose Islam goes no deeper than their throats and passes through them like an arrow through a rabbit, are not riding to the rescue. They lack the Believer’s weapons, organization, Iman and will to kill. But they are the Believer’s support structure, keeping the machine fueled with their Zakat.

    Muslims are condemned by the evil they believe and will not abjure. They worship Satan, alias Allah, who commands them to wage war and conquer us. What Muslim rejects Surat Al-Anfal & At-Taubah? Which of them rejects Surat Muhammad & Al-Fath? If they do, if they have moral scruples against genocidal, terrorist conquest; then why do they continue to worship the demon that demands it?!

  2. Well there you go old Nige had a lot of muslims voting for him.

    Not going to say anything that would take him away from his Government taxpayer funded lifestyle.

  3. And there you have it. Nigel Farage is in deep denial and will be a hindrance not an asset in fighting Islam.

    1. If he wants to be major of Londonistan he needs the Moslem vote. Whatever he really believes comes second to that.

  4. Nigel is or pretends to be (more likely latter) on Islam. He has said many times that his political role was focussed on getting the UK out of the EUssr. And he achieved it. Now it is time for someone else to step in and lead UKIP. And they will have to understand that Islam is not about peace – it is about jihad and submission. Tommy addressed this subject in his first vid out of prison.

  5. Is Farage drunk? What’s in that glass he’s holding? Is he one of the Trailer Park Boys? What a wanker! And Avi’s got that Tucker Carlson “incredulous” look on his face!

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