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Angels Against Sharia via Mullah

Mosque-related violence has nothing to do with islam – by the one & only religion that calls for the slaughter of disbelievers:

Rally for Asia Bibi to Be Held in Sydney, Australia, on 24th November

An opportunity for any Australian readers of this blog who live in or within practicable travelling distance of Sydney, to stand up and be counted.  To register their support for and solidarity with a victim of the Mohammedan Mob. And in so doing, to demonstrate that there are many in our country who …Read More…

Asia Bibi causes “Islamophobia”

“Asia Bibi’s case demonstrates the manipulative nature of the rhetoric justifying the targeting of Muslims”

…just as those mobs in Pakistan have sought to turn her into a religious hate figure, the far right in European countries are also guilty of appropriating her cause as a mask for their own Islamophobia. Among them is Italy’s deputy prime minister Matteo Salvini, blah blah….

Indeed, there is a danger of Ms Bibi’s deeply personal tragedy being used against her to turn her into a poster girl for Islamophobia. …

“Wonderful Citizens”

WA Muslim leaders call for unity in face of Islamic-inspired terror attack in Melbourne

A shameless piece of Islamoprop from Liam Croy @ West Australian

Imams Hisham Obeid, Mohammed Illias, Burhaan Mehtar and Salmaan Parkar.
Rotherham child sex grooming gang jailed for 101 years 
 Seven men who groomed and sexually abused South Yorkshire girls as young as 13 were jailed for a combined total of 101 years. Judge Sarah Wright jailed Mohammed Imran Ali Akhtar, Nabeel Kurshid, Iqlaq Yousaf and Tanweer Ali, Salah Ahmed El-Hakam, …Read More…  from the Rotherham Advertiser

Robert Azzi, Still With His “Ask-A-Muslim Anything” Shtick (Part One)

For several years, Robert Azzi has been touring towns in New Hampshire, offering “Ask A Muslim-Anything” events to benighted Infidels. Having retired from his professional life as a photographer who specialized in taking photographs in the Middle East, and especially in the …Read More…by Hugh Fitzgerald
Punish Bible distributors or else, warns Muslim group

A MUSLIM group has threatened to call a protest if the authorities fail to take action against those behind the alleged distribution of Bibles at a Penang school.

Islam Classes In Germany (Part Two)

 Last year, the AfD hung campaign posters in Dortmund featuring women in burqas and the slogan “Stop Islamization.” This year’s poster bore the words “Islam-free schools!” under an image of five beaming, light-skinned children. Seddiqzai, who was born to Afghan parents …Read More…

Merkel’s Germany

Scarcely any Muslim wants to nurse the elderly infidels in need of care

Chancellor Merkel went to Chemnitz and was greeted with a non-communist protest which was peaceful and somewhat sarcastic in manner. The press of course describes them all as “far right wing” which we have come to expect, while far left wing totalitarian fascists who would crush all who do not agree with their world view, counter-protested but where described in pretty neutral terms.

WA Muslim leaders call for unity in face of Islamic-inspired terror attack in Melbourne

After terrorist attacks in Australia in the name of Islam, Muslim leaders around the country condemn violent extremism and its perversion of their religion.

Some of them do not think they should have to assume responsibility for denouncing such abhorrent criminality, but they do it anyway.

Barely anyone notices.

Who wants to hear their lies?

They do not have the platform of politicians such as Prime Minister Scott Morrison, who has repeatedly called on Muslim leaders to do more since last week’s Bourke Street attack.

The taxpayer funded ABC is the best platform they can get.

Mr Morrison went as far as saying that “in many cases” they would know who the extremists were in their communities.

Look no further than the imam’s in the picture. The terror comes from the mosque.

For Sheikh Salmaan Parkar, who teaches at the Australian Islamic College and mentors at-risk youth, those comments fuel division and distrust.

That’s a lot of camel dung.  Islam fuels division & distrust.

In 2016, his wife was assaulted at a shopping centre because of her religion.

Fake hate crimes are all too common….

Around that time Sheikh Salmaan’s college in Thornlie was the target of an anti-Islam firebombing.

Inside jobs are common….

“When incidents like these happen in Melbourne, I think generally speaking our protocol for response is mostly two-fold,” he said.

“One, we obviously condemn abhorrent acts like that, criminal acts. At the same time, we speak to our communities on strategies and methods of how to be more safe.”


To counteract the distrust, Perth’s imams encourage worshippers to get involved in their communities.

Sheikh Burhaan Mehtar from the Muslim Theological Council of WA said that under the beard or hijab, Muslim Australians had the same wishes as non-Muslims.

“Our kids are all born here, they’re raised here — they’re Australian,” he said.

“These are their neighbours, these are their friends, they play footy together, they play cricket together, soccer. Why would we want this not to be a safe place?”

Meaningless drivel. Why don’t they tell us about the purpose of Islam, the mission?

Rivervale Mosque imam Sheikh Hisham Obeid said there was no denying there was evil in the world.

Muslims, especially those raised in war-torn countries in the Middle East, were all too familiar with the scourge of terrorism.

They’re also familiar with the Quran, that dirty book of the Mohammedans, that calls for striking terror into the hearts of the disbelievers.

He said the partnership between WA’s Muslim leaders and police was a sign of their intentions.

“We need to have a common goal, unite, come together because our strength will be in our unity,” Sheikh Hisham said.

Deputy Police Commissioner Stephen Brown has been involved with the WA Police Muslim Community Advisory Group since its inception in 2014.

Mr Brown said he could not speak for other States but “99 per cent-plus” of the Muslims WA Police had contact with were wonderful citizens.

Shameless Islamoprop.

“They feel the weight of (terrorism) even more than you and I do,” he said.

“They know what the ramifications are for that one act — it’s going to take hundreds of good acts in the face of the Australian community to win that back.”

There won’t be “hundreds of good acts”.

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  1. There goes Credlin on the right track except for the initial word ‘radical’ which qualification pops up at the end when she wonders why imams do not come out to days Allah does not want death to infidels, as if that will work, when their scriptures openly say Allah wants Muslims to kill infidels. Honest ones can’t do so but dishonest ones do while in-between apologists like Sly Wal and Aly practice slight of hand obfuscation and dissembling.

  2. She did a good talk. Too bad that the major news media won’t carry her talk. I hate the MSM for their purposeful division of countries and peoples and their refusal to do their part to protect the citizens of civilized countries.

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