Is there hope for Spain?

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France isn’t the only place where Europeans are fed up with the left-wing globalist elite sacrificing both their heritage and their future on the altar of political correctness. The Iconoclast brings us up to date on the encouraging growth of the countermoonbat Vox party led by Santiago Abascal in Spain:

Massive destabilization, civil war, and worse loom like an approaching tsunami in Europe’s future — unless parties like Vox take the wheel in time.

What is really happening in France?

Whatever is beginning to happen in France may also happen in the USA, because regular people in both countries are rediscovering the will to live in the face of a progressive globalist ruling class that has consigned them to oblivion. An interesting perspective from Red Elephants Vincent James:

Anger is a crucial survival mechanism. In some situations, if you don’t get mad, you don’t survive.


And what’s up with the ‘yellow vests?’

Paul Joseph Watson offers his take on the Yellow Vest Protests that have rocked France — and on the globalist moonbat who set them off with his outrageous global warming tax on gasoline. Belligerent antinationalist Emmanuel Macron won’t sit down for a week after this kick in the pants.