Moonbattery Is Destroying Canada


Devoting their dollar coin to promoting sexual perversion is only the tip of the iceberg. Moonbat cultural engineers are truly destroying Canada.

In the name of their depraved ideology, liberals are erasing the country’s history and displacing its population. Black Pigeon Speaks gives us an idea of how bad things are getting up there under the moonbat rule of the tasteless joke named Justin Trudeau:

Relief from the relentless moonbattery is on the way. Here’s something that should come as a breath of fresh air to besieged Canadians:

Canada First will launch next month as a weekly program. Watch it on Faith Goldy’s YouTube channel at 9 PM Eastern on Mondays.

One thought on “Moonbattery Is Destroying Canada”

  1. So, what’s wrong with these leftopaths? SIMPLE!

    Some people are so scared of losing that they don’t even try to win any more: “If I don’t try to win, then I can’t lose!”

    So they pretend that compromising their own integrity isn’t mere cowardly Submission to their own fears, but a virtue!

    If and when one is paranoid and believes everyone else is a gang out to get them, then opposing the gang is insanity and virtue-signalling one’s literally slavish worship of the gang’s holy might-made-right is the holiest of rational choices.

    They pretend they meant to do that – that compromising, negotiating away their own and others’ rights to extortionists, to giving in and going along with criminal lies to get along with the other lying criminals, to settling in stead of winning, and to the pretense that there are no real criminal aggressors, but only equally helpless fellow victims, is only being reasonable, shrewd, canny, wise and realistic – and further, that those people who dare to resist extortionists are really only being mean to those same criminally aggressive predatory equally helpless fellow victims who always deserve support.

    To learn better lying alibis to excuse their criminal desires and choices to enact them, they actually like each other.
    And what they like about each other most is the ability to make up better excuses to avoid free-will choice consequences.
    Better false idol lies and “explanations” for the mysteriously unknowable yet strangely known to be inevitable “forces.”

    This is why, whenever one reads a leftist excuse-paper, one is struck by how they make heroes and idols of victims of every new type of mysteriously inevitable force oppression alibi to excuse their own delinquency to the Golden Rule.
    Every tie and thing that seems to “allow” them to claim they had or have no choice but to revolt against the oppressors who forced them to attack potentially innocent people, which allows them to smear and slander their victims as oppressors, and they as their innocent victims, to suspend, ignore, or reverse cause and effect, whether by group rights (as the indigenous natives routinely are allowed to do in Canadian “law” by the Gladue process, whereby because their group was allegedly generally oppressed by others (whites) in the past, each new individual native, who was never specifically oppressed, gets to attack a white who didn’t specifically oppress them in the present, without consequences) or other.

    It also seems to be their self-granted racist mission in life to suppress any dissent to their incessant reparation claims
    and tho shame white Makers into giving away everything they ever made to the greedy/”needy” Takers someone else oppressed.

    The matrix/template pattern of their excuses is predictable: “SINCE something can go wrong, SO it WILL got wrong, (and as it is already going wrong RIGHT NOW) so we HAVE TO control it by Submitting to and compromising with it’s inevitability.”

    If we don’t do what the violent criminals want and give up, then they’ll simply do what they want to us anyway! So giving up is shrewd, realistic, and the smartest thing to do – and anyone who opposes our cowardly surrender is a divisive enemy and a mentally-ill criminal lunatic!” This is the underlying “rationale” for why psychotic hypocrites “project” slander.

    Worse, once their cowardly treason to rationality and civilization is embedded in their self-image as morality, it’s over.

    There will be no reasoning with such hypocrites – the only thing which can change them is them selves, given lots of time.

    Their stupid, hypocritical virtue-signaled but really only alleged “faith” in the goodness of humanity is nothing more than a cover for their own negligently delinquent, “libertine” criminal desires to always be allowed to do what ever they want, when ever they want, and to whom ever they want to do it too, unopposed by the Golden Rule of Law (“Do Not Attack First”) moral principle. It begins with the false but lucrative (“There’s No Money In Solutions!”) premise that all is allowed unless and until very specifically forbidden, as all criminals want! But the real Golden Rule principle of Law defines morality far more simply (and therefore far less lucratively) as all is disallowed, unless and until very specifically agreed to. So in stead of the simple “Do Not Attack First!” we get “It’s OK and in fact encouraged to Always Attack First (until someone “evil” tries to stop you)!” This is why they deal in hurt feelings, forcing those who object to their crimes to have to defensively prove a negative: “Prove you didn’t hurt my feelings/disrespect/offend my dignity!”

    Their real victims won’t have the time to spare, so if they haven’t committed physical damage, they may be jailed, but if they have committed physical damage against other people – well, you all know my preferred punitive and deterrent methods.


    Leftists are cowardly gangsters – people who succeed in groups like corporations and government have to have no integrity, and always be wiling to go along (with criminal lies) to get along (with all the other lying criminals) – to be always willing to Submit to slavery, settle, and negotiate away their rights to all the other criminal gangster extortionists, and to compromise away everything, and all the while also be able to pretend to have meant to do it, holding up such a lack of integrity and compromise of morals, holding the useless emotion of pity for all criminals as equally helpless fellow victims as the highest moral virtue, while scolding those who would challenge their crimes with useful anger as the most vile of sinners. Cowards pretend that surrender to the merest hint of fear is only reasonable.

    They must also therefore hold with the opposite implied concomitant corollary notion that to not instantly surrender to fear is unreasonable, and so must be punished with more threats of fear until the safety of conformity is reached – submit or die. This basic psychology is how and why leftists and muslims relate.

    What they have in common is emotion, not reason; and that emotion is fear.

    Focus on fear creates scared little terrorist bullies; extortion becomes slavery. No wonder leftists love them some islam!

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