Paris: police pushes protesters off the Champs-Elysees with tear gas and water cannons

France: Anti-Macron Protesters Pushed Off Street by Water Cannon, Told to Remove Yellow Vests

15 Dec 2018

PARIS (AP) – The Latest on France protests (all times local):

6:25 p.m.

French police have pushed protesters off the Champs-Elysees in Paris with tear gas and water cannon, and re-opened the French capital’s famed avenue to traffic.

Police were telling protesters to remove their yellow vests, symbols of a nationwide protest movement that began in November against economic injustice and France’s high cost of living.

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Paris: Arrests and Tear Gas as ‘Yellow Vests’ Protest Macron…
Act V: France Braces for Another Weekend of Anti-Macron Protests
Scuffles with police in Paris but protest largely peaceful

Al Jizz blames “Austerity”

France: Yellow Vests Will Continue to Protest Until All Demands Are Met — Leading Activist

Yellow Vest lead activist said Thursday that the demonstrations will go ahead for this, the fifth weekend, until all their demands are met.

Priscillia Ludosky said during a press briefing in Versailles, as reported by France Info, “We, ‘gilets jaunes,’ demand a deep cut to taxes on essentials: energy, housing, food, clothes … and a significant cut to salaries, privileges, current and future pensions of senior state officials.”

Electing a New People = Islamic Terror at the Strassburger Christmas Market

The first reports are typical—”terrorism suspected.” Our elites never tire of “suspecting” a clear case of terrorism is just that—the “Strassburg-born” perp, after all, shouted “Allahu akbar” during the whole event. The whole murderous event. [France Declares Strasbourg Shooting to Be an Act of Terrorism, by Elian Peltier and Aurelien Breeden, NYT, December 12, 2018] But how did he, identified as a French citizen “with North African roots “as RT puts it, named Cheriff Chekatt in a region where typical native names are Schwarz, Klein, Moschenross, become a “Strasbourg man” or as you can see below, a “local”?

In fact, his presence in the Alsatian capital is easily explained—replacement of a people.

Europe Cannot Continue This Way, We Need to Wake Up! Wake Up! Wake Up! — Italian MEP

Angelo Ciocca, a MEP of the Italian Lega party, called on Europeans to wake up after the Strasbourg terror attack.

“There are some responsibilities that one continues to not want to see, but there are some deep responsibilities. I really can’t accept this line of saying: ‘We have to go forward.’ No, we cannot go forward with errors. We cannot go forward with the mistakes,” Ciocca said in the European Parliament.

Massive Manhunt After Three Women Are Stabbed and Severely Injured in Germany

German police are searching in the city of Nuremberg for the person or persons responsible for the stabbing of three women.

Yesterday, around 7:20 pm, a 56-year-old woman was stabbed without warning in the upper body, by an unknown assailant. The woman was seriously injured requiring emergency surgery.

More than three hours later, around 10:45 pm, a 26-year-old woman was stabbed and somewhat later a 34-year-old woman as well.

Continued: timeline of French protests

3:20 p.m.

French police have fired tear gas across the Champs-Elysees Avenue in Paris and protesters have scuffled with police outside the city’s Opera house amid the fifth straight weekend of protests by the “yellow vests” movement.

Saturday saw mostly peaceful anti-government protests in the French capital but violence broke out at its margins, as groups of yellow vests tried to break through police lines as they protested France’s high cost of living.

There were clashes at Opera, where some demonstrators had gathered to voice their grievances. And French police unleashed repeated discharges of tear gas along Paris’ premier shopping street, the Champs-Elysees, although the back-and-forth fell short of previous violence that had scarred the avenue with broken windows and looted stores.

French police have detained 85 people in Paris in Saturday’s protests.

3 p.m.

Belgian police say a man has died after he crashed his car into a truck at a protesters’ roadblock on the Franco-Belgian border.

The accident brings to seven the number of protest-related deaths since a wave of anti-government yellow vest demonstrations began sweeping France more than a month ago.

Jonathan Pfund, a press officer at Belgium’s Federal Police, said the crash happened Saturday when a driver hit one of the trucks that had been stalled at the roadblock.

Pfund did not give a precise age for the man but said he was born in 1969, making him either 48 or 49.

In the French capital on Saturday, police say 85 people have been detained on the fifth straight weekend of protests by the yellow vests movement, which is protesting the high cost of living.


1:35 p.m.

Paris police say 85 people have been detained in Paris on the fifth straight weekend of protests by the “yellow vests” movement, where thousands of people converged in the French capital.

Police say of those detained, 46 people have been arrested. No details have been given about why they were taken into custody.

Limited scuffles broke out between protesters and police on the sidelines of largely peaceful demonstrations near the city’s Champs-Elysees boulevard, with riot police firing small amounts of tear gas to disperse groups of protesters heading down the side streets off the main avenue.

About 8,000 police and 14 armored vehicles were deployed in Paris for the demonstration, after similar protests in recent weekends turned violent, with protesters smashing and looting stores and setting up burning barricades in the streets.


12 p.m.

More scuffles have broken out in central Paris among “yellow vest” protesters and police, who fired tear gas to disperse a crowd trying to make their way through police lines.

The clashes broke out in a side street near the capital’s famed Champs-Elysees boulevard Saturday morning, as groups of protesters headed off the main avenue into smaller nearby roads, some of them with traffic still flowing. Riot police blocked off access to some streets, attempting to keep the protests in specific areas.

Saturday marks the fifth straight weekend of demonstrations by the “yellow vest” movement, which takes its name from the fluorescent safety vests French motorists carry in their vehicles. It emerged mid-November as a protest against fuel tax increases and morphed into an expression of rage against the government


11:30 a.m.

A minor scuffle has broken out between protesters and police in Paris during demonstrations by the “yellow vest” movement, with police briefly using pepper spray to disperse a crowd.

The scuffle broke out on the Champs-Elysees boulevard in the French capital late Saturday morning. Thousands of people were gathering on the wide boulevard amid a heavy police presence after previous protests turned violent. The scuffle was quickly over, and protesters began marching toward the landmark Arc de Triomphe at the end of the avenue.

Saturday marks the fifth straight weekend of demonstrations by the “yellow vest” movement, which takes its name from the fluorescent safety vests French motorists carry in their vehicles. It emerged in mid-November as a protest against fuel tax increases and morphed into an expression of rage against the government.