Happy New Year!

You created “us” when you attacked our freedom of speech.

You created “us” when you constantly called us racists.

You created “us”, the silent majority.

We are NOT going to stop standing up for what we believe in in 2019!

✨ to everyone, including the haters!

The Dutch are ringing in the new year with a bomb threat at Schiphol Airport in Amsterdam/ By-standers report the Canadian suspect allegedly shouted, “Allahu Akhbar” & screamed he had a bomb – Notice media reports the perp is “Canadian”. 

(Muslim)Man Arrested for Bomb Threat at Amsterdam Airport

Just another day in the New Europe. A 51-year-old  Canadian man, apparently Muslim, was arrested today at Amsterdam’s Schiphol Airport after he yelled, “Allahu Akhbar” and that he had a bomb. He was quickly overpowered by airport police. Apparently, no explosives were discovered.

Vertrekhal 3 op Schiphol werd maandagavond tijdelijk ontruimd vanwege een bomdreiger.

More allahuakbaring stabbery in Londonistan

Britain leads the way in cutting edge multiculturalism.

A (Moslem)-man stabbed 3 people at . Witnesses report that the assaliant shouted the word “Allah” followed by this phrase: “as long as you keep bombing these countries, then this is going to keep happening”. He was then arrested.

Church of England Demands UK Welcome Illegal Boat Migrants: ‘Everyone is Precious’

These people are a danger to themselves and to all of us.Germany’s Merkel Calls For ‘Management of Migration’ in Globalist New Year’s Address

Merkel Calls For ‘Management of Migration’ in Globalist New Year’s Address

Her comments were clear references to the UN Migrant pact and the difficult relationship between globalist Germany and Presdient Trump’s America first policies. The UN compact, conceived in the wake of the migrant crisis Angela Merkel helped create and was subsequently revealed to have been launched with much assistance and encouragement from the German government.

Germany: Muslim migrant arrested on suspicion of planning jihad massacre


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  1. Cowardly masochists are so scared of losing, that they won’t even try to win any more, and instead pretend that settling for less, compromising, negotiating and, ultimately Submitting is a holy virtue, and anyone who disagrees is an evil aggressor, even if and when they’re only trying to defend them selves from the truly aggressive criminal extortionists.

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