Happy Chinese New Year!

Happy Chinese New Year!

Don’t become a Porcina Non Grata!

it is a time of joy for those steeped in Chinese tradition everywhere.

In the Chinese calendar, where years are marked by the twelve animals of the zodiac, the new season is the Year of the Pig. For Muslims, pigs are the worst among unclean animals, worse even than dogs. By the way, the year that just ended  for the Chinese, has been the Year of the Dog. For Muslim sensitivities, the ignominy of enduring Chinese calendrical celebrations and images from this year to the coming one feels like jumping out of the frying pan and into the fire.

The Muslim Malays, as the majority people group with political and social power,  are not putting up with it. Images celebrating dogs and pigs are commonly banned or publicly deprecated in Malaysia. According to an article in yesterday’s South China Morning Post,

Malaysia has a long history of attempting to remove pigs and dogs from the public sphere

Wherever Islam dominates pockets of Chinese immigrants, Muslim sensitivities quash the freedoms of the Chinese when it come to New Year’s celebrations of the Dog and Pig. For Chinese Malay, the message is all too clear — anyone who goes “whole hog,” so to speak, in celebrating the Chinese New Year, will become Porcina Non Grata.

If you value your freedoms, lifestyle and belief system (whatever that may be), then beware the encroachment and growth of Islam in your midst. What begins as porcina non grata — limitations “voluntarily” imposed on you so as to avoid hurting Muslim sensitivities — will ultimately morph into persona non grata — as Muslim majorities take political power and dictate who may and who may not live unmolested under their undisputed rule.

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  1. China should re-take their former colony back from islam.
    (And eventually, the other ones, too – like North America)!
    Then South America (what? You thought those poor oppressed “”Indigenous Native Indians” were some kind of “minority!”)?


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