“No Religion Should Be Above Scrutiny”

Rita Panahi: “Its very 1984. Its very sinister”.

“I am the man who F*cked You. I am your Rapist.”

Canuckistan’s Trudeau imports not only the perps but also the victims. This is what happens when they run into each other:

The bizarre conversion of  Joram van Klaveren

Dutch far-right leader Geert Wilders’ ex-ally converts to Islam

Joram van Klaveren, 39, who once said “Islam is a lie” and the “Quran is poison” has announced that he has become Muslim.

Joram van Klaveren says he made the decision halfway through writing an anti-Islam book, but critics call it a stunt.

Wilders (right) compared van Klaveren's (left) conversion to a 'vegetarian working in a slaughterhouse' [Martijn Beekman/AFP]
Wilders (right) compared van Klaveren’s (left) conversion to a ‘vegetarian working in a slaughterhouse’

A Dutch former far-right MP and right-hand man of anti-Islam politician Geert Wilders has set tongues wagging in the Netherlands after revealing that he has converted to Islam.

Afghanistan bleeds with 1,700 casualties in January

Conflict continues in Afghanistan amid shaky peace process

Afghanistan saw a bloody start to the new year with over 1,700 war-related casualties in January alone.

Figures compiled by Anadolu Agency suggest more than 900 people were killed and at least 800 others were injured across Afghanistan in terrorist attacks and security operations.

The casualties include militants, Afghan and foreign troops, and civilians.

Muslim preacher rages against public urinals and says Allah will punish Islamic men who get ‘splash back’ on their shoes

A hardline devout Muslim preacher has declared Allah will punish any Islamic man who uses a wall-mounted public urinal and gets ‘splash back’ on his shoes.

Nassim Abdi, from the ultra-conservative Ahlus Sunnah Wal Jammah Association, has told worshipers at a western Sydney mosque those who failed to clean themselves properly after urinating would be punished ‘in the grave’.

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  1. We can discuss,debate all other religions except one ,Islam it cannot withstand any scrutiny or criticism as it’s beliefs and tenets are not compatible with any civilized cultures, and is against our Australian laws ,what have they got to hide? we have to know what Islam stands for and teaches ,what I see I do not like as it is against all I have been taught and believe in ,accepting Islam you condone segregation,polygamy,FGM. sharia law, pedophilia etc.

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