The madness of Ocasio-Cortez

Democrats launch 10-year ‘Green New Deal’ for clean energy

Mark Levin
This has always been the plan. To effectively destroy capitalism.

The resolution so far has 64 House co-sponsors and nine Senate sponsors – four of whom are Democratic presidential hopefuls for 2020. Senators Kamala Harris, Kirsten Gilibrand, Corey Booker and Elizabeth Warren co-sponsored the resolution.

“It’s a socialist manifesto that lays out a laundry list of government giveaways, including guaranteed food, housing, college, & economic security even for those who refuse to work,” Republican Senator John Barrasso, chair of the Senate Environment and Public Works committee, said on Twitter.

‘Economic Security’ for Americans ‘Unwilling to Work’

U.S. Energy Sector: ‘Immoral’ Green New Deal Advances Socialist Agenda

U.S. Energy Sector: ‘Immoral’ Green New Deal Advances Socialist Agenda

‘false promises’ That Are ‘Wrapped in a Green Bow’…

Green New Deal: ‘All the Resources’ of ‘Every Billionaire and Company’ Would Not Cover the Cost

…‘All the Resources’ of ‘Every Billionaire and Company’ Would Not Cover the Cost…

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s Green New Deal Abolishes the Internal Combustion Engine

…Abolishes the Internal Combustion Engine…
Green New Deal: ‘High-Speed Rail’ to Make Air Travel Unnecessary

Ocasio-Cortez: U.S. Is ‘Native Land’ for All Latinos

Ocasio-Cortez Goes Full Open Borders

Claims U.S. Is ‘Native Land’ for All Latinos, Have ‘right of human mobility’

Changing My Mind On Immigration – My EU Speech

Lauren Southern did not impress me with this speech. 

Lauren Southern Slams Pro-Migration NGOs

Canadian right-wing YouTuber, author and filmmaker Lauren Southern spoke to Hungarian daily Magyar Hirlap about her upcoming documentary, Borderless.

According to Southern, with her team they initially wanted to show how mass immigration disintegrates Europe’s culture and traditions, but later they discovered the less talked about aspect of the story: the massive crime ring of smugglers and NGOs that boost illegal immigration to Europe. (GoV)

Billionaires Claim They Own the Truth

If you don’t watch another video today, watch this one. You might learn something.

This is a very tip of the iceberg look at the attempt to take over “Truth” by a handful of HUGE multinational corporations and some rather dodgy multi-billionaires. If you want to support my work, please make a contribution via my paypal by cutting & pasting this address: