Viktor Orban Announces Steps to Maintain Population

A century from now, the few whites left in Central Europe may speak Hungarian. They will thank Viktor Orban for their existence. In addition to defending Hungary’s borders, he recently announced new measures to encourage Hungarians to reproduce:

The benefits include a lifetime personal income-tax exemption for women who give birth and raise at least four children; a subsidy of 2.5 million forints ($8,825) toward the purchase a seven-seat vehicle for families with three or more children; and a low-interest loan of 10 million forints ($35,300) for women under age 40 who are marrying for the first time.

Orban … said the initiative is meant to “ensure the survival of the Hungarian nation.”

Meanwhile, other European countries are attempting to deal with the feminism-induced population decline by importing historically hostile alien cultures to displace their own on a massive scale. That will not end well for Europeans. (Moonbattery)

The new America:

Yale Student Paper Advises Stasi Tactics to Destroy “White Boys”

Israeli Intelligence: Murder, Rape of Jerusalem Teen a Terror Attack

Iran huffs & puffs:

Revolutionary Guard Threatens To “Raze Tel Aviv And Haifa To The Ground” If US Attacks Iran


To that end, according to reports on Iranian television cited by Sputnik, an IRGC commander warned that Tehran “will raze Tel Aviv and Haifa” to the ground if Washington attacks Iran.

Australia called to act against Chinese detention of Uighurs

Australia called to act against Chinese detention of Uighurs


“Activists” urge the government to help in the release of Australian Uighurs held in China’s Xinjiang region.

War Drums? Maduro Plays Congas in Salsa Concert While Denying Venezuelans Food Aid

Maduro Plays Congas in Salsa Concert While Denying Venezuelans Food Aid…
…Declares Venezuela ‘Impregnable’ from U.S. Invasion in War Games Launch
Venezuelan Colonel Urges Soldiers To Help US Aid Enter, Says 90% Of Army Against Maduro

CAIR Backs Ilhan Omar’s ‘Legitimate Criticism’ of Israel

Mohammedans suck the Jew-hatred in with the mothers milk. The quran is full of genocidal Jew-hatred and exhortations to murder Jews.

Ilhan Omar Alex WongGetty Images

The Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) backed Rep. Ilhan Omar’s (D-MN) tweets alleging the purchase of American foreign policy by the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC), despite Democrat leaders’ descriptions of Omar’s comments as antisemitic.

Former KKK Grand Wizard David Duke Backs Democrat Ilhan Omar

Jew-hatred has overrides ideological differences:

David Duke, Ilhan Omar AP PhotoCarolyn Kaster)

Former KKK leader David Duke backed Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-MN)’s antisemitic statement Sunday that the U.S. Congress supports Israel because its members had been paid to do so.

He tweeted on Monday:

So, let us get this straight. It is “Anti-Semitism” to point out that the most powerful political moneybags in American politics are Zionists who put another nation’s interest (israel’s) over that of America ??????

Ilhan Omar Calls AIPAC ‘Problematic’ in Apology for Antisemitic Remarks

Ilhan Omar ‘Apologizes’

‘Grateful’ to Be Educated on Antisemitic Tropes (Again)

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    ⚫ Free Anders Behring Breiviks …

  2. Article’s internal link …

    Melbourne, Australia – Members of the Uighur Muslim community in Australia are renewing calls for action from the government amid reports that a number of Australian permanent residents are effectively trapped in China’s Xinjiang province” … [sic]

    All Members of the Uighur Muslim community in Australia HAVE to be RETURNED to join their criminal associates in China !!!
    (You are islams … you HAVE to be “exterminated” … for the good of The Civilised & Civilisation) !!!

  3. Let me get this straight: The Ogres want Oz to help the Orks to tell the Chinese to stop incarcerating them?! BWAHAHAHA!

    I wonder if the Oz “Authorities” will dhimmi-down and obey?

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