All White Australians share guilt for Christchurch

Kiwis giving up their guns because of Christchurch?

That’s like cutting off one’s own penis just because someone else is a rapist. It’s that stupid.

Never believe the journaille. It’s mostly fake news:

Kiwis have reportedly been rushing out to buy guns in case the NZ gun laws change

Wacademia Endeavors to Abolish Whiteness

No wonder universities impose their ideology with such frenetic fanaticism. Even now, after generations rigorously devoted to the furthest extremes of moonbattery, they have not yet managed to abolish whiteness,


‘It’s Over’: Macron Vows Crackdown on Yellow Vest Protests
Western journaille is ignoring the mass-killings of Christians across the globe

To the MSM Christians are a main obstacle to “progress.” Any story that would put Christians in a positive or sympathetic light simply does not fit their narrative. Christian persecution is rising in almost every nation on the planet. So far in 2019, there were 453 Islamic attacks with 1,956 people murdered. See Nigeria in a comment below.

Koranimals Burn Houses, Murder Nine More Christians in Nigeria

Ignored by Western journaille.

The Christchurch Shootings Should Implicate All White Australians

Shame and apology is not enough in confronting our country’s virulent racism.

High school students from a Christian school embrace Muslims waiting for news of their relatives following Friday’s shooting in Christchurch, New Zealand.
High school students from a Christian school embrace Muslims waiting for news of their relatives following Friday’s shooting in Christchurch, New Zealand.


“The Charlie Hebdo, Bataclan, 9/11, Pulse, San Bernardino, Manchester and Nice attacks implicate all Muslims”

Do you really want to play this game?

New Zealand teen faces 14-year jail term for sharing massacre video


The attack on the mosques in Christchurch, New Zealand was wrong and despicable. That said, it must also be affirmed that all lives matter equally. In Western societies, Muslim lives are equal to those of Christians, Jews, atheists, gays, and everyone else. There is no legal superiority of Muslims over infidels in Western law. But Muslim Brotherhood groups and Islamic jihadists, as well as their Western enablers, constantly assume the supremacy of Islam and Muslims over all other belief systems and groups, in keeping with Sharia.

A report just emerged to the effect that a “New Zealand man is facing charges as police continue to ask the public not to share video of the Christchurch terrorist attack,” and that was not the only case. In another, an 18-year-old faces 14 years in jail for sharing the video. The youth is also said to have been inciting violence, and he should face the consequences for that. But does his punishment fit the crime? 14 years in jail for sharing a video and incitement, while jihadists who have murdered and tortured for al Qaeda and the Islamic State are roaming free in the UK and elsewhere. Also, have authorities gone after mosques that call for the killing of Jews and Internet incitement against Jews and other infidels? Hardly.

It is troubling that authorities are not making the same strenuous efforts against the jihad that they make when Muslims are attacked. Instead, it is increasingly difficult even to discuss jihad openly. Jihad attacks in the West, and against Israel, against Christians and Yazidis, and against every other infidel and apostate worldwide should be able to be discussed civilly in open debates among all citizens, and this should be encouraged by politicians and other leaders, as well as by the media, but this is not happening. Citizens are being told to shut their mouths and essentially to accept the jihad mission to conquer infidels violently and stealthily.

A case in point about this double standard is the fact that while the Sharia police is out hunting down anyone — from those perceived to be inciting violence to those who merely do not use the right words in condemning the attack as “Islamophobic” (the expression “anti-Muslim bigotry” just won’t do) — there has been scant discussion about important information regarding the same mosque where most of the shootings took place: the Al Noor mosque. A 2014 article entitled “Christchurch mosque linked to al-Qaida suspect” stated:

A Christchurch mosque has been linked to the drone killing of New Zealand al-Qaida suspect Daryl Jones. The parents of an Australian killed alongside Jones say their son was taught radical Islam in Christchurch, where he also met Mr Jones…..His parents, Neill and Bronwyn Dowrick, say their son told them he was first taught radical Islam at the Al Noor mosque in Addington.

The bullying of anyone who calls out jihad for what it is has reached totalitarian levels. Anyone who does not kowtow as a dhimmi before jihadists and Islamic supremacists will now be taken to the woodshed, including people who are not part of the counter-jihad movement. Leftists and Islamic supremacists have succeeded in defaming and silencing counter-jihadists, and now they are going after anyone who may have inadvertently failed to appease them.

Take, for example in Canada, where Conservative opposition leader Andrew Scheer has been sensitive about the New Zealand mosque shootings. But because he failed to use the preferred words demanded by Islamic supremacists and their Leftist enablers, he was harshly criticized. Scheer posted on Twitter and Facebook that “freedom has come under attack” and referred to “peaceful worshippers” and the “despicable act of evil.” But his statement was not enough to serve the new guardians of acceptable discourse. He was savaged for not including the words “Islamophobia” or “Muslim.” The National Council of Canadian Muslims (formerly CAIR-CAN) weighed in:

“While some of our elected leaders sadly choose not to mention `Muslim’ or `mosque’ while denouncing the Christchurch attacks, the reality is that these horrific shootings and the Quebec City mosque attack on Jan. 29, 2017, have left Canadian Muslim communities — and indeed, Muslims around the world — feeling very vulnerable and unsafe,” wrote the Council’s executive director Ihsaan Gardee. “It is therefore essential that our elected leaders speak out clearly and unequivocally against such attacks and name them for the Islamophobic terrorist attacks that they are.”

What about the multitude of victims of jihad? Are jihad killers not Muslims? (And no, the fact that they are does not mean that “all Muslims are terrorists,” as Leftist ideologues accuse foes of jihad of claiming.

“I blame these increasing terror attacks on the current Islamophobia post-9/11 (where) 1.3 billion Muslims have collectively been blamed for any act of terror,” Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan wrote on social media.

Perhaps the abuses perpetrated by jihadists don’t exist, and are all a figment of the Western imagination? Which lives matter to the likes of NCCM and Khan, and which do not?

When Muslims attack non-Muslims — which happens frequently — the virtue-signalers on the Left and agenda-driven Islamic supremacist lobbies refuse to use the word “Muslim” and even shun the words “jihadist” and “Islamic supremacist,” heedless of how unsafe Westerners are feeling.

The Muslim Brotherhood plan for America states:

The process of settlement is a ‘Civilization-Jihadist Process’ with all the word means. The Ikhwan [Muslim Brotherhood] must understand that their work in America is a kind of grand jihad in eliminating and destroying the Western civilization from within and “sabotaging” its miserable house by their hands and the hands of the believers so that it is eliminated and  God’s Allah’s religion is made victorious over all other religions.

That Muslim Brotherhood mission is advancing quite nicely throughout the West.

“New Zealand Jails Teen for Sharing Mosque Shooting Video Online — Faces 14 Years in Prison,” by Jim Hoft, Gateway Pundit, March 18, 2019:

An 18-year-old teenager appeared in the Christchurch District Court on Monday and was charged with re-posting of the livestream video of Friday’s mosque shootings.

The judge denied bail. The teen’s next court date is in April.

Australia’s Nine News reported:

An 18-year-old New Zealander accused of sharing a live-stream of a mass shooting across two mosques that left 50 dead has been denied bail.

Police have said the man – who cannot yet be named – was not involved in the attack in Christchurch allegedly carried out by Australian white supremacist Brenton Tarrant, 28, on Friday.

Appearing in the Christchurch District Court on Monday, the accused was granted interim name suppression but was declined bail by Judge Stephen O’Driscoll.

The details behind the bail decision cannot be published.

He will appear in court again in April……

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  1. As a ‘white’ Australian I’ll accept the burden of implication for what happened in NZ if the same is accepted by all muslims for their endless attacks on the West, Israel, Jews, Christians that happens every day of the week without being reported in the fascist leftist press.

    Just last year alone saw nearly 5000 Christians murdered by muslims for no other reason than they were Christian.

  2. All White Australians share guilt for Christchurch EVERY islam-infected in Australia !!!

    All the Treasonous islam-infected assisting authorities (aka politicians judiciary councilors and (W)academics with their even stupider students) are to be Incarcerated and the islam-infecteds removed from our Civilsed Societies … NOW !!!

    Wow !!!
    that leaves ‘The Man’ – Fraser Anning (not that aborigine revert) !!!
    (haven’t heard any other “authority” speaking up) !!!

    1. Mohammedanism is collectivism. The individual counts for nothing.

      “One guy did it” means all infidels are guilty, i.e. the infidels are collectively responsible. That has to be understood.

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