Who made the repugnant, extremist, and unforgivable decision to build a mosque in a place called Christchurch?

Every time a Muslim kills white people, it’s a chorus of “not all Muslims”. On the rare occasion when a white person kills Muslims, we’re told all white people are the problem. Here’s a solution: if you think whites are the problem, get your diversity out of our countries.

Imagine thinking you can colonize entire towns and cities; operate grooming gangs; create no-go areas; attempt to introduce your own archaic legal codes; and bring us waves of terrorism… And that not one shot in anger would be fired.

When people limited their protest against Islamisation to petty vandalism, our governments responded by having people die in prison for leaving bacon sandwiches outside mosques. These same governments now express shock that matters have escalated.

Imagine calling Whites racist colonizers when they just want to be left alone, while you pour into their countries, demand entry to their schools and social groups, live off their taxes, use their doctors, try to live as close to them as possible, and ape all their behaviors.

Funny how before diversity made us stronger there was less crime, better wages, affordable homes, better healthcare, rigorous education, less social angst, no issues of integration, no fixation on “racism,” more national confidence, and grooming just meant personal hygiene.

From a Twitter account “Joyce”

When 22 people, mainly young girls, were killed by a Muslim suicide bomber at Manchester Arena, people sang ‘Don’t Look Back in Anger’ & were told not to blame ‘groups’ for the actions of one. Will people be singing that song today, or will the media be singing a different tune?

4 thoughts on “Imagine!”

  1. It’s sad. But I think it is going to come to this. No tears to shed

  2. Everybody’s looking at this through a civilised perspective. Islam is anything ‘but’ civilised.

    No tears from me.

  3. This incident has everything … EVERYTHING to do with islamic migration.
    Don’t be fooled by their propaganda.

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