Mohammedans will milk Christchurch till the cows come home

Italy: African School Bus Attacker Unrepentant, Would Do It a Hundred Times

That’s what we’re up against, people. Savages. Bloody savages.

Senegalese-background Ousseynou Sy, who attempted to light 51 Italian schoolchildren on fire this week, says he felt no remorse and would do the act again a hundred times over.

The bus driver, who handcuffed the children, poured liquid over the seats of the bus and tried to set them all on fire in revenge for migrant downings in the Mediterranean — which are actually declining — told Italian magistrates that he would not apologize for the act, Il Giornale reports.

Prague Imam Tells Muslims to Arm Themselves, ‘Especially Men’

Infidels, do what needs to be done and rid yourselves of these people.

An Islamic preacher in the Czech Republic has come under severe criticism after telling Muslims they should equip themselves with weapons following the Christchurch attack in New Zealand.

Imam Leonid Kushnarenko, chairman of the Prague Muslim Community, posted the call for Muslims to arm themselves on Facebook on Sunday only days after the fatal shooting which saw 50 people killed in two mosques in Christchurch, Le Figaro reports.

Oh yes, you can rest assured that the Mohammedans will milk Christchurch till the cows come home.

French soldiers will be permitted to ‘open fire’  against Yellow Vest rioters this weekend, the military governor of Paris said today. 

‘Yellow Vests’ march in Paris as troops join police to prevent trouble

The qualifier is “if lives are threatened”. But the establishment is on edge and the police has no morals. This is in effect a war between the establishment and the people of France. 

Degenerates call for Ardern to be nominated for Nobel Peace Prize

New Zealand Goes Full Dhimmi…

The Muslim community is saying she’s been a leader like no other, paying tribute to her at the call to prayer.  

“Islam is a religion that stands for peace and our Muslim brothers and sisters in New Zealand live and work in harmony with all communities,” Employment Minister Willie Jackson said.

Abject dhimmitude and submission is what Mohammedans demand.

One wonders if the Prime Minister of New Zealand would be calling upon everyone to wear a Star of David if a synagogue had been attacked, or broadcasting Christian prayers if a church had been attacked.

Media silent.

Because the real problem is “Islamophobia”.

 Imam issues Islamophobia warning:

Imam Gamal Fouda, prayer leader at Al Noor mosque and present during last week’s shootings, told the thousands gathered at the Friday prayers in Christchurch that “Islamophobia kills”, adding Muslims had felt its pain before in countries around the world including the United Kingdom and United States.

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  1. yes i agree however the workd does not go viral on the same incidents that are caused by the muslims atrocities against decent people in many many countries sso if seens tgat these are just a way if life and the rest of the decent people are just to turn the other cheek !!!! I THINK NOT .

  2. “French soldiers will be permitted to ‘open fire’ against Yellow Vest rioters this weekend, the military governor of Paris said today.”

    Wow – just like whenever the banlieues have their nightly Car-BQ’s, amiright?

    Wait – what?

    The Frog cop s have NEVER opened fire on muslim invaders in their ghettos? Gosh, I wonder why not – and who the cops really work for, if not for the native Frogs. (Global banksters?)

    I guess it’s time for the native Frogs to open fire right back at those non-French “cops” working to kill them on behalf of their foreign masters.

    Sigh. C’est la Mort.

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